💥PROOF! I’M FUN AT PARTIES!! 🍉🎉🍉🎉| Large Family Meals of the Week #18

– Oh mummy, oh baby. – Oh mommy, oh babies. So happy Monday. We’re gonna do another large
family meals of the week which is also gonna have. I know, you point and you see it. And my sunglasses are falling
down the back of my head. We’re gonna do another large
family meals of the week. Oh, oh, mm, and hug the momma. I know. (baby babbling) That boy is huggin’ his momma. I’ve had a tie, a tie clipped on my shirt. Makes total sense. Yeah, don’t eat it. Don’t eat it. Oh no, oh no, now the hippo kiss. Okay, we really are doin’
large family meals of the week. Today is Monday. (baby babbling) Eat, you eat me, mommy? (baby babbling) I’m going to show you what I feed my large and growing family, all day, every day. Apparently I am on the menu for Benjamin. You know I love to do those
week in the life videos, so this one in particular you’re gonna get a lot of week in the life goodies. Tomorrow, we’re goin’ to a big city here in Virginia called Richmond. Or outside of Richmond area to visit one of my good friends. The next day on Wednesday we
are either going to the lake or we are going to another friend’s house to play in their field all day. The next day we have
to make enough cookies for, like, 60 some people
for this camping trip that we’re going on. And then we go on the camping
trip Friday through Sunday. So all that to say we are just
eating down odds and ends. I don’t really think of it as, like, a pantry and freezer challenge quite yet. I do have stuff. I’d love to go shoppin’ again, but we’re just eatin’ what we have and I think that means
we’re probably gonna, like, run out of bread,
run out of milk and stuff by the end of the week. So, I will also do some
planning at some point this week and probably do a big shop next week. So more videos comin’ up for that. What else can I tell you? Yeah, so lots of runnin’ around, lots of finishin’ up what
we already have on hand. This morning for breakfast
while I did some work stuff and got ready, did some
emails, those kind of things, Travis had the kids get up and work through their morning jobs and then they had leftover
sheet pan pancakes. So if you’re interested
in sheet pan pancakes, that recipe and video
will be linked down below. Today for lunch we have
some other leftovers from last night’s dinner
that I’ll show ya. And then I have both slow cookers goin’. One has chicken teriyaki. I looked at the date on my freezer bag, it was from March. And then the other one has brown rice, ’cause you can also do brown
rice in the slow cooker. Any recipes I mention
will all be linked as well but let me show ya my slow cookers and then I’m gonna get this little rascal with his soap pumper and
now he’s got the tie on. We’re gonna get outside
and play, aren’t we? So here’s the dueling slow cookers. We’ve got the chicken teriyaki there, we’ve go the rice going. Now, lots of things we’re doin’ today so let’s get outside with
this, with this no boy. Oh boy, you ready to go run? Here’s some of our chick chicks. You can see we’ve got
their outdoor yard all. We’ve got the roof on it. This is what Travis and
Zion have been workin’ on. It’s all fortified. We’ve got extra, an extra layer
of mesh ’round the outside, rocks down along the bottom. This is their outdoor time. Do you got a rock? You puttin’ a rock in the chicken coop? Little farmer Benjamin. Oh, yes. (baby babbling) Chicken time. And then Naomi has her
pet chicken on her head. – He just jumped up there. – [Jamerrill] She just, she just loves ya. Okay guys, so here we are in the evenin’. We’ve got a big pot of
slow cooker brown rice and then this is what we have left of the chicken teriyaki so far and I’ve just been doing plates so we’ve had brown rice
and the teriyaki on top. Yum. Like how it is bein’
Jamerrill’s real friend in real life, I’m about three,
maybe four hours late getting to my friend Ashley Boulfa’s house. We’ve come several hours over the river, over several rivers and several mountains and several woods to come
spend the day with them. We’re still gonna be able
to get in a good four or five hour visit,
but, man, we were tryin’ for six or seven hours. We’ll take what we can get. Ashley is my friend. She’s here on YouTube over on Freedom Moms and I think the site is thefreedommom.com. I’ll let you know. It’ll be down in the description below. She’s got nine kiddos. So we’ve brought our snow cone maker. We’ve brought fruit. We’re gonna have a good old time. Yes. Kids are playin’. We’ve got about an hour so until dinner. We’re havin’ lasagnas, yum. And cucumbers and hummus. We brought that snow cone machine and then just like I would do,
I handed it to Zion and said, “Here, read the directions,
figure this out. “Make snow cones for all these kids.” And he is doing that, so I’m gonna show ya how it’s workin’ out. Girls are makin’ cookies. Oh and Zion, I bet Zion
is gettin’ the flavors. – [Ashley] He’s writin’
down all the flavors. – [Jamerrill] So, here’s how
the little machine is set up. And we. Oh, and then girls, whoo,
girls are makin’ cookies. – [Naomi] One more, one more, do one more. – No, more. – [Jamerrill] Oh man. – Okay, that’s enough,
that’s enough, that’s enough. – [Jamerrill] So these are
the little cute cups we got and then the flavors. We are jackin’ up kids with sugar. There’s a whole lotta boys and Gabriel. He’s probably givin’ then
his dinosaur lessons. Been a couple hours, trampoline update, still got different kids out there. Rollin’ and jumpin’. Amelia’s getting off. We’re gettin’ ready to have dinner now. Ashley has done several lasagnas. We have some salad stuff. That’s what’s left of the strawberries. So, the kids have come
in, filled their plates and then over here, she
had water, we had bread, lots of kids. There goes a kid. Lots of kids have been eating outside but then we were joking,
the combination of lasagna and the trampoline, we’ll
just see how that goes. And then the girls were
bakin’ cookies, yes. Sorry, the lighting in here is dark. We made it home close
to midnight last night. Made it home safely from
our wonderful visit. Again, over several
mountains, several rivers, several woods to the Boulfa’s house. Hope to get together again
with them later this summer. Today we’ve just had, Travis
and I have had some errands and had to drop our van off at the shop to get an oil change and new inspection and what else? There’s a wheel sensor that needs change. You know how these
newfangled modern cars are? Hi sweetie. Breakfast was like yogurt and stuff. I don’t think I ate lunch. We need to fix that. Don’t know what’s for dinner. It’s just fallin’ apart, isn’t it? Havin’ a good time, though. – [Amelia] How about popsicles for dinner? – Popsicles for dinner,
I like Amelia’s plan. Anyway, right now,
priorities, we are going to another local playground here to meet up with another
internet momma friend of mine who I’ve never met in real life. And her kiddos, they’re campin’ nearby. She posted pictures the other day. Oh, you’re up, that looks cute, Naomi. She posted pictures the other day and said that they were camping near this small Virginia town
that had the noonday whistle, so every time it’s noon,
the little whistle blows, and they had a thunderstorm. And I was like, “Are you in this town? “Because I live in that town.” Anyway, hold on sweetie. She’s in the town right beside me so we’re gonna meet up. It’s gonna happen right now. Well, yesterday came and went. We did get together with
friends at the playground. Lotta fun, very hot. I didn’t cook dinner. Bought my kids hotdogs at Sheetz. That’s the reality of yesterday. So, today, while we’re gettin’ ready for to go camping tomorrow,
we’re not camping experts. We don’t know what we’re doing. We’re gonna buy a tent on the way. Travis and I have errands. I may have mentioned our
van has to go into the shop just for some minor stuff
but we’ve gotta pick it up and going to look at two houses, I know. Last thing I need to add to our day but that’s what we’re doin’. This is what life is
like being married to me. So, pray for Travis. And then what else is happening. Okay, well, camping, and I’m
committed to make cookies for, like, all the families
that are gonna be there which is nothin’ compared
to what you’ll see. All the meal planning and such
that my good friend Shannon is pullin’ together. But, with the cookies, what I’m doing is, if it just feels like, too stressful and somethin’ I don’t
wanna add to my evening, I’m just gonna buy cookies so there ya go. We’re also buyin’ watermelons to take. So, just gonna kinda see
how the day’s rollin’. So all of that to say
I’m gonna cut watermelon and we have three pineapples
so we’re doin’ heavy fruit for breakfast. Kids are also doin’ jobs,
gettin’ outside to play. Then we’re gonna do these errands. Sorry, I’m organizin’ my
day as I’m talkin’ to you. And then we’re just gonna see where we are by this afternoon. (quiet guitar music) Okay, so we got watermelon. Benjamin’s been chowin’ down on that too. Daniel just ran outside
real quick to get a jump in. That what’s what I could
salvage of the pineapple. I’d left those sit too long. Travis and I are at Walmart. I’m lookin’ at kitchen stuff of course. One house, as soon as we got there, other people were there, they
had just put a contract on it. That’s what happens. The other one’s interesting. So let’s look at kitchen stuff. I have wanted a wok. I am so, so, so tempted. So, this one, it’s natural steel, $17.99. This one is cast iron, $28,
but it’s the same size. So I’m thinking, yeah, I’m gonna get it and I’m gonna go with natural steel. And we need to have
therapy about this anyway because I realized I think
it’s probably a six quart. I have this one pan that
I cook in all the time and it’s one from, like,
one of our first apartments and I’m sure it’s nonstick coating that’s peeled off too many years ago so I need to replace that one. But a lot of these I’m
seeing have nonstick coating. I’m gonna show you. You all tell me what pan I need to get. This is very similar to my pan. And when I bought it,
we were a family of four with two little boys
and so this was perfect. See, this thing’s nice
and it’s a 10 quart, but again, it’s nonstick. And of course we’ve got all the beautiful, beautiful Pioneer Woman goodies. So our van ended up not bein’ ready. Travis and I still had lunch out and we’re gonna look at camping stuff now. Okay, so, it’s another day,
another big floppy hat, another run into Walmart. Yesterday when Travis and
I got home from Walmart, what did we do? Well we had lunch out. We had a mom and dad lunch at Wendy’s. Got home, I was super tired yesterday. I took a nap and we just
took it easy all evening and then I had one of the kids get a great big shepherd’s
pie out of the freezer and twice baked potatoes. I know, I don’t care. So, we heated those up, ate some dinner. I think, how did it even go? I had someone bring me dinner. That’s a benefit of
having kids gettin’ older. Someone bring mom dinner. And I talked to my mom
on the phone last night for almost two hours, just relaxin’. Okay, today’s campin’ day. We’re goin’. Travis and I just did some bank errands. Now we’re gonna go back into Walmart. We’re getting the tents and such today and then we’re gonna go
home, get kids, hit the road. I’m thinkin’ we might even
stop into Sharp Shopper, see what kind of discount
snacks they have. ‘Cause like I say, there’s
gonna be at least 60 people and I think pretty much 45 to
50 of those people are kids. So, we are doing this camping trip with six to eight other
Christian, homeschool families with lots of kids. So, it’s gonna be a
real hootin’ good time. But if I can get some
discount granola bars, I know everyone’ll thank me. So, showin’ ya how this fillin’ up. We’re gettin’ these headlights and these are like little LED glowsticks. Travis was sayin’ it should
be good for three days of fun. And then we’re gettin’ a
bunch of dollar flashlights. I’m getting these, I’m thinking
these are only a dollar, you know my saga with these. If they’re only a dollar,
I’m gettin’ the whole case. LED light and then that wagon. Okay, this is how I’m
walkin’ through Walmart now. So, here’s my totally
full and overworked cart. All the watermelons stashed in there. I think I’ve got seven
watermelons, eight watermelons, a case of cookies and then some other
campin’ stuff we needed. Rollin’ down the road, only it’s not just Travis and I this time. There’s a whole lot of people
who look like us loaded in our big ol’ van. Got all our stuff, all our gear. Of course, gotta make two to
three more stops on the way. You know how that goes. And then we’ll get there. We’ll get there when we get there. That’s my motto. All those clouds in the sky
are a good sign of camping. But really check the weather. Not supposed to get any rain this weekend, just gonna be crazy hot. But we have through big storms and those have certainly
slowed us down, but yeah. Lotsa, lotsa big clouds there. We’re loadin’ up all our goodies. This is what it takes for
the Stewarts to pretend camp for the weekend. Then we have little kidlets, lots of little kidlets over here with the bunnies and the chickens. So sweet. See the ducks, Daniel? Look, oh, there goes a chicken. You gonna investigate this? That’s not ours. It’s a foot pump. (baby babbling) Ooh, well, don’t eat it. Did you try to eat it? Yuck. And the kitty. Kitty, kitty, kitty. Oop, oop, kitty. Quickly getting dinner. This is what we’re all eating. The boys have found a whole box of trucks. Look at you. Oh, and a pillow. You’re set. This is where some of
the families are set up and this is where we’re
gonna drive the truck down and get out little camp site set up, too. Okay, a little night time tent tour. That’s Daniel’s light. Benjamin of course is runnin’. This is our big tent
that has the LED lights. What do you think of the tent, Daniel? – Oh, nice. – [Jamerrill] You excited? – Am I sleeping by daddy or you? – [Jamerrill] You, I don’t
know, we’re just gonna all, you and daddy and Benjamin
and I will be in that corner. Zion’s gonna be over here. Then over here, this where some
other kids are gonna sleep. Well, good morning, friends. I feel, roosters, roosters crowin’. I feel like I got some sleep. I don’t feel it’s. I’m judging this morning
based on how much sleep do I think I got. So, Benjamin was a wild man. I’m thinking, I’m thinking
he must’ve finally passed out in like the corner of the tent. He just didn’t wanna see anybody anymore. He was walkin’, this
tent is huge by the way, I totally recommend it
if you’re a large family and you wanna go tent camping, and yes, even when I tell you
about my night last night, I’m now thinkin’ of all the
places we could go tent camping. Anyway, total wild man. He ended up finally fallin’
asleep down in that corner. He did sleep though all
night once he was out and I just looked at the
clock and it’s about 6:20, so, you know, there
was a point last night, you know this, mommas, when you’re like, okay at least I’m layin’ down. Even if I don’t get any sleep, I’m laying. There’s a point where,
like, I slept several hours, I know I did, and Benjamin did as well. And now we’re up and the day’s a rollin’. So, all of our kids are
up except for Daniel. I got him up and then he
circled back around like a puppy and now he’s back down. Naomi is out with several of her friends and she has Benjamin with her. They’re over by that herd of chickens, so all the roosters are crowin’. We we had a couple roosters
who were practicing crowing in the middle of the night. Breakfast is in the works. Shannon has made stuffed french toast. That’s what she was bulk
prepping last night. Travis has walked back up the hill. Zion’s up the hill. I’m pretty sure Shannon
has given Liam jobs. I said if any of my kids need jobs, go ahead and give it to ’em. So I heard somethin’ about Liam bein’ sent to the orchard to do something and he was gonna move
watermelons, those watermelons. So, let’s get rollin’ with this day. We’re walkin’ up the hill to the house but then up on that porch there, we just had some boys
looking for zombies to shoot. We’re not zombies, though, Benjamin. (baby babbling) Oh boy, so here’s our good mornin’ view. And there’s the family camp out area. Okay, Daniel, what you
gonna take mommy to see? I’ve been sittin’ here with daddy. What do you wanna go see? – Meet chicks. – [Jamerrill] Meet chicks, okay, okay. Second cup of coffee, let’s go. Look how cool they have
their wood stacked here. This is awesome. – [Daniel] Hey mommy? – [Jamerrill] Yeah, where are the chicks? You show me. Why are you in the coop? Okay, show me Daniel. Oh, look at the bunnies. Those are big bunnies. – For the meet chicks. – [Jamerrill] Oh, Daniel,
they’re so cutie pie! Did you have fun campin’?
– Mmhm. – [Jamerrill] Did you get some sleep? Did you like lookin’ at
the stars with mommy? Did Benjamin finally go to bed? For a little bit? Okay. What do you wanna look at now? – The bunnies. – [Jamerrill] Let’s go
see these big bunnies. Oh, big bunny time. – [Daniel] Rabbits and bunnies
are both the same thing. – [Jamerrill] These are big. This reminds me of life. – [Daniel] What’s a broody hen? – [Jamerrill] A broody hen, it mean that she’s a momma with babies and all her little babies stay right her, just like you stay with your momma. Uh huh, and they hear the loud kids, the momma says, “Hey,
we’re just gonna get bugs “under this wagon this mornin’.” Hey, Daniel, down here I
just saw there’s sheep. Little sheepies, good mornin’. Are you preparin’ for a mission? We got the broody hen now
under the van with the chicks. – [Amelia] Mommy it’s
the cat with the chicks. – [Jamerrill] That’s
okay, they all grow up in the farmyard together, Amelia. They’re havin’ a nice time. Throw it. Oh Benjamin, we gotta go get that. Come on, let’s go get it, let’s go get it. Run the baby through the field. Uh oh it might’ve got in the tall grass. Well, we got ’em over here. Let’s go over and look
at the sheepies now. Okay, it’s time eat. Let’s find daddy. I know you want those trucks,
well, let’s go eat eat. I’m quickly showin’ breakfast. We got ham and stuffed
french toast and watermelon. This is stuffed french toast, it’s like, french toast and cheesecake had a baby and then ham and watermelon, okay? Yummy. So this is ridiculous. I’m in some briars. You know I’m a country girl, but, man, I stepped down in this mud. There ya go. There’s my new sandals, how ya like that? (splashing) So much fun! This gets filed under my
stuff you can’t make up. Okay, so we have brats and hot dogs and watermelon’s dwindelin’ down. But there’s lunch. Big pot of beans. So, we’ve had really fun day. Had some mom bible study time before the lunch I just showed you. Then we had some rain, so, we all families just sat around, chatted more. Kids have played in and out
of the barnyard and such. Now, whole bunch of kids
have the Geo Train Trax down or are playin’ the piano. So, I’m inside watchin’ these kids ’cause about four of ’em
in this room are mine. There’s proof that my
shoes washed up just fine after all that mud. You guys havin’ a nice floor train time? – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] It’s not
always on camping trips that you also get to play with trains. Okay, Benjamin just got a
bite of s’more from Liam. Campfire time over here. Is it good Liam? You like roasted marshmallows? But I don’t think Benjamin’s gonna mind. – I roast my own marshmallow. – [Jamerrill] Oh did you? Did you like s’mores. Yum. Daniel you look awesome. And Amelia. Do you guys like your new glow sticks? So those are the glow
sticks we got at Walmart. For his 99 cents of fun. You got purple then over there
at the campfire somewhere, we’ve got a couple other of our kids with glow stick light a goin’. The green light, the green light ahead, that talkin’ head is circlin’. We’ll know it’s our kids
because they’ll come runnin’ with a light. Gabriel and Daniel are
gonna run to the chickens and the chicken tractor and back. Ready, set, go. Yes, yes, there goes the lights. – [Travis] Now come back. – [Jamerrill] Now come back. Yeah, don’t go too far. Yes, Naomi in front of us. It’s like fireworks. – I caught mine. – [Jamerrill] Awesome! Oh, careful, the string. So, Daniel, do you wanna
go do some more campin’ after this campin’ trip? – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] What’d we have for dinner? I didn’t film it, what was it? – Chips. – [Jamerrill] Oh my, chips, you had chips. It was like a taco, taco, soft shell taco, yummy goodness stuff. Good morning, this is
good morning camping. We’ve got Benjamin. What ya got in each hand? Show, you got cookies? Got cookies in each hand. It’s one of my camping with toddler tips. In the middle of the
night had to make the, you know, it’s just the drastic mistake, but I knew what it was goin’ into it. I had to make the mistake, I had to get up and go to the bathroom. And I had to walk up the hill
to the beautiful house there to make it and so I got up
and got some things I needed. Benjamin, of course, woke up. So, him and I in the middle of the night. There’s a really steep hill there and of course, you know,
dark sky, bright stars, so it probably have had to have been like two in the morning or so. We walked up that hill,
made it up to the house, made it to the bathroom
and what else about that? Oh, well, of course Benjamin’s cryin’ off and on the whole time because I couldn’t leave him in the tent. Everyone else was asleep in the tent. And other campers were sleepin’ around us. I said, Benjamin, let
mommy use this restroom and we’ll get a cookie. And so on our way out, I grabbed a pack of the iced oatmeal cookies. This is my stellar parenting, I tell ya. Iced oatmeal cookies, two in the morning. – [Benjamin] Mommy. – For the toddler. It was all better then. He ate a cookie down to the tent and then he went back to sleep with a cookie in each
hand and this morning when he woke up, I was
back up at the house for just a little bit. When I came down here, he had woken up and first thing I did, gave
him two more cookie, yes. I see your little head there. Good mornin’. And then Liam and Amelia are still asleep. Gabriel is up helping clean up
and get ready for breakfast. And then over there, that’s Naomi and a bunch of other girls. It’s a whole posse of, like,
11 to 14 year old girls and they all camped out
in there last night. Did you see the ducks?
– Yeah. (child babbling) – [Jamerrill] That’s not a dead
duck, that’s a water float. Come on, we’re not
gonna get the ducks now. Benjamin, this way, come on. So here’s breakfast. We got biscuits, gravy,
eggs, and fruit, yum. Oh boy, it’s swingin’ time. Nice. So we had a wonderful breakfast. We did some home church. Got some hymns right here. We are out in their garden. Miss Amelia what are you doing? – Pickin’ green beans. – [Jamerrill] Are you pickin’ beans? Oh, wow. You got a bean? Look, over here. The big ones, ’cause they’re
havin’ green beans for lunch. Oh, good, pick another. Good job, give ’em to
Miss Wendy for the bowl. That one’s real big. Good, and then run it back, okay. So, Mr. Travis Clip, he’s here, you came, you camped, you did it. He drove us. Yes. Here’s our Sunday lunch. We got watermelon and all kinds of salads and chicken salad down there. Okay friends, so we made it home. Back over many rivers, many
woods, and then to Walmart doin’ a quick, little grocery
list is only in my head. We are out of everything. That’ll be another grocery haul comin’ up. We had a fantastic time with
our friends this weekend. Any recipes I mentioned will be down in the description below, also with links to our friends we stayed
with this weekend, to their heirloom seed business. If you’re lookin’ for
some high quality seeds. And I will see you next time
with another brand new video. Buh-bye. (peaceful guitar music)

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