【MUKBANG】 Cheese! Using Only Rice Cooker For Garlic Tomato Octopus Rice! 5Kg, 6333kcal[CC Available]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka
(Eng subs by ~Ya Boi~) so today! tadaa I made a western-like dish
using tomato and garlic with cheesy octopus rice hmm this just might be my first time making
octopus rice its so nice and colorful, you got poppin’ colors
from the tomato, octopus and parsley they look so nice and delish looking
alrighty lets see how this is made this is how its made
remove the stem from the tomatoes and cut a cross into them cut into bite sized pieces peel the tougher parts off the asparagus
then thinly slice diagonally salt, consomme, bit of pepper
garlic, olive oil mix lightly
add asparagus and the octopus arrange tomatoes
then cook like usual its done cooking oooh wow….
the color of the octopus asparagus and tomato look so colorful smells so nice ooooh the tomato just popped will the color of the rice end up tomatoey?
the color of the octopus would have been better once its done cooking add cheese
then let sit and warm up for 5 minutes ahh the cheese looks so yummy
the cheese is all mixed in and this looks so yummy but since cheese is BAE I melted up
300 g of extra cheese ~I only melted this in the microwave you guys~ add some parsley tadaa its done
looks so amazingly delish lets weigh it shall we w/o the bowl its 4.1 kg I also have 1kg of onion soup as well
itadakimasu waa looks so delish and this is what it looks like
tomato rice is so delish cheese is the ‘bestest’ stuff the tomato flavor permeates into the rice
and I love that flavor combo of cheese and consome the octopus adds a nice depth of flavor as well
its also got a great mouthfeel every once in a while you get a clump of tomato and those clumps are so nice and sweet and fruity
they’re so delish octopus doesn’t lose its nice texture the more you
cook it which is so nice and guys…. I got a crazy feeling that…… a bit of lemon would be perfect with this I’ll squeeze a bit of lemon it gives it a nice fresh taste that
really makes it taste so much better that hit of black pepper makes things
taste so much better last mouthful itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita
the cheezy octopus rice was so delish flavored rice is so yummy and good
the rice cooker does all the work. its so E-Z the rice was nicely flavored by the tomato and
octopus … it was so tasty and all of that was covered in cheese which
perfectly rounded out the dish and today I squeezed a bit of lemon on it and
I totally feel as though it definitely goes with it it was so delish won’t you all please give it a try? and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this
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