김치로 탕수육을 했더니! 겉절이 김피탕

The way to the mart is so roughhhh!!!! Diving!! oxygen oxygen!!!! whoops!!! Arrived! [ A mart of Seoul ] START Cabbage!! WOW Very cheapppppp Fresh vegetables Pick!! Garlic What I need garlic is minced garlic!!! I need some sesame oil too lots of oil……. I will get cheapest!!!!!! Luv Price cutting Looking for fish sauce!!!! Found! Anchovy is so strong taste Sand lance is suitable for Fresh Kimchi!! Gotcha! Cheese I have to buy it 1 + 1 !!!!! Happyyyy On these days…. I luv terra!!! Let’s prevent constipation. piss off, constipation!!! Where are you??? Mr. Jinro Get in!!! Green pepper Buy Cheap Buy 400k youtuber’s shopping list Now get some pork! Entrance I asked for sliced pork He sliced pork very well rather than me!! You should buy sliced pork! Go home Arrived Meaningless Ingredients time!! Ah..?????? Is that all you have to do..? Didn’t you buy a cooking oil??? I’ll get it Go to the mart!!!!!! Run!!!!!! Cheapest oil! No.1 best Oil I didn’t bring the bag Move over Arrived again! I’m already tired…..huh… Then yogurt drink! constipation!!! prevention!! I didn’t know what it would taste like, so I bought ‘mixed berry’ Try to eat! Hum… Not my style START!!!!! Um.. What should I do first? Batter I’ll mix the two starchs. potato starch ↓↓↓↓↓↓ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ OK Corn starch I’m not sure about the ratio. Just feeling!!! Keep the left starch!!! OK!!! Water! Pour the water Wwwwwwaaaaatttteeeerrr Don’t stir or mix Wait and drain Got it? Stay here! There’s gonna be water up there! season the meat! This is 600g!! Very good size It will be nice deep fried pork! Dangle Dangle… Stop playing!! SALT & PEPPER OPEN PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER Tak Tak Tak Good job! SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT Tak Tak Tak Did I sprinkle a lot? It looks salty and delicious!! Put back!! CLOSE Time to drain It absorbed the water well. Wait a minute Cooking Oil Add a little -heck -te~hee -What is it? -Ah..c…. -Should I do it with my hands? – Why so hard? -I don’t know.. -What happen… -What the.. Calm down, it’s still hard -I have to mix it – Have to mix… – Mix…!!!! Keep going, It’s OK – What happen…? You can just put some oil!!! -Heehee↗ (feel better♥) It’s the texture I wanted. The white liquid is clustered and then ooze. It hardens and flows again. A handful white liquid!♥♥ Ooze Ooze OOze Goood texture It’s soft now, but if you let it stand, it hardens again. Stir Stri!!!! Looks like mayo!!! This is my best slime Hand-rub Hand-rub Hand-rub I recommend this to aSMr youtubers♥ I have to cook!!! Cooking oil Pour burble burble Don’t spare! But It’s a waste of oil… Heat the oil, meanwhile, setting the bowl for frying I have to drain on paper towels Punch! Pick up a piece plop plop plop plop plopX2 Mix them well with batter I feel so goooooooood Check the oil OK – Put innnnnn I’m so excited Frying is always new!!!! Drop Pick and pick be careful Drop Hot oil is dangerous. Delicious sounds are good for mental health. I’m gonna do aSMr START! Don’t doze off! You can’t sleep yet!! I’ll fry more There’s still a lot left! take out quickly move bungee drain move bungee move bungee Repeat this process If I have a sifter, it’s so easy. But I’m poor!!! Just do it like that…! Drop pork I should have gone to the restaurant Ah!!! There isn’t a ‘kim-pi-tang’ in my town It would be rewarding work!!!! (self-justification) Is this cooked well? Yipe!!! SO HOT!!!! try it YUM YUM YUM YUM YAM YAM YAM Honestly, I just wanted to quit cooking and keep eating. – Um It’s so goood – Um It’s so gooood
– good???? – Um It’s so gooood
– good????
– YES -Do you wanna try?
– YYYYYES – Um!!!!! – Delicious! – Deliciou!
– Agree!!! Anyway It seems to be a medium size of sweet and sour pork 600g is less than I expected. I should have bought 1200g….. Wait!! Let’s make a sauce!!!!! 1st : Fresh kimchi!! Cabbage unboxing!! OPEN! Oh! Really Nice Condition and fresh Let’s cut cut it sideways!! Like a picture! Discard the top of cabbage. All-in Water Attack!!!! wwwwaaattteeerrr You looks so cooooool uuugghhh I was cool until a few days ago… I want to go back to Laos Looks so funny! Expectations were long, vacations were short. I have to edit the Laos video…. I want to visit again! I was really fun in Laos!!!! But… my… reality…. Shut up and keep cooking! So saddddddd There’s not much fun these days alcohol caffeine salt and sugar I get hungry at night. intoxication carbohydrate calorie OK! Ready to seasoning!!!! Open! Salted shrimp first!! 1 spoonful!! New fish sauce Peel off OPEN You can read a recipe if you click ‘SHOW MORE’ instigation
issue opposing parties men and women I want to escape from this sea of fire life vest is Youtube(TryToEat) Red pepper powder!! Spicy spicy spicy spicy 2 spoons Um.. not enough 3 spoonful! The more garlic, the better. Sweet! Sugar waterfall!!! Fresh kimchi is “sweet+salty+spicy” Mix Mix Spicy Salty Sweet Yeahhhhhhhhhh Spicy Salty Sweet DONE! Onion! Unboxing!!! Peel Peel Throw away! Half Slice Put them in the seasoning Move!!! Pick up a little and put it in. more more Drop! Just mix mix Um….. moremore Put in M I X MIX WELL Up and down, Left and right Oh, It’s nice! Try it YUM YUM YAM YAM YAM Sesame oil!!! This is finale of fresh kimchi… Ah!!!!! Sesame seed~~~ Mix it So simple!!! Isn’t it?? Taste with kimchi Are you kidding me? Do you like this tough world??? Green pepper small but thick! wash wash Cut and remove the seed DONE! Onion! GOOD! Waaaattttteeerrrr Fire Boil Soy Sauce Vinegar Sugar! Sweet first OPEN Sweet Sweet Sweet sugar sugar OPEN murmuring murmuring murmuring Next murmuring murmuring murmuring Magical sauce!!! Boil Boil More sugar More salt Now put the vegetables in Keep Boiling Now let’s get the consistency up. Put some starch and add some water Put in and mix !!! put them more Mix Checking… Very nice! Frying pan!!!!! Hum.. I’m gonna use again the oil!! I couldn’t throw away all of oil. Now, put the kimchi in the pan Put them all!!! Stir-fry I turned on the light. It looks more tasty!!!! Stir-fry fresh kimchi… i’m so clever!! Turn off! Get away Sauce Put in Mix [Lyrics] You just mix the stew and rice [Lyrics] Mix the rice Yeah-♥ I mixed kimchi and sauce Fried pork Put Put them allllllll Move out Pour the sauce over this.

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  1. Moonstache says:

    these videos make me so tired for some reasons LMAO

  2. 오븐냥 says:

    근데요 여자랑 같이 사는거?

  3. 곰탱 says:

    나날이 갈수록 영상퀄리티랑 음식 퀄리티가 상당히 올라가네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ늘 지금처럼 한결같으시길~~~~~~꽃길 가즈아아아ㅏㅏ아아아앙아아ㅏ아아아아앙아ㅏ아아아아ㅏ아아아

  4. 프리어스카이 says:

    형은 침을 뱉을때도 고속으로 뱉겠지..
    후후후♥그 침 내가 다


  5. Moonstache says:

    "Dangle dangle~~

    "If i had a stiffer this would be more easy
    BUT!! IM!!! POOR!!"



  6. l흑두루미 says:

    양파 내려찍는거 가끔보면…편집같지가 않아…

  7. 이소연 says:

    배경음악인 다이나믹듀오 – 맵고짜고단거(feat. 페노메코) 많이 들어주세여🤩 다듀도 삦었고 페노메코도 찢었습니다

  8. 이승우 says:

    쎔네일배추에 나이키 실화냥ㅋㅋ

  9. 의지닝 says:

    잘보고잇어여 추천으로만떠서보다가 너무재밋어서 오늘 구독햇네여.ㅎ

  10. Cat Chupy says:

    난 처음에 내가 노래잘못튼줄알았어

  11. 백수두끼-밥먹고 게임하고 하고싶은거 다해 says:

    편집 진짜 배우고 시픔ㅠㅠ

  12. 고양이최고 says:

    노래는 저작권에 안걸리는거임? 뭔가 이상한데 밑에있는 더보기에도 노래정보 안뜨고

  13. 정한중 says:

    노래제발 넣지마세요.. 넣어도 짧게부탁.. 노래언제없어지나 한참기다림 ㅠㅠ

  14. 르미유튜브 says:

    형 나중에 배추전만들어줘
    배추전은 배추를 한겹씩 빼
    그리고 반죽을 커다란 배추에 뭍히고 구워
    간단하지?배추 싸다길래 추천해줄겡

  15. -Frog Phile KOR says:

    탕수육은 2번 튀겨야되요

  16. 나유라 says:


  17. 손유민 says:

    부먹 불편

  18. 와피 says:

    옆에 친누나 친동생같네요 화목해 보입니다

  19. 작은벌레 says:

    전분은 반뉴턴유체입니다. 즉슨 힘을주어만지면
    돌같이단단하고,살살만지면 물로변하는 것입니다.강한자에게는강하고약한자에게는약하군요.

  20. 코앙_ÇØĂŇĢ팝쏭 says:

    3:33 (;크흠..; 죄송합니다 (( 머리가 말끔하지 못한인간이라서,

  21. 류근민 says:

    2:09 Chip소환

  22. 이은수 says:

    노래 제목 아시는분

  23. eleins says:

    아 탕수육 만드는거 겁나 답답해

  24. 냐옹 says:

    징짜 편집의 신인듯..오져버령 ~.~

  25. Min chun Kim says:


  26. 박세은 says:

    노래 제목 뭐에요?!

  27. 스로벨 says:

    먹어볼래는 항상 정신없어서 질리지가 않음ㅋㅋㅋ

  28. 제니킴 says:


  29. 꼬로 says:


  30. 성남fm 김미엘Miel KIM says:


  31. 링긔모 says:

    배추뮬에서 라오스 물로 가보리는 편집 ㄹㅈㄷ

  32. 데이토나 says:

    악!! 나는 탕수육 소스 안찍고 먹어야 되느데..

  33. 쫇쫅쫆쫋 says:

    나도 어떻게하면 이사람처럼 멋진 또라이가될수있을까

  34. ria says:

    "A handful of white liquid!♥️"


  35. a lenen says:

    피망나왔을때 김피탕에서 피가 피망인줄오해함 나 바본가봐

  36. 유지헌 says:

    부..먹.. 크음ㅁ….ㅂㅍ

  37. 돌맹이 says:

    8:37 맵고짜고단거 탁탁맞는거좋아

  38. 홍홍주형 says:

    매번 라면 기반으로 요리 하셨는데 요번에 요리난이도와 퀄리티있는 음식까지 대단하심ㅋ

  39. ᄌᄒ says:

    유튜브 내리다가 배추위에 손가락 올라갔는줄,,,

  40. 구독좀부탁드립니다 says:


  41. 하늘 says:

    그와중에 노래 신나네여

  42. 김세호 says:

    썸내일 나이키 배춬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  43. 왕감자맛사탕 says:

    어우…착한생각 착한생각

  44. 잭다Youtube says:

    ㅣㅅㅣ)제가 싫어하는 김치만 빼면 매우 만족스럽습니다

  45. 귤야옹이 says:

    오늘은 이거다

    아 뭐ㅡㅡ; 놔바 어허 스읍

  46. 나루 says:

    김치탕이 최고임

  47. 귤야옹이 says:

    1:42 아! 불 ㅡㅡㅡ 편 저건 빨대로 콕콕콕해준다음에 오카리나처럼 쮸왑쮸왑 해줘야 하는데!!

  48. 이영준 says:

    아니 근데 저작권 안걸려 형? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  49. 정다인 says:

    요즘 스멀스멀 외국인 댓글이 보이고 있어…

  50. sm K says:

    이번꺼 노란딱지 각인데 ㅋㅋㅋ

  51. Yona Kim says:

    다듀신곡 저작권 문제 없나영?? 걱정돼서 .,ㅠ

  52. 배경렬 says:


  53. 정보희 says:

    탕수육 넘 맛있어 보이는것!!😍

  54. 강희원 says:

    원래는 토마토 소스꺼지 넣어야 되는 걸로 알고 있는데요??
    김피탕은 원래 김치피자탕수육이지
    김치탕은 아니잖아요

  55. 레아김 says:

    다이나믹듀오 목소리같은데 뭔노랜지아는분

  56. 비터 says:

    갑자기 다듀가 왜 나와?

  57. 이현보 says:

    형 평소에도 머 씻을 때 물싸대기 때리지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  58. ᄋᄋ says:

    맵고짜고단거 노래 개좋은데

  59. ZeClak NIX says:

    정보) 탕수육은 전분앙금에 고기를 버무리는 것, 식용유 드럽게 많이 박을경우 상당히 딱딱해지니 주의

  60. 시정현 says:

    가면 갈수록 노딱이 다가오고 있어요..조심하세요!

  61. 검호사랑 says:

    먹어볼래님 방학동사세여?

  62. 오이시TBH says:

    Song name please

  63. WHALE b says:

    근데 노래 풀로 들어가도 영상 안짤림????

  64. 임승빈 says:

    10:09 박자 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  65. 이지안 says:


  66. Repon cow says:

    명장은 필수다 진짜 몸건강하는게 최고

  67. evia says:


  68. Con Concon says:

    3:11뭐야 손 똔똔하고 귀엽자나??ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  69. 오염물질 says:

    김치 피자 탕수육의 약자인가?

  70. 윤동규 says:

    오늘은 차분하면서 신나네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  71. YG K says:

    머야…집 가는 길은 왜 안 험난해?…???

  72. 하승민 says:

    나중에 참고해서 해먹어 봐야할듯 아이디어가 좋네요
    그리고 여자분은 갭모에고
    남자분은 듸게 재밌으시네
    근데 영상편집은 누가하는지 모르겠는데 엄청 잘하시는듯

  73. ᅳᅳ says:

    한번 보기 시작하면 보는 걸 멈출 수 없다😭 넘 잼따

  74. EE hhhe says:

    날이 갈 수록 편집실력이 느는 군여 ?!??!!?

  75. 바쿄링 says:

    저랑 같은동네인데 김피탕파는곳있어요! 양념탕슉 4종류도있음!

  76. 인자약마이노 says:

    저도 방학동 사는데 뵙게되믄 인사드릴게요~!!

  77. David Kim says:

    동생분 졸귀탱이에양 ㅋㅋㅋ

  78. 김성운 says:

    맵꼬 짜고 당겅

  79. 미쯔 says:

    노래 뭐야 랩 뭐야 뭔데 이렇게 좋아

  80. Frame says:

    In 7:21 I think it's MV already Lmao

  81. 김유림 says:

    맵고 짜고 단거!!!

  82. Chance Elles says:

    The editing on point. I hope someone has addressed that he doesn't only have a black belt with a frying pan.

  83. oko 8805 says:

    뭔가 신음소리 들을때마다 후방을 보게된다….

  84. 히흫 says:

    썸네일 보면서 배추에 나이키 마크가 왜 있지 한참 생각했는데 신발을 표현한거였엌ㅋㅋㅋ

  85. 아리 says:

    3:33 이거 썸네일로 해보지

  86. 건우 says:

    니 고추 내 고추 할래?

  87. 짱짱맨뿡뿡 says:

    와..노래 좋아서 출처 봤더니 먹어볼래꺼여써?????? 먹어볼래 능력자야 미친;;;;;;;

  88. cantthink_ofname_ says:

    I am vegetarian. I never ever liked cooking meat or anything like that. I just watch to know something new. But why your channel make me want to taste it. Okay I should go before my mom catch me..

  89. 최혜성 says:

    형 직장은 관둠?

  90. 바라기개존예엄지 says:

    하얀액채가 가득♡

  91. 성이름 says:

    7:03 새우젓 혹시 상온보관하시나요? 색이 저런색나오면안되는데??

  92. 유튜브모험가 says:

    시공간초월 편집 오졌고

  93. 정유민 says:


  94. 박찬호 says:

    이분들과 같은 동네에 산다는게 너무 행복합니다 항상 요리 따라할때 영상에 나온곳으로 가네여 ㅎㅎ

  95. 흰깜냥 says:

    조리시간은 길고 힘든데 먹는건 순삭.. 하지만 해먹어야지

  96. 현원 정 says:


  97. 제제 says:

    이제 알다니 계단 내려올 땐 슬리퍼지만 장볼 때는 운동화라는거…이제 알아써

  98. Rylie Gris says:

    What song is he playing at 7:40

  99. 음악의신김경호 says:

    ㄹㅇ 자는거 들켯누..

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