💎 Copper Chef Black Diamond fry pan review: as seen on TV black diamond fry pan tested

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like this one today we’re looking at the copper chef black diamond frying pan
let’s take a closer look so this is probably going to be one of the easiest
unboxings that I’ve done all it is is wrapped in this simple cardboard
directions the black diamond frying pan by copper chef can be purchased at
Walmart for about $19.99 I believe they have a website to where you can buy
multiple sets because this comes as a larger package if you want or if you’re
just looking at the individual frying pan that’s where I purchased at Walmart
for just about 20 bucks let’s see can you get a look at this inside here it
has all these crystal like things and they say these are diamond dust or
diamond crystals that are all throughout the frying pan plus there’s this diamond
pattern it’s actually pretty cool the pattern on the inside and that’s meant
it I guess fat away or help have air get
underneath so I’m really excited to try it you know what’s cool my frying pan
that I use every single day is actually a copper chef frying pan I’ve had this
thing for years much before I even started doing I’ve seen on tv products
but look at this it’s very very similar this is the original one that I use all
the time and this is the new one the only difference I see is one this one
has like a diamond pattern in the middle and it’s got of course the diamonds and
the color is a little darker I’m not too long ago I did a review of the blue
diamond fry and unfortunately I don’t have that
anymore because I hit it with a sledgehammer because the infomercial
told me I could it’ll be okay so since I ruined it I ended up throwing it away
but if you want to see that review video I’ll link it right up here for you to
check out so what I’m going to do today is I’m gonna do two different things oh
maybe three different things I’m gonna try the fried egg test because every
other nonstick pan that I’ve used for me has not worked now the directions here
say you’re supposed to use low to medium heat so I’m going to wait for that pan
to come up to temperature and it does have the induction plate on the bottom
so it makes it for a quicker heating um so I’m gonna wait for that pan to come
up to temperature and I’m gonna put my Friday again and I want to see it move
around on air just like in the infomercial I really hope it works out
so let’s get to that test right now first I’m going to wash this with warm
soapy water and then I’ll check it out okay so I have the Black Diamond pan by
copper shaft on on my stove top here I have it on low heat so my my oven goes
well my stove goes from low two three four five six I actually have it on two
so it says low to medium right now the temperature of the pan is around two
hundred and ninety degrees we can do the sizzle test so I sprinkled some water
and see what those that water starts bounce that we know it’s ready so we’re
gonna drop an egg but I cracked air right into it and let’s see what happens all right so we’re gonna let this cook
to see I know because the temperature is a little cooler it’s gonna take a little
longer to cook but my goal is to see if this is really a nonstick and I can
slide that around so I’m using a plastic spatula because
they say that’s what you should use not nothing that could cause it to scratch
or to scrape alright so now it’s officially on – I can see that it’s
turning white here around I’m gonna let it wait for a little while because I
really want to make sure I can put this to a good test to see if it will not be
oh it will stick now they do recommend in the directions for taste to use
butter or oil but they said you don’t need it and I know 99% of us will cook
with butter and oil I just want to see if this is truly a nonstick pan a little
warm be careful with the handle the handle is reading at 90 degrees so be
careful with that I’ll put my handy up glove on see if I’ll be able to move
this yeah yeah but my ilk did break let’s give it a little help and see what
I got here it looks I can actually get underneath it I mean it looks like it’s nonstick say
well there we go moved a little now I will give it credit it technically
didn’t stick right so I didn’t have to scrape anything up but it also didn’t
glide around like it’s supposed to so I’m gonna finish cooking up this egg and
I wanted to show you something cool after I finished cooking or I started
was finishing cooking I started doing this and it actually started sliding
around now my egg doesn’t look that great but it is doing a nonstick slide
which I thought was pretty cool I wanted to share that with you okay so we just
did the egg test and I thought oh no at first it wasn’t gonna work but it end up
coming out successful and you know what the egg didn’t taste that bad yep I
would probably cook with oil or butter and it would even be even better but the
nonstick feature work now the second thing I’m going to try is I’m gonna cook
some salmon just like they did on the infomercial let’s take a look and I have
cut a piece of salmon in half so I can do one will be skin side down and one
will be skin side up the infomercial tells me that this will
not stick now I’ve not used any oil or butter so I’ve been cooking this now for two
minutes on the same sides I dropped him in on and I wanted to show you something
real quick with these tongs let’s see if they get stuck look at how easy it is to
move this one across no sticking or anything well now let’s try the skin
side down same exact movement I’m pretty impressed
with the nonstick part with this salmon but I’ll bring you back in a few minutes
when I flip them over we’ll see how it looks okay so it’s time to flip the
salmon now what I like about this frying pan is
I can sear it on both sides just like I’m doing and then I can finish it off
in the oven so I’ll put my oven at about 300 degrees and I could put this whole
thing in the oven and let it cook throughout this pan itself can last it
into an oven about 850 degrees which is just ridiculously high they do recommend
however do not touch this handle as it gets hot right now it’s just on the
frying pan I mean sorry it’s on the burner
it says towards the end there it’s about you see that 89 degrees so I would use
something now didn’t feel that hot to me but that’s just what this heat
temperature gun is reading so just be careful with that I’m gonna finish these
up we’ll do one more test and I’ll give you my final review it’s time to pull
the salmon out of the oven alright here it goes
looks pretty good Wow wasn’t that pretty impressive that salmon looked and for my
opinion tasted amazing seared on the stovetop put in the oven cooked to
perfection the black diamond copper chef Penn did a great job nonstick skin down
skin up it didn’t matter I’m really impressed
now I’m gonna wash it in the dishwasher and once I’m done in the dishwasher I’m
gonna show you how to re season the pan for cooking let’s do that now now we’re
gonna talk about seasoning the pan and what you do now they recommend season
the pan after you’ve used it for a while maybe this nonstick finishes wiped off
or you just run it in the dishwasher or washed it so what you do is you take
just regular vegetable oil you put some on a paper towel you wipe it on to the
pan all over and then you sit it on low heat for about 30 seconds to a minute
now it does say if it starts to smoke you immediately take it off and set it
aside let it cool and then take another clean towel and just
wipe off the inside and you are set to go you could put it away you can use it
but that’s how you season it to protect the nonstick coating now let’s get to my
final review so today we were talking about the 10 inch frying pan by copper
chef it’s actually called the copper chef black diamond that’s because of the
color in here the diamond shape and plus the diamond crystals that are supposedly
infused within the pan itself this like I said earlier was purchased from
Walmart for $19.99 there are other retailers you can get it from and even
there’s an online distributor where you can buy this thing for the copper chef
now what I like about this pan is it’s supposed to be durable and strong and
they said that’s because of the diamond crystals so it’s stronger than other
pans that it won’t scratch or chip or whatever and there is a warranty under
normal use now that being said they said don’t cut on it don’t use a metal
spatula use plastic or silicone just so you’re not putting anything rough
against this they even recommend when you put it in the dishwasher to not put
it near something else where it will chip so you do have to take some care of
this now it is dishwasher safe but do not use any kind of lemon scented or
lemon added detergents I don’t know what does but it said it a number of times in
the directions stay away from that non lemon also if you do decide to wash it
in the dishwasher you should reach season it afterwards and I already
showed you how to do that re seasoning after it’s stick after it stops being
nonstick or if you wash it a number of times I like that this can go in the
oven up to 850 degrees now my oven doesn’t go up that high but I like that
it can go in there under high heat now be very careful about this handle as
even on the stove it gets a little warm I use the of club to help me about in
the oven it gets really really hot I will say in the directions it said if
you have and a gas flame like I do is for my stovetop the heat might be too
hot even on the lower setting so that may be why my egg was cooking the way it
was because I use a gas flame and so be careful you might have to have some
trial and error and the Justin might be necessary if you
recall about a year ago copper chef release their diamond series
and so it looked just like this except it wasn’t this blackish blue color in
the middle and this is just the 2019 upgrade that you can find at your as
seen on TV retailer I think I redeemed myself in this video I got the egg turq
I got the salmon to work and it was great I really like the way this turned
out it’s even seasoned for next use oh I will say this after you use it you make
your eggs you make your salmon they recommend just taking a paper towel and
wiping it clean and then you’re done you don’t even need to soap and water I know
that might be difficult for some because it’s very difficult for me but that’s
something they say you can do just wipe it out and keep using it or store it for
next anyway this was Jeff with Jeff for use for you help you enjoyed this video
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