古法红糖|Providing warmth in the winter, quietly hidden in the bubbles of old brown sugar|Liziqi channel

Sugarcane Grandma, I have just used the cow (to carry sugar cane), let it to have a rest. Juicing Juicing Filtration Boil to form foam Grandma! Can you help me clean the pot! Lost a lot (of juice) ,huh? Agitation Solidification of syrup Whisk to form sandy sugar crystals Molding Oops, one broke Ziqi: It’s sweet, right?
grandma: Yeah, sweet Ziqi: Are two eggs enough for you?
Grandma: Yes, it’s enough brown sugar made by ancient method

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  1. Daniel Balev says:

    The music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wyjp6cjoVk

  2. daniel martinez says:

    All her videos are amazing she's a hard worker.

  3. ハリーブッチ says:


  4. Gwendolyn Desa says:

    In India we have the same traditional method of sugar making! I did not know that they did this in China too. White sugar is made by completely evaporating the juice and crystallizing so it's purified, but this method you just boil the juice to a paste and then it hardens into a block that looks like chocolate. This sugar is has a different flavor from what you buy in the store, it is very deep and nutty. It's good for making many kinds of dessert. My favorite is simply shred it and mix with shredded coconut, the flavors mix very well.

  5. Vasanth Jay says:

    Dikkumalina combination bellam lo eggs ela thintaru

  6. Maria Elena Martinez Barcelo says:

    Huevo con azúcar🤢 eso si que no se antoja

  7. Roman Filatov says:


  8. Văn ngưỡng Ha says:

    Ước gì có một người vợ và được ở một nơi thanh tịnh như vậy

  9. 윤덕규 says:

    예쁜아가씨가 못하는게 없네…

  10. kang tae-hee says:

    I am pretty sure that people won't have diabetes to eat pure sugar like this

  11. k.manickam k.manickam says:

    Super sis I like it

  12. Blessy Stella says:

    There is almost no plastic use in her videos!! That is so inspiring.. 🙂

  13. Digi says:

    Guys fresh sugar cane juice is amazing

  14. Diana Lila says:

    Bravissima..credo che produci e vendi nelle negozi biologici. COMPRERANNO TUTTI. ADESSO TI CONOSCE TUTTO IL MONDO PER CIÒ CHE FAI.🤗🤗E COMPRANO TUTTI.😂🤗

  15. Jerri Solomon says:


    Me: Awwww, look at the little gu-
    Her: Yeets™ Him Off The Table

  16. Annashiddiqah official says:

  17. Carol Rameka says:

    i love your channel, glad to have discovered you 🙂

  18. priya prajapati says:

    We also use this technique for making this sugar call as guod a sweetest sugar BT we use some modern machines for making juice u are too much hard working and beautiful

  19. Emily Guenther says:

    Damn, talk about a woman who can do just about everything. With her bare little hands!! 😮😆

  20. Wannabe._. Geek says:

    01:55 rip lil’ lizard

  21. jjsjxjxn idjdjsj says:

    جميل جدا

  22. jie yan says:


  23. Khôi Nguyễn says:

    Ngọt :))

  24. jaseela jannath says:

    Iron lady 💪😄

  25. Rashid Rasool says:

    What super lizqi what else can you do 😊😊

  26. Rashid Rasool says:

    What super lizqi what else can you do 😊😊

  27. Rashid Rasool says:

    You can make asmr channel with also lizqi channel am I right 😀😀

  28. Rashid Rasool says:

    You can make asmr channel with also lizqi channel am I right 😀😀

  29. Barkha Mehra says:

    She is living in a heaven

  30. Manish Singh says:

    I love jaggery ☺

  31. KatharaWaterTribe says:

    The only thing that worries me is that she is always cooking with wood and it brings lung problems 🙁 A lot of the town grandmas of my country had suffered problems bc of this.

  32. Aries G. Raymundo says:

    Cooking while watching this vid!! So nice! 😇😇😇😇

  33. Puja Das says:

    I can't stop watching these vdo ….I m addicted

  34. Muskan Anan says:

    আখের গুড় 😋

  35. Mavi McRobert says:

    It tastes sooo good reminds me back hone thanks !

  36. SINCERE ME says:

    gula merah ya Allah 😍😍

  37. Jeon Junho says:

    This place like in indonesia❤👍

  38. jessica inhofe says:

    Love your channel.
    Would you please include the English subtitles again?

  39. Yunfen Liu says:

    So good

  40. nallan chakravarthy says:

    This is real feminism

  41. Ulul Maulidiyah says:

    Hebatt poll, macak i tebu gak gawe selontong tangan, yo ora ketlusupen😄

  42. Maria Rizoneide da Silva says:

    Me faz recordar o meu país Brasil quando sacavámos a cana de açucar 😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👏👏

  43. Myu Handmade says:


  44. Giorgio Maccioni says:

    Were is mi comment …I'm doing a mess any way long living to yo girl

  45. Yogita Kharse says:

    I love u

  46. Norma Lopez says:

    Hoo por favor hermoso

  47. SevenClouds says:

    1:54 YEET

  48. Farnaz Ariqa says:

    Love u baby u r amazing

  49. Farnaz Ariqa says:

    U r amazing
    Lots of love from pakistan

  50. J. Lahtinen says:

    I can't tell which I like more – the videos with the English subtitles, or the videos without – on one hand, you get more info with the subtitles, and on the other, it's a wonderful experience just watching, without knowing at the start what the outcome is going to be. Either way, I really enjoy these videos.They are the perfect stress relief. And all the things Li Ziqi does are so interesting and impressive.

  51. Professor Cheddar says:

    1:54 Li'l Lizard: Ah, what I nice d- WHOA!

  52. grace kim says:

    이게 요즘 유행하는 흑당인거죠???

  53. John Doe says:

    Your videos cure depression.

  54. Wilberth Segura says:

    i believe, is only in my country we make something like you do with the sugar cane, here in costa rica, make something we calling "tapa dulce" and "sobao" the first is like you do in the video, the other is a something making with the sugar cane and peanut, is a hand make candy, is delicious, someday when you come to my country, go to guanacaste, or san carlos, and buy sobao, i love your videos, something new is learning every day. Thanks, is so pacefull your videos

  55. Si-Qi Liu says:

    A possible evidence that Ziqi is an alien: 5:14, Thanos's favorite fruit. 😂

  56. Novalyn Tuliao says:

    who wants to live in their place? Me, I want! haha

  57. Nowshin Farah says:

    Where is her parents,,other family members?plz tell

  58. Joyzkiemoe Villar says:

    We used to make that solid brown sugar. It's the same process but we mold it in a coconut shell.😊

  59. 娟子 says:


  60. francisco N says:

    I love you😊❤

  61. Sreedevi Liju says:

    I am from kerala.

    I love your videos.. so nice.. you are exalent…
    Please say hiiii….

  62. Rucille M. says:


  63. Soma Halder says:

    Liziqi u r grand ma is very sweet . one 😚 for u and one 😚 for u r grand ma ..

  64. Andy says:

    The things she does with that butcher knife is incredible :O

  65. Tyrion Lingvintayn says:

    apparently grandmother taught her granddaughter everything, but where are her parents and grandfather ??

  66. Betta Splendens says:

    I would have liked, if she kept the whole thing veg, by not adding eggs at the end.

  67. 11 29 says:


  68. Congress Votes says:

    c.c wowwy

  69. Pragya Cute says:

    I don't know how to express my feelings ,this is beyond my imagination ,if I get a chance would love to spend my life with this family, it's a fairytale!! She knows cooking , farming , makes furniture, she produces her own beauty products, I am in love with her lifestyle I know it's tough but beautiful

  70. Rahaf Ra says:

    I cry while watching the video idk why

  71. Vanessa HUANG says:

    Dude this is the life we were all aiming for before we became this!! Like we wanted a life where you are civilized and people don’t have to suffer from hunger well if we all had this there is pretty much nothing more you could ask for👍 like if you want something you work on it like literally no more talks about how riches get richer

  72. Beyonce Dixon says:

    Ur the best I love u so pretty

  73. 語恆 says:

    好屌 像看了場電影
    能騎牛車 還有古制壓榨機

  74. Chun Niu says:

    I just watched a clip on Youtube about the "coming-out/meeting the followers" event of her hosted by Weibo where Ziqi has tens of millions followers. When she was asked a question: "How have you become so skillful to do the things you did on your videos?" Ziqi answered: "I really don't know how. It is just the way we (the villagers) lead our lives – to be self-sufficient. I have been doing those things since I was little and I really respect this self-sufficient life style." It made me think….

  75. Diane Diane says:

    Little about herself, her parents passed. She was a DJ, she left her job n city to be with her grandparents on the country side.

  76. Бабушка и семь гномов Вернигор says:


  77. Divya Singh says:

    i want to see all your videos in one day 😐😍😍 it,s amazing 👌 i love that

  78. Vgh Vhhh says:

    Em giỏi nhất hành tinh này tự thất ơi.

  79. Lis Skyblue says:

    Hi girl i u are amazing

  80. ThinlyCut90 says:

    Every so often, I come back to this video and I don't know why. This is one of my favourites

  81. Bipolaryalnızadam says:

    Get married me plz 😍😍😍

  82. Juhaina Abdullah says:

    I feel inspired everytime I watch your video, i never skipped even once, god bless love you maam Liziqi😘😍

  83. bichduyen tran says:

    Cô ấy giỏi quá

  84. shel.bzzz says:

    1:55 she just yeeted that lizard off the side LMAO

  85. Meleğim Benim says:

    Türk yok mu?
    Ben Şok 😕

  86. Lidia Churakova says:

    Eggs poached in sugar cane syrup? Oh heyyyl no 🤢

  87. Sembly Wang says:

    good job.

  88. Sparrow Flying says:

    Poor little lizzard at 1:56 was hit by a tsunami.

  89. Warita Fernandes says:

    She is the best example for – BEAUTY WITH BRAINS😘 better than all those Miss universe/Miss world

  90. Tran Le says:

    Uxybcyheycyfdkxmwndjdnxdjdtbh d hdbxhdudjxusqiqKaujuejddjemddu%&^!*€&^:

  91. Bijay Maharjan says:

    She has like factory of everything from traditional tools and equipments to every littlest things with such a quality surroundings..so cool 💯❤❤

  92. sair saira says:


  93. Abdul Rauf Oekas says:

    ☘️🌷Like Her. 💕💕🌷

  94. myristicanz says:

    Nice 👍

  95. Nilkanth Gaikwad says:

    Will you show your house to us please

  96. Jyoti Gurung says:

    Love you

  97. Tồ Cter says:

    Thật sự rất tuyệt vời , như một chốn tiên cảnh , tôi bị cuốn vào từng giây khi xem những video của bạn , cảm ơn vì cho tôi xem những thứ này , tôi là fan của bạn và đến từ VietNam.

  98. Akila K says:

    You are an Angel dear

  99. Ирина Васильева says:

    хзч жрут.

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