बिना ओवन के घर पर बनाये अनगिनत परतो वाली क्रिस्पी पफ पैटीज | Puff Patties Recipe

After watching the recipe, if you will like it then must subscribe the channel And click on the bell icon So that you will get the notification for the new recipes Hello Friends.. Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Today we will make “Patties” For making the patties First of all we have to make the dough After that there are so many things to make First of all we will make the dough for the patties For the Puff Patties And after that we are going to make patties from it That we will make in OTG also And without using Oven, we will make it in Vessel as well It is the specialty of this And there are so many secrets How the Patties are prepared in the markets ? I will tell you all that secrets So for making the Puff Patties So the Puff Patties is prepared Like that in markets also At many place At big cities Where you can get everything There you will get the ready made dough for the Patties If you like then you can take the ready made dough as well But how to make it at home How it will be made in markets That I will tell you And the second thing is For making the Patties At any time When you will see it making in the Bakery Then you will realize that we should not get the Patties from the market There are so many things, that they didn’t take care of it In market, peels of the Potatoes will not be removed by them They just buy it and add some colour to it to make it red They use any type of Potatoes Second thing is In a very wrong way We will get the Patties from the very unhygienic place When you will see that then you will never have it So try to make it at home Although it is time consuming But this patties You can make the Puff Patties And you can keep it in the fridge for 15-20 days Whenever you have time just make it and keep it Or whenever if you have time then you can bake it as well You can make it in vessel or in OTG or in Cooker You can make it in Microwave Convection as well But.. We can make the dough for the Puff Patties at once So it is very easy to make If you were thinking that it is too tough But believe me, it is very easy to make So for it, we will take the White Flour by measuring it There are some tricks so you must follow them Take White Flour 250 grams White flour is perfectly measured here We will put 1/2 tsp of Salt in it In it I will put 1.5 tbsp of Refined Oil Now we will bind it normally It should not be too tight And it should not be too loose Must wash your hands And the place where you will make it Where you will roll it That place should be properly cleaned This dough You can see I have bind it by kneading it so much It is not too tight Not too soft See! The dough should be like That if we roll it then it will be rolled easily It should not be like that we can’t roll it If it will be tight then it will not be rolled So we don’t want it like that And it should not be too loose Now we will keep it by covering it For at least 10-15 mins And for it When we use the dough Then we will required some Dry White Flour So there will be Dry White Flour required And what is to be required, I will tell you that For making the Puff Patties We have bind the dough here We required some Dry White Flour And we want this Margarine We will not make it with Amul Butter Because by using Amul Butter, we will not get that texture That there are So many layers in the Patties That layers are due to this Margarine By using Amul Butter, we will not get that texture You will get this easily at anywhere It is available as Lily Ghee in the market Or you can get it as Patties Ghee from the market You can buy it from any bakery shop as well At bakery shop, where the patties are prepared You can get it from there also Or you can get it from any confectionery shop as Lily Ghee So you must get this So that it will help you to make the patties And how much you need this it depends Here we have taken the 250 grams of White Flour So this will be We will take 125 grams, just half to the quantity of White Flour We will take 125 grams of Margarine So now how to make it? We will clean that place where we will make it Dust some White Flour like this And The dough we have bind We have to roll it We will not give it any shape Just roll it as big as we can We have rolled it here See! It is neither too thick nor too thin We have just rolled it Try to roll it as much as you can It should not be so uneven If it is not round in shape then you can make it rectangle or square or if it will be round in shape then it is okay Just roll it in this way Now what you have to do is.. Divide this Margarine in 3 parts We have to do its three parts We will keep the 2 parts aside We will make it little soft by using fork like this See! We have made this Margarine soft And then spread it all around like this By using your hands We will spread it all around You must have seen many ways of making it But if you will make it in this way The Patties will become so perfect See! We have spread the Margarine all around Now we will dust some White Flour on it See! in this way We have dusk the White Flour here Now what we have to do is.. By stretching it Like this Keep it here And then Put it on it First of all we will fold it from one side Then we have to Fold it from the other side Dust some White Flour on it like this And then fold it like this Now whenever you will roll it We have to do all these steps three times We have divided the Margarine in three parts One part of it, we have used And We have the remaining 2 parts We have to do this three times And we will keep it like this Now we will cover it You can put a wet cloth on it Or you can cover it with a plate also And for 15 mins in the fridge Not in the freezer just keep it in the fridge See! 15-20 mins are over now We have taken out this from the fridge Now Make it in this shape like this Roll it like this You can roll it from both the sides Like from here as well And from here also But roll it equally Now we don’t have to Roll it unevenly We have kept it in a shape We have to roll it in that shape only It should not be too thick And it should not be too thin Now the second part of Margarine Now we will spread that on it Apply it carefully And keep in mind That it should be spread all around properly It is much better to use spatula than using your hands For spreading the Margarine properly on it Because with the spatula, it can be spread equally on it You must be thinking That if we can get the Patties from the market at reasonable price Then why would we do all this hard work? I know that the patties we get from the markets is available in reasonable price But When you make it by yourself and you will see its result Then you will be so happy And the patties available in markets In that also this much of Ghee is used We can’t see that But we can see when we make it at home Now we will Put the White Flour again on it If you want then you can fold it from this side Again put some White Flour on a tray Keep it like this We have done this two times We will keep it in the fridge for 15 mins We have to do the same for the third time as well See! Here we have taken out this again from the fridge For 15-20 mins We have to keep it in the fridge Now we will again Roll it like this Again in the same way Roll it in the square shape We have rolled it here Again like this equally We have to spread the Margarine all around The Margarine is applied all around Again we have to dust some White Flour on it Dry White Flour And then Try to fold it like this When the dough gets shrink Then try to join its sides like this In this way Now in this way, I have made it Here I will fold it But if you like then You can keep it with a butter paper You can keep this sheet Whenever you want it You have to just roll it And you can use it Here I am Keeping it like this This the last step here Let it for 15 mins Till then we will Make the filling for the patties For making the filling There are many types of filling for patties I will make different types of filling So today we will make the filling of Potato and Peas So we will take 2 Boiled Potatoes And try to use little dry Potatoes And if you boiled it and if it is not dry then you can keep it in the fridge for 1-2 hrs Here I have Frozen Peas And And we will take some Ginger Green Chilies We will put some Dry Whole Coriander Seeds 1/2 tsp of it We will put 1/2 tsp of Fennel Seeds Salt as per the taste Some Mango Powder And some Roasted Cumin Powder Some Coriander Powder Some Red Chili Powder And we will put some Kashmiri Red Chili Powder And Some finely chopped Coriander Leaves And we will make it in 1 tbsp of Oil You can put some Turmeric Powder in as well I can also put And Many more masalas that you like According to your taste Like I am putting Peas, you can put Corns as well And You can put Dry Fruits in it also Cashew nuts and Raisins You can put chopped and fried pieces of Paneer as well You can put any other filling also in the patties When you make it at home by doing so much of hard work So you can put anything in it Put the Fennel seeds in it And Dry Whole Coriander Seeds Turn the flame slow Put some Ginger in it And some Green Chilies Until it is cooking Till then we will take all the spices in a bowl Like Salt as per the taste Coriander Powder 1 tsp of it Very few Red Chili Powder As we have put the Green Chilies in it Mango Powder Roasted Cumin Powder And we will take some Kashmiri Red Chili Powder It will make its colour so good Put the flame slow Now we will put Potatoes by mashing it like this There is no tension of cooking the Peas Because 20-25 mins In fact 30 mins When the patties Will be cooked in Oven or in Vessel or in cooker Then in it, the vegetables we will use in the filling That will be cooked with it So if you will put any vegetables in it Like Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrots then no need to worry about Because when the vegetables get cooked with the patties for 20-25 mins Then it will be more tasty Now we will mash it little Now the washed and chopped Put in it Put some Chaat Masala See! On one hand, we have put this vessel And in the vessel Used Salt is in the vessel you can see And choose a plate like this That will be fit inside it easily And the other plate should be like this So that it can cover it in this way Now On one hand, we have kept this On the other hand, we will pre heat the OTG In it The temperature we set normally for cakes, cookies or for muffins We generally set the temperature at 180 degree for them But for the patties We have to increase its temperature Around 200 degree or more than that And for 25-30 mins It can take 25 mins This much time will be taken for making the patties The difference by making it in OTG When you keep the Patties in it In the pre heated Oven In OTG or in Microwave’s Convection Then there is no need to turn it Means, once you will keep it in this Then no need to turn it to the other side as there are rods at its upper and lower side Patties will get roasted from both the sides It is pre heating here And due to this when we use Cooker When we make the cake in the cooker Then I have told you that put the flame slow But at this time, we have to put the flame low to medium Because we need the temperature little high for the Patties And if we didn’t get the proper heat from its upper That means it will get roasted but it will get less heat So we will After 15-20 mins, we will turn the patties to the other side So when we make it in cooker or in vessel We have to turn it to the other side at once In OTG, there is no need to flip it to the other side After this The Puff Patties Dough is ready now Now we have to roll it Make it big You have to clean the platform again and again And Then dust it With the White Flour Now slowly-slowly make it bigger Don’t roll it Otherwise its layers will get ruin It is available in the market as Puff Patties Dough You can buy it from the market as well I have rolled it here It is not too thin And it is not too thick And as much as you want to make it thin Just do it all at once Because it will not get thin and thick later Now what we have to do is.. The all four edges of it We will remove all of them like this If we will not cut its edges Then its layers will not be opened And it will not get wasted You can keep it at side These will also baked This is Necessary to do From all the four sides We have to open it Now you have to see that what size of patties we want to make Like If you want the size of patties like this Then Cut it in this way See! Here you have cut it Now with the same size We will cut some more See! The patties will be made Equal in size Now you can see this part It will not be wasted We can make small patties like this Now what you have to do is Like here is dough of Patties You have cut the patties as much you want If the remaining portion, you don’t want right now Then by covering it with the butter paper Then roll it in this way You can keep it in the fridge by putting it in any box If any layer will be come on it Then it may creates problem We have to keep it in the OTG So we have taken a tray here We have greased it Now on the patties Put the filling on it There are many types of filling See! You have to take it And by pressing the filling with your hands We have to fold it Don’t stick it No need to stick it Just fold it like this Like this, to the filling With fingers or with thumb Press it And then fold it Here we have made the small patties like this Now what will we do.. We will take some Milk We will apply milk on it like this Because if anybody prefer eggs Then with the egg white Polish on it So that it will shine If you don’t prefer eggs Then polish it with the milk Now we will bake these Rest of the patties We will bake in the vessel So we will first put these in the vessel We will grease it Now The flame should be Medium Now we will For baking Keep these also in it We have to set the temperature at 200 degree or more than that For 25 mins And we will bake those patties also for 25 mins And we have kept the flame at medium of the vessel Like here I have some extra patties dough Like I don’t need this It is So I will In this way With light hands Roll it Or I have one more way of keeping it Use the butter paper below and upper both the sides Then After that if you will fold it and keep it Then whenever you will take out this There is no need to roll it As it is already rolled properly Just by cutting it You can make the patties at any time Now we will check it See! Its layers are getting open See! You can see its layers are so perfect So many layers See! After sometime we will turn these to the other side See! These are getting roasted from everywhere You can see the layers are so perfect See! See! Patties are so crispy You will not get this much crispy patties in the market also See! It has so many layers Even you can see the layers And the lower side is also baked If the lower part will not be baked Then keep it like this for sometime But it is completely baked Now there is no need to bake it more See! Here I have A small piece so I have baked it in this shape You can make it in any shape You have seen this small piece I have baked it too And we have these extra pieces of edges also I have kept these aside So you can see, these are also get crispy Now the patties made in the vessel will also get ready in few mins I have turned all those to be baked from the other side as well I will show you those as well These patties also ready now These get roasted from both the sides See! The patties so amazing See! These are prepared without using oven See! Now you can see there is no difference in both of these So it is not necessary to use oven for making patties You can make the patties in vessel In this way you can make the patties in anything These patties are so amazing These are so tasty and crispy as well So if you liked my video So please like it Share it and must subscribe the channel And must tell me that how is this video through the comments

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