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– Welcome back today, friends. I am going to do a bunch
of slow cooker apple sauce and when I’m done showing
you how I do the homemade slow cooker applesauce,
then we’re gonna do some homemade apple butter. If you’re new here, my name’s Jamerrill. This is Large Family Table
and I only know Mega and Lots and I’m feeding lots of people,
help you fee your people, all that good stuff. So let me show you, I picked this up at Bed
Bath & Beyond yesterday. I had another one,
Benji’s gonna talk to us. If you can’t tell, (child shouts) I know. If you can’t tell, in this getup, we go to the lake a lot during the summer. We are heading out the door it’s the lake. Hopefully we’re gonna leave
in about 30 minutes or so. Kids are getting some jobs done. I’m gonna show you how
to peel these apples. We’ll get them in the slow cooker. And then you can do
applesauce in the crock-pot for four hours on high
or eight hours on low and since we’re gonna be at the lake at least six or so hours we’re gonna do it on eight hours on low. You’re gonna see it’s super easy. But what I want to show you is I picked up this apple peeler and corer. This one has a vacuum base. I’m super excited about
that because my last one had the clamp and you had to like, I used to get it on the side of the table or on the side of the counter. This vacuum base seems to
be working well already. I will link one of these down in the description below for you. If you don’t have one of these, this one was like $19. I could have ordered one
I think for like $17. Didn’t have time though because I couldn’t put my
hands on the other one. So we did find this one. All that to say you just peel your apples the good old-fashioned way. But this makes it a whole lot quicker. Of course you know me I’m
gonna read you the box. Fast and easy, capable of three functions: peel, core and slice. Woohoo, it says easily
attaches to any smooth surface with vacuum base and that is true to my counter this morning. But there’s the price
from Bed Bath & Beyond And oh my goodness what a
glorious store that was. That was exciting, I
need to go back in there. Put the apple on one end. – [Kid] Mm-hmm. – [Jamerrill] And then
we’re gonna put this here and then we start spinning. It peels the outside and in the middle, it takes the core out. So you can get an apple
ready for applesauce in about ten seconds. – [Kid] That’s a whole bunch of apples. – It’s doing the work. There you go. There you go. I’ll let go once we do a couple, okay? Is it fun? – [Kid] Yes. – [Jamerrill] Whoo. Nice. Keep going. Keep going and then you
got to keep pushing it to get it all the way up. Now pull the big apple off. Whoop. – [Kid] I’ll do it. – [Jamerrill] Good. Excellent. We’ve done about seven pounds so far. So to bring this little arm back there’s a little lever here that I push and it brings it all the way back. And then I just stick the
top end of the apple here on this end. Makes the suction should be well. No, because I was about to
say this suction was okay. It popped off, there you go. And then I just start twisting. And it gets, I’m saying 90
to 95% of the apple peel off. This one has a little ribbon. Most of these I’m just gonna let be. Put in the slow cooker
this way before that one. You see this one got most of it. I don’t have time to to peel these so this will be good enough for me. Then you pull off the end and you do it again. The biggest thing you gotta
watch as you want this, this little part here to
be clear of apple peels. So I’m gonna do two slow
cookers with applesauce. One is for actual applesauce
we’re going to eat. And the other one is going
to be for apple butter which requires another process. Okay Miss Amelia’s ready so
you’re gonna hold on to this. Start spinning. You pull that off. There you go. And then we have Liam, he’s been over here peeling
on the old-fashioned way. Is that, is it funner Liam to get? To peel them and then use a butter knife and get the cores out? Oh, almost got it. – [Liam] There’s still seeds. – Uh huh, still a few seeds. So the apples are done. They’re as good as they’re gonna get. Some of them still have some skins on. Most of those skins are gone. After it slow cooks in the
crock pot for about eight hours, the whole time we’re gonna be gone, we’ll use the immersion blender and it’s gonna take care
of most of the rest. Kids are getting cheese sticks and such before we get ready to go. If you’ve been watching
my videos lately you know I’ve been out of sugar but I’ve had a ton of confectioner sugar or powdered sugar so I’m using that for sugar in my recipes. A viewer reminded me the
other day that powdered sugar does have some cornstarch in it. I don’t even take that at a consideration. I just use whatever
sweetener I have on hand. So whether you want to use stevia. If you want to use real sugar. If you want to use powdered sugar. If you want to use brown sugar. If you want to use no sugar. I mean you can do unsweetened applesauce. For each of these slow cookers, because remember I’m doing two, I’m putting about 10
pounds of apples in both. I’m putting, it’s gonna
be four tablespoons of lemon juice on each one. I’m putting in about four cinnamon sticks in each slow cooker and one
cup of the sugar I have on hand in each slow cooker. Liam specifically asked
me for cinnamon applesauce this morning so that’s what I’m doing. So I got cinnamon sticks in there, I’ve got the apples in there. Yes, of course it looks
like it’s overflowing. I’m gonna just pour this
lemon juice in there because while I’m gone today just like all great slow cooking everything is going to reduce down. It’ll slowly blend together. You guys have everything you need to go? We’re gonna ready to get in our car. Whoo, whoo, Benjamin’s running. Having a good old time. So yes, there we go. I just tried to get my lid on that one, you see it flattened down. Okay, so it’s nighttime
now about 9:00 or so. We are back. We’ve got kids showering from the lake, taking bubble baths, getting settled. Church is in the morning. We just got our van cleaned out. You needed to know all about this in reference this applesauce. So, I’m gonna take the lids off, show you what it looks like now. I just unplugged them. Okay, so here we go. Now doesn’t that look
better than how we left it? Yes. Fantastic. I got to hold my camera
up because of all the heat that’s coming out but look at that. So as I said I’m gonna
get dinner in the oven and then we’re gonna process this. Everything is supersoft, the immersion blender will
do the final step here. Okay, so this calls for, you all ask where I store this 30 quart bowl. It goes down here, all
the other bowls go in it. When I have to pull it out,
gonna be loud for a minute. (pots and pans clattering) Dinner’s in the oven. I guess we’ll be in bed by 11:00. We can do it though, huh? – [Kid] Uh huh. – Here’s the cinnamon sticks
after sitting all day. But again, the house smells fantastic. Okay there’s one batch. Went a little wild on the
cinnamon on this other slow cooker bowl but I
just cannot help myself. Once you get to adding cinnamon
sticks it’s hard to stop. (upbeat music) There’s some reality on my back wall. We have some just like we had
our bloody murder blueberries, I guess we have our
bloody murder applesauce. Good thing it wipes up but that’s why people have backsplashes. One day I’ll get one of those. Here’s my little handy dandy container. It goes up to eight quarts. I think if I were to put
that remaining applesauce that is in my eight quart slow cooker, we might get up to about
the six quart mark, maybe a little more. I’m going to make apple
butter with the rest. So I’m going to say I got about six quarts of homemade apple sauce
from 20 pounds of apples. Now, with this apple butter, the only other spice I
have available right now, I have vanilla and I have some cloves. I would love to add in 1/4
of a cup of brown sugar and some nutmeg and a little
extra sprinkle of cinnamon. Don’t have any of that. I don’t think this needs
any other sugar at this time but I’m gonna sprinkle in
about a teaspoon of cloves, put my slow cooker on low for eight hours and we’ll have apple
butter in the morning. OK guys, here is what it
looks like in the morning. I would like to get it a little thicker. So if you want your apple butter thicker, leave the lid off. A lot of ladies I talk to tend to leave it off for an hour or two. So I just took mine off and we’re just gonna let it
thicken up here a little bit while the family and I have breakfast. There’s the apple butter. I’m gonna put the lid on it
we will have this on toast and breads and make sandwiches and just do all kinds of fun things. It’s also good as ice cream topping. So this apple butter will
serve its purpose, yay. Be sure to look in the description below for the complete recipe on
making slow cooker applesauce and slow cooker apple butter. I will talk to you in those comments below and see you with another
video real soon, bye bye.

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