कुकर में चावल के पापड़ बनाने का एकदम परफेक्ट तरीका | Chawal papad recipe | how to make rice papad

Hello Friends! Jai Shri Krishna Welcome to Brijwasi Vyanjan from mathura I am Seema Pandey and today i will be making Rice papad in a very easy way Papad will be crispy and tasty I have made the papad in a pressure cooker and in this way papad can be made quickly and easily If you like my way of making papad do share it with your friends and relatives To make papad i have taken 1 cup rice and i have used Kinki rice as our aim is to mix the rice I have measured rice with a cup You can measure it with a glass or something suitable 2 spoon refined oil. You can also use Ghee half spoon cumin seeds and half spoon Baking soda And salt as per your need I washed the rice to remove impurities and soaked them in water for 5-6 hours The will look like this after soaking Let’s start making papad I have put the cooker on the flame I’ll add a spoon of oil in it You can use ghee too in place of oil After the oil becomes hot add cumin seeds You can also add them afterwards but i am adding right now After this i will add the soaked rice in it We will make papad the same way we make rice If you like my method please do share it with others Now i will add 4 cup water We need a 4:1 ratio. Since i took 1 cup rice so i will add 4 cup water one two three four So we need to add 4 cup water which neither less nor more Now i will add salt and baking soda both and stir it well Then we will close the lid of the cooker If you have not subscribed my channel yet Please do subscribe so that my future videos can reach you This way i have closed the lid and wait for 1 or 2 whistles After 1-2 whistles we will turn off the flame and let the gas escape on its own after the gas escapes we will open the lid The gas has escaped and i will open the lid We will stir it well and take it out in a vessel after stirring If you think that rice is visible. Don’t Worry! It will make the papad tastier This type of papad can be dried under the fan also in the sun if the weather is clear These papads can be stored for a year Some people complain that there papad break off but if you remember this, papads would be very good and wont’t even break I have taken out all the rice from cooker wait for them to cool down and then we will make papad Till it cools down Take a plastic and apply oil on it like this So that our papad don’t stick with it If you want you can dry them in a plate or a in a tray I will take another plastic and apply oil to it too After our rice cools down I will apply little oil on our hands and make a dough like we do for a chapati You can take the dough as per the size of papad you want to make we will keep the dough on the plastic and put the other smaller plastic on top of it And we will press it with a plate This way i will press it If you want a bigger papad you can press it a little more They can be made easily like this But if you want you can also use rolling pins You may also press it with fingers But this is the simplest method Similarly i will make another Put the dough on the plastic Keep the other plastic on it Press it with a plate similarly i will make all the papads By this way many papads can be made quickly I always use this way to make papads they are very good and can be made quickly and easily Do try them !! They can be dried under the fan but if you dry them in the sun they will be ready in 3-4 days This way i have made all the papads Some small some big I have made all the papads See How good these papads look The top will dry in 4-5 hours then we will turn them upside down After turning we will let them dry completely After they dry a little you can turn them The papads have dried completely They appear light and transparent See my hand is visible from the back We will make the papads this way Now lets fry them. Keep the oil for heating After oil becomes hot add papad to it and start frying See how good our papad looks Similarly i will fry another one This way i have fried them You can add Chaat masala on it or any other spices you want and serve them Look, how good they appears they are crispy too…See!! They start dissolving in the mouth itself You make papad this way and serve Share your experience in the comments If you like my video please like and share and do subscribe my channel We will meet again with a new recipe. Thanks for watching !!

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