दही चावल II Curd Rice II Mosaru Anna IICurd Rice Recipe South Indian Style By Chef Garima Gupta II

Hello… Hegiddiya Now that is a South Indian Language & I asked you that How are you? Because today we are going to make a South Indian Dish. And that is Mosaru Anna In normal language you can call it Dahi Chawal or Curd Rice. Very-very light food for the stomach. Easy to eat while you are travelling Easy to digest & Curd Rice is normal but we’ll some flavouring And that will be through Mustard Seeds, Bengal Gram Pulse Curry leaves, Coriander Leaves, Green Chilli All this will be saute in Oil along with Salt, Curd & Boiled Rice. So let’s get going Firstly we’ll heat the pan and will add Oil in it. This is for tempering only so we don’t need much of oil,so its just 1 tbsp of oil. Till the time oil is heat up, we’ll take Curd Will smooth the curd because home made curd doesn’t have smooth texture. So we’ll just have to mix it a little bit. You can even make it with the leftover rice. Even fresh rice will also do, so you have lot of options to make this Curd Rice. Ok, now so now that our oil is heated up What we’ll do is, we’ll add Mustard Seeds. A typical south Indian tempering, that is because of mustard seeds Dry Red Chilli Little bi of Bengal Gram Pulse That gives a crunchiness basically Because the texture will be very smooth as in Rice and curd is very soft And then we’ll use lot of curry leaves Now its up to you whether you want whole curry leaves or broken. If you’ll use broken leaves then its fragrance will strongly flavour the oil And then it will get mixed with Curd Rice. Till the time Bengal Gram Pulse is slightly crisp What we’ll do is, we’ll add Salt in the Curd. And we shall also add the finely chopped coriander leaves, Tempering is ready, so we’ll put it off. To give some spiciness, we shall be using finely chopped green chillies. So that you don’t get much spice in one bite This is entirely optional whether you want to put it or not. Some people add whole green chilli in it, with this the flavour comes and that can be removed later on. That’s your choice as I said. Now we’ll add the tempering in it. If you have notice then I’ve kept 1 Dry Red Chilli aside for garnishing. Mix it well The time to add the rice. Curd Rice taste well when your rice are over cooked or over soft. In curd rice its not mandatory to have blooming rice. So if & when your rice are over cooked then you can make this dish. In South people take this dish in Tiffin(Lunch) Office. And now a days even hotels has started serving “Mosaru Anna” And time to plate.. So here we go… And 1 Curry Leaf Just to add the contrast to the Red. “Mosaru Anna” Which is very-very Chhana That’s a Kannada word for Nice. And it will taste much more better when you’ll share this recipe. My Aunt Mrs. Ranta taught me this recipe. And Ratna Aunty this is specially for you. Even the forthcoming dishes & the dishes which I’ve learnt from somewhere else. For that you have to subscribe, so that you’ll be the first one to receive the msg. Also please share this recipe. Because its very easy to make & its very good for your tummy. And come back with the next recipe soon. Take care… Bye…

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