तंदूरी चिकन प्रेशर कुकर में | Tandoori Chicken In pressure Cooker| Chef Harpal Singh

This is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Today we are making Tandoori Chicken in pressure cooker, all time favouraite something that we always try no matter in which restaurant we go. after trying you feel like making it at home so, the problem in making at home is we don’t have Tandoor or Oven what do we do, not to worry, Pressure cooker is something you definitely must be having we usally have 5-6 types of pressure cookers at home today i will teach you how to make tandoori chicken in pressure cooker chicken is ready, its time for first marinade. there are two very important marinades in every kabab. first of all, because we have taken 2 chickens that is why we will add 2 Tbsp of Ginger and Garlic paste and Kashmiri chilli powder or you can take whole Kashmiri Red chillis Boil it in hot water and make a paste and use or use Kashmiri chilli Powder 2 tsp for 2 big Tandoori chicken. This will give a nice color Salt is to taste, because I am using 2 whole chickens i will add Add one lime juice Now massage the chicken well by using hands. you get the fragrance of red chilli powder, and the flavor of ginger garlic paste. You can taste the marination whether it is sour or not you don”t have to take it inside. Taste it and gargle its not necessary to take it inside. Rest it for 15 to 20 mins. By First marination, chicken would get colored Wash hands we will make the bhuna besan the most important thing for all kebabs I am using mustard oil. you can use any refined oil. You can make it and keep the mixture. In restaurants we make this in quantity and keep i am making this for two tandoori chicken I don”t need much. you require more gram flour for boneless kebabs saute you get the fragrance of gram flour It should not be raw at all else it will give the Kebabs a raw taste Keep a check it should not get brown either. Important tip is here : Whenever there is red chilli marinade or Spinach marinade, tsp. always add a little turmeric to brighten the color For two tandoori chicken. It is brighten now, Let it Cool the next step is to make the second marinade For second marination, you can use hung curd, but for bachelors making hung curd is difficult so i will use normal yogurt use maximum 1/2 cup there are scientific reasons for using yogurt red chilli used is yogurt fat soluble color will be better and other benefits of yogurt. when it is marinated in yogurt it is gets certain softness, sourness and tastes better I personally love this, black salt gives a certain punch to it Now add the bhuna besan whisk it well Brightness is increased as we added turmeric powder. Chilli paste can be added for more brightness Due to gram flour the yogurt water has become homogeneous. It won’t separate Finally adding Garam masala whisk it well we have to do a few more things after it is cooked marinate is ready and fragrant. Mustard oil gives a unique flavor and that is most important keep the first marinade for 15 to 20 mins and then add to second marinade. after 20 min chicken is into 1 marinade. our second marinate is ready. next step is to add chicken from first marinate to second marinade. Keep it in different bowl color is looking superb. pour the left over marinade over the chicken. Marinade the chicken in second marination for atleast 2 to 3 hours. chicken would absorb the flavor fully and when you eat this chicken you will get a flavorful savory taste. The second when you marinade in this red chilli you get great color without using artificial color the infused flavor of mustard oil also makes it tasty marinating the chicken for minimum 2-3 hours is a must if you want to do the barbecue by evening, prepare in afternoon. you can also keep the chicken in first marinate overnight, the second in following afternoon and barbecue at night. minimum 2 hours marination is required. marinaded chicken is now ready many people may not have oven, OTG but they certainly will have a pressure cooker. you can make it in pressure cooker as well. be ready with cooker and perforated plate. Cover it and let it cook on low flame. You can use the old pressure cooker, to be used just for such grills. the one you use only for grills. Use old pressure cooker Do not use it again normally please remember and be careful. Put the perforated plate at the bottom of a pressure cooker. as alternative for perforated plate, you can use any aluminium any bowl. or you can use small plate as well to create a level. to place a tandoori chicken. creating a level so the air circulates, protect chicken from getting burnt if you have perforated sheet, use that at bottom. and then place the chicken, place the lid. cook longer if needed and do not forget to brush butter over it in between now we will do it,. so, the next step is now chicken is marinated for 2 hours. And you will now cook in pressure cooker. You can use old pressure cooker. and use only to make tandoori chicken or grills. perforated plate is important, so chicken should not get burn i will show you how i have done, i have small aluminium ring here, and placing that at the bottom and putting this bowl inside the perforated plate. After marinating the chicken for 2 hours it becomes amazing just place the lid, slightly do not build pressure so the heat circulates all over. perforated plate has holes which helps circulate the heat better. if you are using gas, keep the flame high for first few minutes and then low down. it will take around 12 to 15 mins on gas flame. After letting it cook for 6 to 8 mins. You will see the steam coming out. this steam is coming out as the juices are getting absorbed. Juices are getting chard resulting in smoky flavor in Chicken. Smoky flavor is naturally created. be careful it should not be chard a lot, tandoori chicken wont burn as it is alienated. Though in pressure cooker, Grill marks are not formed like in oven. though chicken is cooked properly and will give you the same smoky taste as well the grill marks are not formed as in oven. you don”t have worry, the taste is same and smoky. gas flame will take 12 mins. induction can take little more time. 8 mins duration is being given though, You will feel the smoky flavor. we will serve the chicken Tandoori Chicken in Pressure cooker is ready. You wont see the desired color, but the chicken is properly cooked and tastes better. brushing butter at last is must Chef Harpal has a solution for everything

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