✅ Glen Makes Chef John Food Wishes Chicken Piccata

welcome friends it is Saturday morning
so we’re going to do another one of our most watched recipe video videos and
today I want to do another chicken piccata we did one a few months ago and
it was a tasty chicken piccata creamy chicken piccata so it wasn’t traditional
so let’s just put in chicken piccata and filter that by viewcount and see if we
get something that’s a little more traditional okay so the number one video
with five million views is from tasty and it’s it’s not a recipe video it’s
challenge video it’s you know can one person make it while the other one
describes what the dish is the number two which is actually a recipe is from
food wishes dot-com and I am so glad we get to do a chef John video really glad this is great I’ve been watching chef
John for a very long time we signed up to YouTube within months of each other so
we’ve been at it about the same amount of time I walked away and did some other
things and then came back he’s stuck with it and he’s done really well so
what’s good going on this dish okay so Chef John’s version is so simple this is
the kind of dish that if you dealt with your chicken breasts the night before
you could make this dish in I don’t know 20 minutes when you got home from work
and have the whole thing on the table it’s that easy
so in chef john fashion the first thing is cayenne pretty much the only time
I’ve ever seen cayenne used in this dish but that’s his signature move and salt
and pepper and we’re just gonna do that on both sides and so I’d already pounded
out the chicken breasts boneless skinless chicken breasts this is
something that you can do the night before and just makes it so much easier
when you come home just to season them and I like that Chef John puts the
seasoning on the chicken and not in the flour because you leave
so much of the flour behind and with it you leave all of the spicing so you
dredge these in the flour and I can hear chef John yelling at me that I’ve got
too much flour and probably not enough cayenne okay looks good
pans hot a little bit of olive oil and now we brown off the chicken now I know Chef John’s recipe calls for
two chicken breasts for whatever reason say at the grocery store you can only
buy them in threes so I’m gonna do three we’ll figure it out turn them over and
brown the other side okay chicken breasts come out and pan might be just a
little too hot so I’m gonna deal with that
okay now the capers go in and Chef John’s tip for this is to take a fork
and just smash a few of them just to mash them up
excellent idea I mean it’s going to release a whole lot more flavor now
almost immediately in with the wine and we’re going to bubble that away to
deglaze the pan and next in is some lemon juice and I’ve already taken the
seeds out so there’s none that are going to make it into the pan now Chef John says to use either a
little splash of water or some chicken stock and I just so happened to have
some chicken stock here ready to go let’s put that in and just mix it around okay now we go whole hog on some butter
and the butter in my opinion is key it’s what’s going to give this sauce
everything so put that in and stir it and really get it emulsified with the
other ingredients okay the heat is all the way down at
this point the sauce is looking really good in goes a little bit of freshly
chopped parsley and then the chicken goes back in just to heat through at
this point so this is the number one most watched chicken piccata recipe
chicken piccata recipe on youtube from food wishes dot-com oh it’s a very Jamie
mm-hmm yeah Chef John has a very dreamy voice alright people love his voice and
his puns let’s see if we love his chicken piccata it smells good mm-hmm got a nice tang to it its moist
um I need it it’s got Ollie’s and some yeah yeah peas carrots on the side it’s
got all the things chicken piccata is supposed to have mm-hmm and it is such a
basic recipe that’s you know and it always amazes me what does not need to
be complicated yes I’m always amazed when something so simple with so few
ingredients can taste so good and I mean we did a chicken piccata a couple months
ago with it added cream and a couple of other things mm-hmm and it was good but
this is just as good or maybe even better I don’t know you don’t remember I
know this we eat a lot of food we eat a lot of food I know um so thanks chef
John and everyone should check out this recipe because it is the effort it is
really good yeah it’s worth the effort thanks for stopping by see you guys soon you

27 comments on “✅ Glen Makes Chef John Food Wishes Chicken Piccata”

  1. Charina Johansson says:


  2. Glen & Friends Cooking says:

    Thanks for watching. If you liked it – subscribe, give us a thumbs up, comment, and check out our channel for more great recipes. Please share with your friends. ^^^^Full recipe in the info section below the video.^^^^

  3. sennest says:

    Oh how you torment me, sweetly or in this case savourly! Yes, this is a must make. Is it the cayenne that helped to golden the chicken so well? The color holds up so nicely!

  4. Moon Over Miami says:

    love chicken picatta! The wine gives the lemony sauce a beautiful underflavor. I let the sauce boil doen on low until it thickens a bit. Grate some parnegiano regianno over it after plating. As a Greek, I grew up with a lot of lemony dishes… and so love that fresh flavor. Thanks again for reminding us to make this simple and great dish! You are great!! Best Regards!

  5. edrdavenport78 says:

    no carb??

  6. Louise Hanes says:

    I make this recipe often. I use prosciutto and wrap the chicken then bake in oven. So good, but I will try this version. Thanks Glen.

  7. lbird says:

    Awww, you both are wearin' the green. Top o' the mornin to ya. I often watch Chef John, he's subtly quite funny. Glad to see his recipe tested and tasted. You're right, it doesn't need to be complicated to taste great. Happy St Patrick's day.

  8. Fashionova Wigs says:

    4:30 I see seeds

  9. C.J. phillipson says:

    I love food wishes chef johns Brutus salad and fondant potato recipes are my absolute favorites

  10. Dima Anikusko says:

    Is it ok to use red wine instead of white?

  11. Y T says:

    This is an amazing recipe. You were right, very easy. I just discovered your channel! Love it! Thank you💜

  12. Bane Williams says:

    You could do a buttermilk dredge the night before with those same spices (maybe 20% more) and that would improve the recipe, not that it really needs a tonne of improvement 🙂

  13. Nimbus says:

    What is that green pan you are using ? I’d like to buy one

  14. hue mungous says:

    someone is salty about chef johns channel

  15. Captain Ron says:

    I'm a recent visitor to your site but I'm a fan of Chef John who's recipes I frequently try myself. Good to see someone else try the Chef's recipes. I like your channel. Thanks for posting.

  16. americansemiotics says:

    I hate Chef John's voice so much. Whenever I accidentally start one of his videos I stop it immediately. Is there a way to ban him so that his videos don't show up in my recommendations?

  17. Keith Wood says:

    I noticed when you where stirring the sauce you didn't use a freakishly small wooden spoon…

  18. Make and Restore says:

    Something about Chef John's cadence and inflection of his voice that's VERY off-putting.

  19. Steven Bonnell says:

    Glen you forgot the soy milk bro

  20. Nick Muggli says:

    I'm glad that you made this, I've been following Food Wishes for a decade and you did him justice.

  21. Brent Hooton says:

    2:26 I don't think Chef John would yell at you for using too much flour.
    You are, after all, the Austin Powers of choosing how much flour.

  22. Christopher Saylock says:

    Hot pan, cold oil, food no stick!

  23. Wayne Gordon says:

    You are the Glen of Chef John's hen…

  24. LenTex Brew says:

    I'm not a fan of Chef John's voice. The cadence and tone are less than appealing. That said, this is essentially how I do Piccata, only we serve it over linguine.

  25. Mr Entity says:

    I don't really like, CHEF John. He has a very odd cadence to, HIS voice. He always talks, LIKE this. It kind of gets on, MY nerves. Which is annoying, BEcause. He seems to have, GOOD recipes. But I can only listen, SO long. Before I get really, ANnoyed. Hearing this, EV'RY sentence. Why can't he speak like a, NORmal person?

  26. Marcio Moerbeck says:

    I like how Glen sped up the placement the chicken on the pan for sauteeing 🙂

  27. Kristina Benson says:

    I tried watching a Food Wishes video & Chef Johns voice was so annoying to me , I couldn’t finish the video.

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