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– Welcome back friends to
another edition of Jamerrill where I’ll make a lot
of food while the kids are at dance class. Gonna do some bulk cooking this afternoon. I’m just gonna take one
easy low carb recipe large family style. We’re gonna make a whole bunch of it. We’ll have it for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is my work day
so it’ll be a replay. The family will have it
again tomorrow night. And then hopefully we’ll have several pans to put in the freezer as well. And those will just be some low carb, it’s like a cheesy casserole bake. Let me tell what we’re making. It’s a chicken broccoli
and cheese low carb bake. That’s right. I’m hoping to get fix to six of my big pans out of this. So I’ll show you what’s
cooking up at this moment. So in the instant pot
I have, it’s about six or so pounds of the boneless
skinless chicken breast. And then over here in
the big mama, goWISE. Fourteen quarter
electronic pressure cooker. I’ve got about 10 pounds going in here. I am obviously eating
some cauli rice myself. And I’m going to go be
a good little soldier and go clean my bedroom while
this chicken is a cooking. And then we’ll get to mixing it up and making it into yummy bakes. Okay so the chicken is done cooking. I’m gonna show you the components I have for my recipe and then
because I am in the middle of week two for my mini I
guess I’ve been calling it, freezers and pantry challenge. I have some substitutions
and such going on here. So I’ll show you how I’m making it and then I’ll show you
how to do it perfectly. But I like to hear from you all because I’ll hear from moms that say when they watch my videos
it helps them not be scared to try substitutions and try new things. So that’s what we’re doing. Okay and of course the
recipe is gonna be linked in the description below. Pinned in the first comment and on largefamilytable.com. What I would use if things were perfect is of course we’d use the
chicken, we’d use the broccoli. I’d use a bunch of sour
cream which this is cute. These are some leftover
single sour cream packs. Let’s see how many ounces, one ounce. So yeah this is only the equivalent of about a cup of sour cream. Where if I had it my way I’d be using at least four cups of sour cream. So what I’m gonna do as a
substitution, are you ready? It’s gonna be so good. I’m gonna substitute
with some ranch dressing. So there’s that confession. I’m not changing the name of this recipe. This is the ranch
variation so use sour cream or use ranch. I’ve got quite a bit of ranch and more in my pantry I can use. Broccoli is the main non starchy vegetable that I’m using in this. However in my freezer I
had just this little pack of looks like we got some broccoli and some green beans in here. Again very small, no one will know. I’m gonna shove that in there. And I’m going to slice
down this mozzarella and I’m gonna slice down this cream cheese into some chunks as well. And then these shredded
cheeses I’ve got just a little bit of mozzarella left here and some cheddar cheese. And these are going to be our toppings. So I’m getting my big bowl ready. I don’t know, I’ve got my
second to biggest bowl. I think I’m gonna have to get
out my super mega bowl here. (lighthearted music) So I’m sitting here bulk stirring
all this amazing goodness and I remembered in my freezer pantry, all the challenges going on. I had this bag of bacon
crumbles from Costco that we did not use in the last month. So it’s going in this bake. Yes and amen. (lighthearted music) So I just put two of
these in the oven there for 30 minutes. Oven’s preheated at 350 and
I’m gonna get the other two now wrapped for the freezer for another time. (lighthearted music) Okay so here are the two
bakes out of the oven. There are the other two that
are gonna go in the freezer. I’m gonna let these cool
for just a few minutes and then I’ll show you what they look like when I’m serving em up. (lighthearted music) Okay friends so that is it. That is that awesome chicken recipe. Be sure to click this lovely video that we have here to just keep on keeping on watching. And the link will be down
in the description below for this recipe and all the
variations of all of that freezer meals directions and and and this mama is now heading
to bed, goodnight.

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