👉Make Easy Refried Beans for pennies💰 EPIC INSTANT POT RECIPE!

Hey guys, retired at 40 for this week’s recipe we’re doing refried beans in the instant pot chickens rooster crowing The first part of this recipe is actually to let these beans soak and when you soak it just kind of loosens them up so these actually need to go into something to soak for eight hours So the main ingredient of refried beans is pinto beans and We’re using a two pound bag and that’s what our recipe is gonna be based on today and then once we have our two pounds of pinto beans in a container you’re gonna want to fill it up with water to soak in you want the water to be at least four to five inches higher than the bean level It’s real important to let these sit for eight hours it really makes them tender and you don’t want to try and rush this So try and find something else to do while you’re letting these soaked for 8 hours All right now these have had a good soak we’re gonna rinse and strain them and you can see now they’ve been Sitting for a while they have soaked up a lot of that water Now that we’re all rinsed off, we’re gonna go into the reservoir of the instant pot with the beans We’re gonna add one teaspoon or two cloves of garlic We’re gonna do half of an onion up to one onion depending on how oniony you want your recipe then three cups of water and That should be just enough to fill all those ingredients and just barely cover it with water then we’re gonna put our top back on We’re gonna go to manual setting on pressure cook and we’re gonna do 30 minutes Make, sure your seal is closed and then when that 30 minutes is up We’re gonna do a natural release which should take about 20 minutes So putting the onions and the garlic in at the same time as the beans are pressure cooking it really Soaks up that flavor so while this is pressure cooking it’s a good time to get your spices together You’re going to need two tablespoons of red wine vinegar Then we need a teaspoon of sea salt Teaspoon of cumin and a teaspoon of chili powder Okay so our beans are done we’ve let them naturally release And if it if it just done correctly your lid should just come off there should be no pressure if you flip this there should be no pressure So the smell coming off this is really really good you can definitely smell the onions on the garlic so what I like to do is add in My vinegar and my spices and then all you really need to do is just mix this all up I’m gonna use an immersion blender but you can also just use a regular blender or a food processor noise of blender Depending what you’re putting this on you can use water to thicken up or thin out your Refried beans we tend to use ours a little bit more soupy like we like to put ours in the freeze dryer or it freezes really well too if you make a bigger batch and you don’t need all of it Let me know what you use your refried beans for I always look forward to your questions and comments this is retired at 40 remember live life simple we’ll catch you next week

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  1. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior Forever says:

    I usually cook the beans and eat them. Then the next day I will put them into an oiled skillet and mash them while frying them. Yes a crust is created but that is just fine for me. Thats how I have always done it. It is great to hear there is another way. I will def try your recipe next time. Thanks for the time you took to create this video. Thanks again.

  2. Jeanette & D Humans says:

    love the barber chair.

  3. CrankyBubushka says:

    Nice barber chair!

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