⏰Small? 4 HOUR LARGE FAMILY FREEZER COOKING | Big Batch Meat, Freezer Lunches, Instant Pot Dinners!

– Well friends, we are back,
and all the stars have aligned. It has all worked out for
us to have a large family freezer cooking today, finally. If you’ve been following
me on all the different social medias, you’ve probably
heard that we have had a close family member that
has been in the hospital, and so obviously when you
have a family emergency, nothing else matter, freezer
cooking doesn’t matter. Although it would have been
nice if I had some freezer meals in the freezer
because I’ve been gone five or six days it seems
like over this past two weeks just going to different
hospitals, and you know how that goes when you have
someone in an emergency. So, this afternoon and
evening, we’re gonna be able to take a few hours, I have
some recipes I hadn’t shared on YouTube yet we’re gonna
do, we’re gonna do a bunch of old favorites as well,
and so if you’re new here, my name is Jamerrill,
welcome to my channel. I’ve been doing large family
freezer cooking on YouTube for four years now, and
this is our next step, big freezer cooking go down afternoon. So let’s see what we cook up. So Zion has already
jumped ahead of his momma, being super helpful, thank you Zion. He is doing stacks of these
sausage mcmuffins, so it’s just this precooked sausage patty
and some english muffins. He is wrapping them up
when they’re done and these will be freezer meal breakfasts
for the coming weeks. And then I’m also cooking
up a bunch of the pasture raised ground beef and
then a pack of the sausage, and this is gonna be for
soups and spaghetti and chili and tacos and whatever meals
I can squirrel out of it. But, yes, having the meat precooked is helpful when it’s ready to go. Miss Naomi has our french
toast making station going. Yay. So these are the english
muffins that are left, it’s only two packs, that
will still make about 48 of these english muffin pizzas. Yes I’m doing that math right
because one would be 24, okay. So, anyway, Zion is going to
make them for dinner for us tonight because, hey, we
need an emergency dinner. (bright music) And then here’s the ground beef. I’m gonna chop up some
peppers and onions and get those batch cooked with this too. So here are all the veggies
I’m gonna chop up and throw in with the ground
beef that’s bulk cooking. Here’s the first pan of the
english muffins pizzas out. And even though we are just
gonna have these for dinner tonight, you can look in
the description below and I will have the link to also
do these are a freezer meal. They are great to have
for easy kid lunches. So Naomi is done with the,
it’s three loaves of french toast, that will be probably
four or five breakfasts for us. I’m gonna have her chop this
Texas toast now in little strips and do french toast sticks. Okay I’m checking back in
at the french toast making station, she’s getting a little bit of cinnamon on those french toast sticks. Now the reason that we
cut these before hand is we make the french
toast sticks, and yes, real life cinnamon mess, we
make them out of Texas toast which is much thicker than the wheat bread that we just end up making
our french toast out of. So, it’s just two quick
zips with the pizza cutter to make these french toast sticks and it’s just another fun way to have it. And then Amelia is doing
some pepper chopping, yes. Okay and Gabriel has
been making us a mountain of peanut butter and
jellies for the freezer. So these peppers are gonna
go with the bulk meat that’s cooking, and
then over here I’ve got a little plate of peppers,
well I guess it’s a big plate of peppers, what
are you saying Jamerrill? I have some Instant Pot
freezer meals that these peppers are gonna go
in with here real soon. Okay here’s how the bulk
ground beef is going. Remember this is the ground beef from the pasture raised cow. I’m going to grind all this up some more though with my spoon. So now next up I am making,
and I’m just using these because I still have some
of this Jiffy cornbread mix, I’m gonna make as many
as I can eek out of these cornbread muffins, hot dog
muffins, whatever you want to call them, these are
another great quick and easy kid freezer meal lunch
and I’ll link the recipe and another video where
I did them down below. (bright music) Okay, so I just pulled out
28 of these corndog muffins. This will probably be, oh I don’t know, a lunch and a half, two lunches maybe, depending on what side
items we throw in with it. And then I’m getting ready
to do a bunch of these Instant Pot keto low carb freezer meals, just kind of throw and go, but I’ve also been working on helping Naomi. She’s been a french toast queen. So we’ve got two bags of
french toast sticks bagged up. Got one bag of french
toast, she has more done, but we’ve got to let it cool. This is half a bag that was
done, and when her current platter is cool we’ll add that to it. So with these keto
Instant Pot freezer meals that I am doing, all of these
Trim Healthy Mama S Meal friendly, meaning that they’re
low carb freezer meals. Anywho, this first one that
I’m doing right now is, I’m gonna do probably three
bags full of salsa chicken. It’s two ingredients,
salsa and chicken, yep. I love this salsa from Costco, so yummy. And so I’m going to just divide
this amongst the bags here. (bright music) And then I’m just gonna
put chicken in every bag. There’s different variations
of this out there. Some mamas add in a can
or two of black beans. I, of course, the day I
make it, might get kicky and add extras in, but
this’ll be the base, and it’s really good just on its own. (bright music) Okay, that’s all the effort
I’m making with these tonight. I get lots of questions
about these bags stands too. You can find those on
Amazon, and I will have those linked down in the description below. I’m gonna do this lemon
and garlic chicken. I’ve done this a bunch. I’ve got some olive oil,
got some lemon juice, I also usually put in real minced garlic, but I don’t know, I can’t find my garlic, so I’m gonna use my garlic powder instead. Also a little bit of
parsley, but this is just a fantastic dump meal for many dinners. (bright music) Okay, so I’ve got two
over flowing bowls of the ground beef draining,
and I’m going to label it and bag it up, get it in
the freezer, and you’re gonna see this in lots of upcoming meals. So here we go. It’s drained, and it’s
in the labeled bags. We even have a cute little
bag, I probably could, probably could fit this
in one of the other bags, but yeah, I’m just gonna
let it sit here now for a few minutes and then
have one of my happy helpers get it in my storage freezers for me. Well we finished up this
evening of just quick and simple freezer meals, now I say
quick and simple, it’s still a few hour process because
of just the prep work and the clean up and freezer cooking. That’s just how it goes. So I wanted to give you the final totals from my white board here. Naomi did 60 slices of french
toast, just regular old french toast, then she did
about 150 of the thicker, that Texas toast, the french toast sticks. We did 50 of the sausage
muffin breakfast freezer meals. We did about, right at
about 120 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the freezer. Yes those are helpful. Yes we use them. No they are not soggy. And yes I’m always
thankful that we have them. An example, because these
peanut butter and jellies, they get a lot of
attention on the internet, Saturday, basketball
games, no one has to make sandwiches now Saturday morning. We will just set out a stack
of them the night before or even put them in our
big family lunch bag in the morning when we leave. We will take the sandwiches
that we need with us. We’ll add with it a bag of
fruit and maybe some crackers or cookies or cheese
sticks or some other little add-ins like that, but
sandwiches are done. And anything to help get out the door quicker is a winner with me. 28 corn dog muffins, I
would have loved to have had 100 of those, but
I only had four boxes of my cornbread mix, and
I didn’t have any cornmeal or I would have just done home made. 48 english muffin pizzas. I did over 30 pounds of the
pasture raised ground beef, precooked with peppers sitting
in the bags behind me here. I did six total low carb
Instant Pot freezer meals. I did three bags of the salsa chicken, and three bags of the
lemon and garlic chicken. So total this is 20
large family freezer meal breakfasts, 12 lunches and six dinners, plus some meat that’s prepped
and that’s all we got done. I had some bigger plans, you know I always have some bigger plans. I was wanting to get three
more Instant Pot freezer meals done; however, since this
is from a grocery haul that I did now two weeks
ago, and we’ve had this big family emergency with our
family member in the hospital, during that time some of
the components that I needed to make some of these extra
Instant Pot freezer meals have been used with other
throw together meals that we’ve made during this time. So, I’m still gonna make those. I now need to pick up a few odds and ends. I will just make those as
regular, not prepped ahead, Instant Pot meals and I plan to film those as cook with me videos
in the coming weeks. So we’re still gonna have those meals on our large family
meal plan, they’re just not gonna be prepped ahead freezer meals. Hope that all makes sense. I’m so glad I got in this
little freezer cooking evening and it’s gonna be several
weeks before I get another one of these in, maybe
my next one will be like a traditional Jamerrill
all day start to finish, but I’m glad we got done what we got done. The recipes for everything will be linked in the description below. I will talk with you in the
comments, and I will see you probably tomorrow with another
brand new video, bye bye.

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