🍚Greek Style Yogurt🍚 for $3-5…EPIC INSTANT POT Recipe!!!

yo yo yo gurt is what we’re making today
a whole gallon of it you even get a byproduct of whey you
can use it for cooking baking watering your plants all kinds of stuff baking
bread all it takes is a gallon of milk and a little bit of good-quality yogurt
to start it with and you get a whole bunch of Greek style yogurt you can do
organic you can do any kind you want for the price of a gallon of milk which is
what three to five bucks maybe more if you’re doing really nice milk anyway
let’s get started so making yogurt is extremely simple but
there are key a couple key steps that you don’t want to neglect the only thing
that you’re gonna need for ingredients is one gallon of milk and we use the
best quality milk that we can get because the better quality of milk you
use the better quality yogurt you’re gonna get if you’re into organic or
things like that you know get organic milk and then you’ll have organic yogurt
at the end the second thing you need is two tablespoons of yogurt starter and by
yogurt starter you’re basically just you’re you want to use a good quality
yogurt like a Greek yogurt or something like that make sure it’s a plain yogurt
and you just need just a little bit and all that does is it makes a culture for
the new yogurt to start with and then after you make your first batch of
yogurt then you’ll have that yogurt to use as your starter for the next time
for tools you need of course the instant pot which makes life super easy for
yogurt it’s like a turbocharged crock-pot you’ll need a thermometer you
can either do a digital which we use one with a probe because it can actually go
into the pot with the lid closed and it makes
so you can see the temperature on the outside of the pot without having to
open it otherwise you know we’ve been known to use the old thermometer like
that to just the standard thermometer and then you’ll need a whisk and you
will need either a towel or a cheesecloth or a yogurt strainer just
need that because it will separate the yogurt solid from the whey when you get
to that point so let’s get started alright so our first step is we’re going
to dump this entire gallon of milk into the instant pot okay next we’re going to
close the lid and then make sure that your valves closed we’re gonna go to the
yogurt setting and you want to adjust it until you’re on boil okay and then
during the boil cycle you’re gonna want to remove the lid and whisk the milk a
couple times just to get it going we’re trying to get the milk up to 180 degrees alright it’s been about 10 minutes I’m
gonna go ahead and whisk this a little bit and just check my temperature quick it’s at about 150 all right it’s been a little bit longer
I’m gonna check and see where we’re at all right looks like we’re up to about
195 it’s actually not too big of a deal if you go over you just don’t want to
burn it my next step is to get the milk down to 95-110 degrees somewhere in
there you can do that by setting it in cool water you want to remove this pot
out of the actual instant pot you can also use an ice bath if you want to
speed up the process a little bit during the cooling process you want to whisk
every few minutes just to keep that temperature consistent through there and
just to keep the consistency of the the milk so we’re gonna do that next all
right I’ve got my yogurt in the ice bath temperatures come down a little bit
already looks like we’re about 150 I’m gonna check this every 5 minutes or so
and just give it a good whisk and I’ll see ya when we’re down to 95-110 degrees okay
once you’re cooled down you want to take just a little bit of milk out of your
container and then add your two tablespoons of starter yogurt into that
milk whisk it thoroughly okay and then we’re gonna go back into the instant pot
with that with the starter and the milk that you took out mixed together and
then this is going to go back into the instant pot put your lid on so you want to be on yogurt we do nine
and a half hours the minimum is probably eight but you could do anywhere between
eight and ten but that will adjust your tartness of the yogurt
we’ve tried quite a few different ones we like about nine and a half hours the
best there you go I kind of made a mess of
mine that will separate all the liquids all right mine has been straining for
about three hours now I actually went ahead and threw it back in the
refrigerator but you can tell when it’s starting to get the way we like it
because it separates from the towel it’s more of a solid than a than a liquidy
type yogurt you can kind of see how it’s it’ll just actually just roll off the
towel and then there you can see the whey is separated at the bottom so this next
part can be tricky not making a mess but if this is good
and drained it should just kind of roll off the towel into the bowl so there you
go there’s the finished product you can see ours is real thick that’s the way we
kind of like it but you can if you if you want a different consistency just
don’t strain it as long or don’t strain it at all it just needs to go in the
fridge and it’s ready to eat well I got my whey all bottled up we like to use it
for baking bread and putting in baking with it all kinds of stuff it’s it’s
real handy to have it’s full of protein it’s got a lot of and it’s a nice it’s a
byproduct of what you’re making and of course you get a whole gallon of yogurt
and it’s hard to beat it’s great on tacos it’s great as a substitute for
sour cream or for you know cooking where you can just eat it in a bowl with some
nuts and fruit and whatever honey on it it’s awesome this is a retired 40
remember to live life simple catch you next time yogurt is what we’re making today yo Gert is what we’re making today I
just made it alright don’t laugh please yo

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  1. Brandi Gillis says:

    When you strain …do you leave it on counter or put it in the fridge?

  2. ColdBlankets says:

    Thanks for uploading

  3. Lora Hather says:

    Have you tried to freeze dry this? I know you can freeze dry yogurt, just wondering if you have or not.

  4. Hannah Cross says:

    Love the bloopers at the end! ❤

  5. X P says:

    I appreciate this! So many other recipes try to complicate it.

  6. Harriet Winn says:

    My grandson and I made this together… our cost was $1.28 for a gallon of yogurt. Milk at our local Walmart was just $.79 a gallon. Thanks for sharing your channel.

  7. Rico Gallegos says:

    This instant pot is really really good to use>>>ur2.pl/1052 I really saved a lot of time to watch the fire stew, and the soup taste really good too , I can prepare the cooking, don't have to wait it all the time, after i finish cook other dishes, soup is cook complete too. super time saving, simple and convenient to use

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    you lost me at yo… dislike..

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