करंजीचा लहान भाऊ “मांडे” , मडगे, चवडे | जिभेवर ठेवताच विरघळणारे | Mande | Chavde | Konkani Recipe

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make mande today. Mande is a Konkani recipe. Also known as madge or chavde. We can name it as open karanji, another version of karanji. Karanji is stuffed, this is open karanji. To begin with take 1 cup maida in a dish. Add salt & about 2 tsp oil. Add cold oil only. Mix well. After mixing oil really good, add a little water at a time & knead a little stiff dough. We will rest the dough. Any dough after resting becomes a little soft. If you knead soft dough now Then it will be softer. So knead dough like chapati dough, that consistency. Nor too stiff like puri dough Chapati dough consistency. Dough is kneaded well. It is neither too stiff nor too soft. It has perfect consistency. Transfer the dough into a bowl, cover & rest for about 30 minutes. We can’t call this stuffing exactly But can be called as coating. For coating, I have taken 1 tbsp white sesame seeds. Roast until these change color on low heat. Sesame seeds have been roasted well. These have changed color. For making coating take 1/2 cup powdered sugar Add 1/4 cup dry grated coconut. No need to roast coconut in this recipe sprcifically. Add roasted sesame seeds Cardamom powder.Mix everything well together. The mixture for coating is all ready. Dough is reasted for about 30 minutes. Take the dough & make it even. Make small balls from it. Make then smooth & even. Transfer them into a bowl. Same as making puri. After making the balls nice & even, roll one of it. If the dough is kneaded well You won’t need flour or oil while rolling. Try to roll them thin. Roll as thin puri as possible. Prick it a little with fork. It should not puff up. Let’s fry it now. Drop puri in oil & fry quickly from both sides. Don’t fry puri until it becomes hard. It should not change the color. After frying well take it out quickly When it is soft. Spread stuffing that we made on it & fold puri into half. Spread stuffing on this side too. Fold it into quarter again. This feels soft when hot. But as it will cool down it will begin to be crispy. Repeat the same process again. Quickly fry puri first. Will make one more for you. Drop puri & fry from both sides Just fry quickly. Color should not change. It should be a little soft. Flip over & take out while hot quickly Spread stuffing while it is hot & fold it once. Spread more stuffing & another fold. Nice. These become really crispy. You can order Madhurasrecipe masale on whatsapp. Cash on delivery is available. Just whatsapp message your full name, address & number on 9136822224. Masale will be delivered at your door step. To participate in Madhuras recipe masale contest order masale on Amazon. Link for how to order masale is given in description box below. After ordering masale Mail order number on [email protected] & win lot of prizes. Mande / Chavde are all ready. Though these feel soft while hot, later these will be nice & crispy, like so. Don’t turn soft at all. These turn out so light that just melt in mouth. These taste nice. If you don’t like karaji As it has lot of stuffing. But if you like the taste of the stuffing then this is a nice recipe. So that you get satisfaction of having karanji with less stiffing. Do try it. A different recipe for this Diwali. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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