Куриные желудки под сырной шапкой. Куриные пупочки в духовке.

Hello friends! I recently came across a cool recipe for chicken stomachs, first I tried it myself I liked it and decided to show it to you. Names so he didn’t have one so I
dared and came up with it myself. I think that’s a good name. Called
chicken ventricles under
a cheese hat. For the recipe we will need the ventricles themselves. I’ve got a kilo here. I already
washed and cleaned and Yes, even sold already cleaned, but worth checking. When you wash them, at the same time you can check. And to remove the yellow film, we do not need it.
Just need a little more ingredients which I’ll show you later. This is the most simple recipe, minimum ingredients, minimum hands, but some
elapsed time. Look! What now we will do. It turns out you need to wash everything
clean. Now put everything in a saucepan, fill with cold water, put yourself
maximum heat and bring to a boil. When the water boils, we’ll need to turn the heat down to average, maybe below average. That much,
to water have us boiled, but not strongly. so we will boil about 1.5-2 hours. We need to achieve maximum softness
our ventricles. Yes, of course if we will boil for 40 minutes, they will also be ready.
But we will need it there the softness of which I’m telling you. Well friends let’s
proceed. Here is I already poured water Put on maximum the fire and d
wait until our water boils. Until we our ventricles salt not let us.
Here are the ventricles already boiled I turned down on a small the fire and see water
a bit pobulkivaet and so we let’s leave this 1.30-1.40 and we will to achieve the softness that we need.
Which I’ll show you later we will salt about half an hour before
readinesses. After about 1: 10 or 1: 20, we’re with
let’s salt. But it was about 1: 10 now I will salt and leave so, for 30-40 minutes. I will achieve the desired softness. Which
I’ll show you later.” And so it went about 1: 40 From the moment I started boiling. And from the moment I salted. and
see what we have to do. By when pressed with a fork, the ventricles should break easily. while the stomachs are cooling, let’s do the onions. I took 2 pieces, and
I’ll cut them into four rings. After sliced onions. Our ventricles are cold. and we will cut them into such thin
stripes. In a frying pan poured vegetable oil and
I pour out the onion, and I will fry the onion until transparency, until softness. As onions have roasted,
add the chopped the ventricles, stir. After
stirred, slightly move the ventricles add the butter and let it melt. As melted a little, add a tablespoon of flour We need to fry it. After
mix everything together with our ventricles. Add 150 milliliters
broth, in which boiled stomachs and 150 milliliters of milk, stir. I’ll add a little more salt and black pepper,
it’s a wish. now stir and bring our sauce to thicken. that’s just a couple of minutes and the sauce thickened, remove the pan from the heat and now we will shift it to the form
for baking now we need you to shift everything in
the baking pan and now there is only generous
sprinkle with cheese after sprinkled with cheese send
in preheated oven to 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. And we will bring to
golden crust Well friends, I said that would be delicious!
It’s mega bombic delicious! each we recommend you to prepare.
If you are tired of standard ventricles in cream sauce. Be sure to prepare this dish. It can be
I like to cook in the pan, and so
you can also cook in the grill for Julien and me too. Generally friends!
Thank you that watched all until meeting and until!)

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