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Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to Madhurasrecipe Marathi. Today, let’s see how to make nankhatai. We are not baking the nankhatai in oven. Let’e see how to make nankhatai in pressure cooker. Before making dough for nankhatai let’s see how to preheat pressure cooker. Here I have pressure cooker. I am making a layer of salt at its bottom. No need to add much salt. We have to make a thin layer. You can use baking soda instead of salt. If you use baking soda, cooker doesn’t become black. Its base becomes clean. Do try baking soda if you are using aluminium cooker. I am keeping the pot in which we make dal or rice at the base of cooker on salt. And on that I am keeping a regular plate. I am not keeping the dish right now. I will keep the dish when we place the nankhatai in it. Today, I am not using cooker lid. Instead of it let’s use a glass lid. If we use cooker lid, people ask many questions like do we have to remove the gasket? Or will the valve get damaged? To avoid that we are using glass lid. You can use simple stainless steel dish too. We can see if cookies are getting burnt or are they baking properly through glass lid. We are preheating the cooker on medium heat. Whenever I say on a very low heat or Medium heat, what does this exactly mean? Let’s see now. Here I have gas stove. It has four burners. These are 2 regular small size burners Which you get with any gas stove. Even if you have 2 burner stove it has one small burner. Along with it, this is a medium size burner. Any stove has this medium size burner. If you have 2 burner gas it has one small and one big burner. Here is one another burner. This is very big. I generally don’t use this for cooking or recipe. The speciality of this is it has a small burner. I will turn it on for you. This is very high heat. So when I turn it on very low, Then only middle burner is on. When I make biryani or rice, when I say cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes, Then I switch on only middle burner and the biryani rice cookes really good. It gets very low heat. Whenever I make anything in pressure cooker, I mostly use this burner. This medium size burner. Or if you have 2 or 3 burner stove, Then in that, this is the biggest burner. On this medium heat means I turn this on and keep it on the lowset setting. As this is big burner. The base of my cooker is not much thick. It is a bit thin based cooker. So on this burner and on lowest setting I keep my cooker. If I am making rice or khichadi, masale bhat or cake or any cookie recipe I use this burner only and use lowest setting. If you are using aluminium cooker, Or it is a heavy bottom cooker, then you can increase the heat a little. Just little, You can see. I haven’t taken the knob in the middle. I keep the setting of this burner between lowest and medium heat. If you are using aluminium cooker then.. If you don’t want to use this big burner,and if you are cooking on small burner, Then turn it on, If you are placeing the cooker on small burner, Then don’t keep it on high heat. Keep it on medium heat. You can see the mark here. This if of medium heat. You can place the cooker on this. I am preheating the cooker on medium heat. In a bowl take 1/4 cup ghee. It is cold here. The ghee had turned thick. So I heated it in microwave. Let’s add 1/2 cup powdered sugar. If you want to use butter then use 1/2 cup soft butter instead of 1/4 cup ghee. Butter at room temperature. You can use vanaspati ghee too. Beat the ghee and powdered sugar nicely. Mix well together. We have to beat this. Ghee and powdered sugar really good. Here beat ghee and sugar really good. So it becomes really light. You can see. It becomes fluffy and light. I am adding 2-3 drops of vanilla essence. If you are using vanilla extract, you have to add 1 tsp extract. If you don’t have vanilla essence or extract, you can add a little cardamom or nutmeg powder. It gives nice taste to nankhatai. It has become nice and fluffy. Now let’s add maida. I have taken 1 cup maida. Then add 1/4 tsp baking powder and 1/4 tsp baking soda. Mix well again. Once it is mixed really good, I am going to add just 1 tbsp milk. Add less the 1 tbsp milk first and if you feel you need to add more milk Only then add more milk. I am adding 1/2 tbsp milk first. Let’s knead this into a bit thick dough. Here nankhatai dough is already. Let’s roll small nankhatai out of it. Don’t make much bigger in size As they spread later. While baking. Make small balls as we make for gulabjamun. And place in a dish. And you can garnish as per your choice. I am using almond here. You can use pistachios or tutti frutti. Make small round balls. Keep gap of 2-2 1/2″ between 2 cookies. Keep distance. As the cookies get baked They spread. So try to keep some distance or gap between 2 cookies. If you want to bake these cookies in oven then these get baked on 180 degree celcius in 10-12 minutes. Don’t keep for longer time in oven or in cooker too. Or they may burn quickly. These cookies get ready in 10-12 minutes. Cooker is preheated really good. Now let’s place cookie tray in it. Or nankhatai tray. Cover and bake on medium heat for about 10-12 minutes. Here I have baked some nankhatai in cooker and some nankhatai in oven. You can make 12 medium size nankhatai from 1 cup maida. You can see. Nankhatai baked in cooker and in oven.. There is not much difference. You can see. Nankhatai get spread. So keep some gap or distance while baking. I have baked these nankhatai in cooker for exactly 10 minutes. After it I turned off the gas. And kept them in cooker for 5 minutes after turning off the gas. Take nankhatai out and let the cool atleast for 15 minutes. When they are hot after baking, they are really soft. They may break if you try to lift them. We can eat nankhatai after it cools down completely, after about 15-20 minutes. You can see here. Nankhatai has nice texture. I will open one for you. It is nicely cooked from both,inside and outside. See the base. Base has got light golden colour. The more nankhatai cools down, the crispier it gets. So how was today’s this recipe? If you like nankhatai recipe please like this video. If you have any suggestions, feedback, queries please feel free to register in the comment box below. You can subscribe my youtube channel MadhurasRecipe Marathi. It is free free free. You will be notfied first whenever I upload any recipe or video on youtube. Thank you very much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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