घरमै सजिलै बनाउनुहोस् Tandoori Chicken in Nepali [ENG Subtitles]

Hello everyone, Namaste and welcome to Himalaya kitchen Today, I am sharing the easy Chicken Tandoori recipe on pan For this, I have taken five pieces of chicken leg I gave a small cut on chicken leg, It helps to go spices inside and It increase the taste of it I am taking a bowl here I am putting in the one cup of youghurt Adding ginger garlic paste one table spoon of peprika one tea spoon cumin and coriander powder one tea spoon tandoori masala powder Half tea spoon of turmeric powder Half tea spoon of red chili flakes It is optional salt to taste mix it very well Now putting in the chicken leg coat the chicken leg with the spices very well Let It be marinated for an hour After one hour, the pan is heating Putting in the three tablespoon of oil As the oil is heated up, putting in the chicken leg on it Now cover and cook it for ten min After ten min, It’s time to check Now flip it over Again cover and cook it for 6, 7 min It’s been seven min Flip it over again Without covering, cook it for 2,3 min Now It is ready to serve This is how yummy Chicken Tandoori is ready You can try It at home If you enjoyed this video, please like, comment, share and subscribe for more videos

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