Горбуша. Как запечь горбушу к празднику Pink salmon. How to bake pink salmon for the holiday Eng Sub

Hello! Today we will cook pink salmon. This is perhaps the simplest recipe for cooking this fish, which is ideal for the New Year’s table as a hot dish. So, for cooking we need:
– 1 pink salmon. Headless, peeled and chopped by steaks. I’ll mention one thing at once … It’s best to cut it when it is still not completely warmed up. – 3 medium onions, cut into thin half rings. – 150 g hard cheese grated on a coarse grater – 1 teaspoon of salt – and 2 teaspoons of seasoning for fish 1) Take a frying pan or a baking dish. We cover it with foil. And pour half the volume of salt and half the volume of seasoning to the bottom. 2) Then lay out the pink salmon. It is desirable, of course, in one layer. But if it works out in two, then that’s okay. 3) Sprinkle on top of the remaining seasoning and salt. 4) Put the onion on top. And we send to bake in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. 5) After 20 minutes we remove the pan from the oven, sprinkle with cheese. And set back at the same temperature, but for 10 minutes. So, our fish is ready! You can immediately serve it to the table. But for my taste, it’s better to eat it cold. If you liked this video, like, subscribe to the channel. Choose a bell not to miss new videos. And see you soon! Enjoy your meal!

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