आलू कुर्मा पुरी | Aloo Kurma Puri | स्ट्रीट स्टाईल आलू कुर्मा | Potato Kurma | StrMadhurasRecipe

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make kurma puri today. This is most requested recipe. We already have seen detail recipe of how to make puri. Still as kurma is there Puri is a must. So let’s see quickly. Take 2 cups wheat flour. Add salt to taste 1/4 tsp powdered sugar. Powdered sugar helps to get even color to puri. Add smking hot oil as mohan. When it cools down a little then will knead the dough. When it is cool enough to handle then rub the oil well to the flour. So that puri gets nice crisp. If you follow this method then puri remains puffed up longer & also retains crisp. It doesn’t flatten. So rub oil well to flour. After massaging oil well to flour add a little water at a time Knead stiff dough. Dough is kneaded well. It is stiff. Transfer it into a bowl, spread a little oil So that it won’t form crust. Cover & rest for at least 30 minutes. For making kurma We need basic masala. Take white sesame seeds, 1 tsp shredded dry coconut & poppy seeds in a pan. Roast everything well really good. It has got light golden color. Turn off the gas Transfer it into a blender jar & blend into powder. After blending into powder heat up 3-4 tsp oil in a pan Add 1/2 tsp cumin powder & let it splutter. Add whole spices, cinnamon sticks, 2 green cardamom Cloves & black peppercorns. Add finely chopped onion & mix well. Fry until onion gets nice golden color. Onion has tunred nice golden. Add 2 finely chopped tomatoes. Kurma sabzi requires a littl more tomato. Fry well for about 3-4 minutes until tomato softens. Tomaot has cooked nice & soft. Add 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 tsp garam masala & red chili powder. MadhurasRecipe masale contest is going on. What is the contest? Order masale & mail order number on [email protected] 3 lucky winners get gift. The gift contains Madhurasrecipe book, secret gift & secret masala. Fry everything just for 2 minutes. Add little water As this is steel pan, it dries up. Fry until it releases oil. After frying masala for about 2-3 minutes Add the blended masala of roasted dry coconut, poppy seeds & sesame seeds. Mix well. Adding a little water Not nonstick one. So masala sticks. After mixing it really good add water, salt to taste & simmer curry for about 5 minutes. Basically this masala. Awesome aroma!! Nice color too. Mash boiled potato with hand & add. Don’t mash it completely. Some pieces should be there. If you want to make veg kurma then you can add fried or coiled veggies. But I am making aloo kurma. Try to add potato like this instead of pieces. Add frozen peas. Mix well. Looking really yummy! Simmer for another 5-7 minutes so that potato will get flavor & taste of spices Fantastic consistency! I have simmered aloo kurma well for about 7-8 minutes. Nice color, texture & consistency too. It seems a little runny now as it is hot. But as time passes it will begin to thicken up. Let’s make puri now. Rested the dough for about 30-45 minutes. knead it once more to make nice & even. You can make small balls & roll puris. You must have seen earlier episodes. Mostly I roll a big chapati & make puris from it. Don’t use dry flour at all while rolling puri You can use oil if you want. Bur dry flour not at all. As flour absorbs lot of oil. So avoid using flour. After rolling nice & even chapati, neither too thick nor too thin, take a daba or its lid & make puri with it. Take off excess dough. If you feel like rolling it more then roll it again once. Let’s fry puri now. I am frying puri. Oil is hot enough. Drop puri one by one & press it a little with spoon or ladle. Nice!! Puri should be puff up nicely. How nicely puri has puffed up!! Let it fry well from lower side. While frying puri, don’t flip it over frequently. If you do so oil is absorbed in the hole of puri. Puri becomes oily. So flip over once from both sides. Lower side has got nice golden color. Flip it over Awesome!! What a nice color & how nicely it has puffed up!! Fry well from lower side too. Yes, lower side also has got nice golden color. Take it out & fry next puri. This kurma puri looks just awesome. Nice texture & color. Each & every puri has puffed up well. fantastic!! If you like the recipe then you can copy the link & share it with friends. Do subscribe if you haven’t yet. Thank you very much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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