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– Hey guys, we are getting ready to have the weekend around here,
and if the house seems a little too quiet that’s
because it is quiet. And I need to get kids out
here and moving around again. Actually, they’re done
with their table work time. They’ve just been back with Travis because I filmed an
unboxing video and sometimes for those I like to have quiet and think a few complete thoughts,
but that’s not real life so the noise shall begin again. Anywho, so it’s Friday
here, and what I’m gonna do is just get a great big ol’
pot of chili for the weekend. We are, I’ve mentioned
this, you’re gonna hear this in some videos coming
out multiple times, okay? Okay, so here it goes
for like, the tenth time or the first time, it depends
on when this video falls. We are about five weeks past our last big super-mega grocery haul,
and we are gonna do a big gonna go to Costco and
Sharp Shopper and do a big pickup haul next week, so that’ll be about five and half weeks or so in. I could put the order in
now, but again I don’t want to spend our weekend doing groceries. So, I’m working tomorrow,
you know I take a lot of Saturdays and have a dedicated
work day, and then Sunday is church and chill, so,
we just need a big meal for dinner tonight, and then
Travis and the kids will have it tomorrow, and then
Sunday after church we may end up eating out, we
do that some Sundays. However, we’ll still have it
for leftover Sunday night. I got a bunch of cornbread in
the freezer from my last big freezer cooking days in February
that we’re still using up. I’m gonna get this big pot of chili going. Another thing I’m gonna do
once I find my scrub brush. In my February freezer
cooking days I had a hard time only because I was
videoing, I had a hard time cooking my meat in my instant
pot, even though I had cooked ground beef, and I’ve
cooked frozen ground beef in the instant pot many, many times. It’s just that day it just didn’t work. It didn’t work at all, so
I’m gonna be bold today and yet again try to film doing my meat in the instant pot, and I’m
going to do four and a half pounds of lean ground beef, and I’m going to do a two pound roll of sausage. We are just gonna pressure
cook both of those together. I’m gonna do them for forty-five minutes on manual on high and that should do it. I went through, I read, it’s
like I know I’ve done this I know I’m not crazy and
I went through, I Googled I found several other
ladies who have cooked their frozen ground beef in their instant pot. Many of those articles said
to do it for thirty minutes on high, however because I’m
actually gonna do two extra pounds, because you know me,
go big or go home, right? So, I’m doing two extra pounds
I’m gonna increase it by about fifteen minutes there,
and those same ladies said that they’ve cooked their
ground beef from frozen. I’ll link some of those
different articles below, and so if you don’t wanna take
my word for it since you’ve seen me fail, or if I fail
again today, but I have done it in months past, it was just
like a weird fluky thing I guess whenever you’re cooking
that much food for that much freezer cooking weird fluky
things are gonna happen. So, just got done doing a
bunch of spaghetti squash for a video, and now, okay,
so I like, I think you call it like a Cincinnati chili, you
guys can correct me, and so I’m gonna have my chili
over spaghetti squash. You do not have to do that,
but that’s what I’m gonna do. And a few years ago
before I even called it a Cook With Me video or any
of that, I filmed me making a big pot of weekend chili,
since its been a while I thought I could film it today. I’m gonna do beans in the
other pressure cooker. Okay, so got our ground beef
in there, I know what I forgot. Gonna put a cup of water
in. Get that meat going. Then I’m gonna get the beans
going, and then we’ll open all of our cans and get those going. And I’ll probably do some
green peppers and onions in with the beans ’cause
those are easy to do. So, there we go! Okay, and then actually I’m
gonna turn off, it’s already on high pressure, now I put it on 45. ‘Cause I wanna cook it well. – [Jamerrill] You wanna
help mommy carry cans? We got some cans, go to the
pantry. Let’s get our cans. (child laughing) They actually set cans out
earlier when I was in there peaking in because we get big helpers. Okay, so can you take those?
Take small ones and come back. I’m gonna get the one big
one but you can get the rest. I had asked Travis for some corn and he got me a super mega can of corn. This thing of doing beans
in the pressure cooker is they don’t have to be soaked. I sent Travis for beans, I
said “pick whatever you want I will make us one big
meal for this weekend and then next week we’ll do our big haul.” And so he said, “chili”
’cause he likes chili. Daniel’s doing circles.
So that’s what we got. We got some chili stuff. I
would have gotten some more butter beans, I probably
would have gotten three cans of butter beans, three can of navy beans, three cans of black beans, but ya know. Well, he got two big cans of the light beans, two big cans of the dark. Okay, I just got my super
mega pot down from on top of the refrigerator, this
is my other size pot. Oooh, but I think we’re
gonna use the big one. Biggest one that mama has. So, this is a twenty two quart pot. So, now I have two large pizzas
and the dough is defrosted. Well, two large pizzas is
not enough for my family. So, I’m gonna also do these
two pizzas, because now that the dough is defrosted, you
know I don’t want it to go bad. I figured if I make two
pizzas someone will eat them, so it’s not the super health
food house this weekend between pizza and chili,
but oh well, thus is life. We’re gonna get dumping cans now. Now you can pour that one
in, that’s our black beans. We’ll do our navy beans. – I want navy beans. – Uh-huh, navy beans, you
pour in the navy beans. These are black beans. (can opener whir) You pour those in. This is a
little can of tomato paste. You pour that one in. You
got it? Wooo, that’s okay! So, like I said I’m using
four of the forty point five ounce cans of kidney
beans, two dark kidney beans, two light kidney beans. Another big can of beans. – Now you let go. – Oh, let me let go? Okay, woo! Mr. Independent! Woop, uh ohhh! (Jamerill wooing) So this is a 106 ounce
can of corn, and we just put in, well it says
six pounds nice ounces. These end up being 106 ounces, too. Big can of corn. You can help mommy do this. You can put your hands on and help. Lift it. Use your strong
muscles. Good job! When I made this before
some people tell me this is what they call taco soup, this is what Travis and I have always called chili. This recipe we started making it early in our marriage, called it
chili, that’s what it is to us. So, we are adding in an
entire bottle of chili powder, and then I’m going to add
a tablespoon of cumin, garlic powder, onion powder,
and paprika, and again, big ol’ stock pot full, right Mr. Daniel? (Daniel hums in agreement) This is exciting, guess what
you get to do with that? Dump it all in. Oh, wow, all
of it, all of it. Good job! Gonna stir that up now and I’m gonna get it on low so it can just start. Put it in, Daniel, give
it some good mixies. (spoon clanking) I had an eight pound bag.
I’m putting in four cups. So, we’re not baking right
now, we’re doing our beans. We’ll call that close enough
to two cups, it’s not right. I’ll treat it just as if that was six. (Daniel murmuring) As if it was six cups of pinto beans. So, I’m gonna use the GoWise.
I just added in twelve cups of water, now I’m gonna chop
up these three green peppers ’cause I’m ruining my chili
anyway, and I’m gonna add some minced garlic, and I’m
gonna put the lid on this, we’re gonna cook it on
manual high for 25 minutes. So, I have about half a jar
of this minced garlic left, so that would be about four ounces. A half of a teaspoon
equals a clove of garlic, so my, oh my, that’s many
garlic cloves, that’s gonna be fantastic. There
we go. Into the beans! So, I just added my
green peppers in there. Now, if I had an onion
I’d chop up a whole onion and throw it in there, and so making chili without an onion almost seems
wrong, but it’ll be okay. Emilia was out here for
a minute, she was gonna be my assistant and put the
green peppers in, she instead went back to daddy, so
you may hear a squeal here in a moment when she
realizes, oh no, she missed putting in the peppers, I tried, I tried. Anways, so now for this GoWise we’re gonna get this lid on and get this going for twenty five minutes on manual. So, Travis came out for a
bit and we were chatting, but you know he’s not a video guy. Although, I do think
he’s gonna start his own YouTube channel, but you’re gonna mostly see his hands in his videos. It’s gonna be all mechanic and guy stuff. I don’t know a thing about it. Anyway, I just wanted to show you the pizzas that he rolled out for us. So, he rolled out, I had
two wides of dough, and he rolled them all out for us,
my baby’s calling for us. I’m looking at him, what
are you doing, Benjamin? He rolled out the dough,
he did the pizza sauce, he did the cheese, he did the pepperoni. And this is my homemade
dough from the freezer. And now they’re both
going in the oven at 450 for about twelve to fifteen minutes. Of course my top rack one
will be done perfectly, and then I’ll need to move
my bottom rack pizza up, just how my silly old oven is, for another probably two minutes or so. And our meat is done,
ground beef is done in this instant pot, and the beans
the pressures going down in there, so getting ready to pull the weekend pot of chili together. Honestly, I think here
we’ll probably everyone will have a few pizza slices
and then they’ll probably start to work on the
chili tomorrow, but it’ll be done, and that’s what’s important. – [Jamerill] Watchu
waiting for, Ms. Emilia? – Pizza. – [Jamerrill] Pizza! You
keeping an eye on it? – Yeah. Yeah, pizza. – [Emilia] I’m making sure
it doesn’t get burned. – Oh, that’s good, well I just put it in there so we should be good. I’m testing inside the
meat. It’s 207 degrees. So we’ve definitely made it over the recommended temperature of 170. I’ll pull it out and drain it now and get that in the chili. – [Child] Thank you mom for
having dad to make pizzas. – [Jamerrill] Oh, yeah, well I didn’t want that dough to go to waste,
we had set it out last night. Okay, Jaden is doing a
filming project this weekend and just noticed that he
left his external hard drive, so I sent him a picture of
it and he says he thinks they can make it work
without it, so that’s just some of my extra mom
hustle and running around. Sending text messages and pictures and making sure it’s all okay. So anyway, I’ve got this ground beef out. So, I just realized homemade pizza fail. I just forgot to set the timer. I told you guys in the video
what to set the timer for. I did a good job in my
video, Liam, I told ’em. “Twelve minutes on 450.”
Well, I got busy chattin’ and totally forgot to put the timer on. So, Liam came out, we just looked at ’em. They look pretty good,
but I set the timer for five minutes and then we’ll check on it. So, I also just added that
six and a half pounds, so it was four and a half
pounds of ground beef, and then two pounds of sausage marinated. That’s how Travis likes his chili. Then we’ve got our little
bit of beans here to add in. There’s the first beautiful
pizza out, and the next one will be out in another few
minutes. So, there we go! Mr. Travis’ beautiful homemade pizzas. (child stammering) Oh, yes, and just in
time for hmm-hmm, yeah. Mr. Benjamin’s gonna have some dinner, and then I’m gonna serve everybody else! You’re done, you wanna play with it? You wanna lick the spoon? Yeah. Dada. Benjamin just got done
eatin’ and now we’re gonna put our beans in the chili pot and then dinner is done
for the next couple days. The beans are perfect, now I’m gonna add them into our big pot of chili. Here we go, guys, almost full to the brim! The twenty two quart big stock
pot full of leaking chili. The big thing is in a
large and growing family; make a lot of food and it
should be enough for everyone. So, don’t worry we’ll
eat it over the weekend. So, thank you guys for
cooking this big ol’ weekend pot of chili with me. I will have a way that
this recipe went down over on largefamilytable.com. Trying to find my pizza cutter. We’re doing the wise thing and we are not throwing away pizza dough that we ended up not using, yes, we’re going to eat it and I’m going to find my pizza cutter. The recipe for my big ol’ pot
of chili will be over there. Along with my other chili
variations from over the years. Thanks for cooking with me, I’ll see you maybe tomorrow with
another video, buh-bye!

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    Looks delish,an you have beautiful eyelashes jamerill,that is a pretty name too!! you have a beautiful family,as well,tfs,peace an love

  92. Rena Huchingson says:

    I just love your videos. Your so sweet. Love watching you cook. 😚😙God bless you guys. ❤❤

  93. landinginlondon says:

    Had to double take that box in the background! Swear it was a cat. lol

  94. Barbarsa Loe says:

    Yum yum!!!!💙💙💙💙💙

  95. Gina Kennett says:

    Biggest pot of chili and, wow, so awesome!!

  96. Stacy Terwilliger says:

    I really need to know where you got that light wooden stool in your kitchen? I love to cook but I have chronic pain. And cannot stand for longer then 3-5 mins without being in sever pain.

  97. Gemma d'Auvergne says:

    did travis do his own channel? we need to see more of Travis

  98. Ellen Casey says:

    What are your children's names and ages and birthdays please 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  99. geniusfollower says:

    Good to know pizza warrants a "thank you mommy" in every household and kids staring at the oven like its gonna spit out candy canes.

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