hi today we picked up this Pioneer Woman
crock-pot it was actually an impulse purchase
couldn’t resist it’s very pretty with the flowers in
hand side so that’s what caught my eye and it’s an upgrade to the old crock pot
that we had I actually had one that not falling off it still kind of worked but
that’s something so pretty that it be joy to have it out okay
yes not a lot or right a lot of crock pots you put it out it’s kind of ugly
this is actually conversations well if you think about a new crock pot you know
yeah it’s called the country design I took the colors up oh you got some
instructions okay all right pretty you know standard simple off man low and
high settings do you want to coke eyes you want to
Irish stew it’s mommy’s job it’s your job it’s not your job to cook no okay
all right well I can’t wait to put this to use thanks for watching

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