🔵 Are These The Best Pancakes Ever⁉️

welcome friends today we are going to
make the most-viewed pancake recipe on youtube so let’s get searching and we’ll
filter that by viewcount and here we go how to make the best pancakes in the
world by kind Kitocks– seventeen million views let’s take a look
oh my so that song that’s a traditional scottish folk song called the parting
glass it’s like the saddest song in the world anyway
let’s get started okay let’s get started first in our some
eggs pancakes generally not my thing Jules and I are more waffle people and
when we do have pancakes we have a variation on a Nordic pancake or pancake
that we ate a lot when we lived in Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario and
they’re really thin they’re almost crepes they’re fantastic
this looks like it’s completely different thick and fluffy into the egg
goes some milk and now we just beat this together I think that’s enough
next the recipe asks for self-raising flour that’s not really a thing where we
live when you go to the grocery store here any of the grocery stores here
there’s one brand of self-raising flour and it’s in a tiny little bag I’ve never
seen it in a regular-sized bag and I’ve never seen any other brands except for
that one brand so we’re just using regular all-purpose and we are upping
the amount of baking powder that they asked to put in to compensate so that
goes in and then the sugar goes in as well and they don’t mix any of that
together beforehand they just dump it all in and I guess that’s because we’re
gonna continue mixing with the hand mixer so far really simple pretty
straightforward the recipe at this point says to leave
this on the counter for an hour to rise so I’ll see you in an hour
now the next instruction is to stir this down so um quite a bit of gas in this
the baking powder really went to town and we’ve got a pretty thick batter it
also says that if you think it’s too thick to add a little bit more milk but
how thick is too thick I don’t know that seems pretty good now I’ve got a
cast-iron frypan here and we’re just gonna heat that up to medium now the
instructions say to put a piece of butter in a serviette and then rub it
over I find serviette to be a very funny word
it’s a word that we use here in Canada quite a bit I just can’t do it
so I’ve melted a bit of butter I’ve got a brush and I’m just gonna brush it on
if you don’t want to use butter you could use oil but I have to agree with
the video I think butter really is the fat of choice now it then says to turn
the heat all the way up to high depending on your stovetop you might get
away with that this stovetop that would just be way too
hot the butter would burn really quickly so now we put on a dollop of batter okay so here we have a stack of pretty
fluffy looking pancakes we hit that with a little bit of maple syrup and we’ll
give them a taste and see if they are the best pancakes in the world see if
they can deliver on all of that promise light fluffy a little bit of sweetness a
little bit of sweetness from the sugar that’s in them and of course from the
maple syrup um they are pretty much what was promised I mean they are they are
thick they’re fluffy they’re light I can’t really judge whether the greatest
pancakes ever because I’m not a pancake person but you know if you put these in
front of me I’d eat them um not really something that I think I would make for
myself though I would still go for a very thin finish pancake or a crepe
before I ordered something like this but they are quite good and I mean seventeen
million views somebody likes them I’m gonna keep eating cuz you know I’ve made
them now and it’s breakfast time so thanks for stopping by hope to see you
again soon you

85 comments on “🔵 Are These The Best Pancakes Ever⁉️”

  1. Rajaa Dawood says:

    🙋🏻‍♀️ Perfect pancakes recipe 👌💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻many thanks our dearest Chef Glen 👍🌹🌿💝💝💝💝💝

  2. Glen & Friends Cooking says:

    Thanks for watching. If you liked it – subscribe, give us a thumbs up, comment, and check out our channel for more great recipes. Please share with your friends. ^^^^Full recipe in the info section below the video.^^^^

  3. Ryan S says:

    Looks good. I would be curious to try using buttermilk.

  4. Grill Top Experience says:

    Who cooks pancakes on full blast high? Some people just want to watch the world burn I guess! Those pancakes do look pretty good with your adaptation.

  5. Sonia Crampton says:

    I love your channel Glen!!!
    Great recipe, thank you very much.

  6. Jonathan G says:

    My goodness Glen, eating pancakes without butter…how could you? When I visited Quebec I noticed they did thin pancakes, a little rubbery imo. In BC we tend to have the big and fluffy. Buttermilk is best! Thanks for the content you are entertaining.

  7. sennest says:

    Nice pancakes for the fluffy kind! I would suggest kefir as it leaves the batter in about 5 minutes. For super thick and fluffy kefir straight up for a loose batter half kefir and half water. Buttermilk I've found to be hit and miss. In northern Alberta buttermilk is hard to find but every Lowblaws company carries kefir. Hopefully soon you'll be at one million subs!

  8. Lou Johnson says:


  9. David Slone says:

    So… when done right, I AM a pancake fan. Mind you, I’ve only once or twice had the sort of pancakes that I dream of. I think that maybe the trick is to actually fry them on a high heat, because it was a crunchy exterior that distinguished them from every mediocre stack in every diner in which I’ve ever eaten.

  10. SuperKnowledgeSponge says:

    IMO pancakes are only worth eating if they are thin crepes/crepe-like.

  11. Liane Pedro says:

    Seems more like a crumpet to me.

  12. Catss Eighteen says:

    I just found your channel and I love how calm and simple your videos are. They are quite intimate and your commentary is cool too. (:

  13. Doug B says:

    I'm curious about your milk, it's in a bag? Not a plastic gallon? Why?

  14. Doug B says:

    Subscribed because you have a cast iron skillet…. and use it. Cast Iron is my favorite pan/skillet

  15. Khadijah Alharshani says:

    yum iam gonna make this for my husband !

  16. Lilly Doye says:

    Would at be sacrilege to suggest trying lemon juice and sugar on pancakes to a Canadian?

  17. NothingToNoOneInParticular says:

    My grand father was a farmer, only ate his pancakes topped in bacon fat. Not syrup. Lived to nearly 90…amazing. Everything he ate was shallow and/or deep fried in shortening or bacon grease.

  18. Andreas Roland says:

    If a thinner pancake is what you like you should try this recipe!
    makes 10-15 pancakes.

    3 dl all purpose flour
    6 dl milk
    3 medium sized eggs
    30 grams of melted butter (amount can be increased if the pancakes sticks to the pan (or if you just love butter <3))
    1/2 teaspoon salt

    Mix flour, salt and half the milk, whisk to a smooth batter. Add the butter while stirring, add the eggs, add the rest of the milk and then leave to set on the counter for 15-20 minutes. cook on medium-high heat and enjoy with whatever you want to put on, personally i love them with sugar and frozen blueberries!

  19. il Tizzio says:

    Best cooking show on YouTube

  20. Jason Bassett says:

    Love scotch pancakes. Those look great

  21. Enoch001 says:

    I'm just stating as a matter of fact my mother's pancakes are the best.

  22. PWN HUB says:

    Every video you explain how you live in Canada and cannot get nearly anything….how do you have the internet in that 3rd world hell hole that doesn't have a Wal-Mart?

  23. Andy Courts says:

    I always find 1 egg 1 cup of milk 1 cup of flour self raising flour do does the trick for me, with a little bit of butter in the pan served with maple syrup, whipped cream and fruit. and you have got yourself a sunday breakfast

  24. Curtis Taylor says:

    Need butter slathered on top of pancakes and much more syrup…lol.

  25. DecHasRisen says:

    Everytime I see the word 'pancake' in a North American sense it's so jarring since, as a Brit, I'm used to pancakes that are made from the ingredients banned by the Catholic church in Lent in the middle ages – so no sugar – and shaped like a crepe. The batter is the same stuff you would use for a series of savoury dishes as well (such as the most British name for a dish ever, Toad-in-the-hole) , so adding sugar seems so jarring, and makes the traditional ones seem weirdly healthy by comparison

  26. Robin Pitblado says:

    Where is the salt? I always include salt in my pancakes – it improves the overall taste.

  27. Shawn G says:

    Try adding a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar to the batter. Chemically, it will become buttermilk pancakes and the taste will blow You all the way to Muhammadsville !

  28. Romalian says:

    what if he ran into HowToBasic….

  29. TheMowgus says:

    You didn't share any with Julie!!

  30. Tom King says:

    Making most popular recipe on youtube! Except not actually doing that!

  31. Alain Kessal says:

    No no no, the best pancakes recipe is from Matty Matheson's video, a Canadian fellow too 🥞👍

  32. Toby H says:

    'Leave it on the counter to rise… see you in an hour!' Jump cut to show absolutely no rise whatsoever.

  33. X says:

    im not much of a pancake person either, but thats not because I prefer waffles, its simply because I dont enjoy stuff thats sweet as much as alot of people

  34. Joey Suggs says:

    Fluffy, high pancakes are where it's at, brother.

  35. James Sexton says:

    Bagged milk is fascinating to me.

  36. Chef Riz says:

    was your milk in a fucking bag? wtf am i watching

  37. lyman5000 says:

    Add a touch of vanilla.

  38. jim gerlinsky says:

    Mom always referred to them as 'Serviettes', 'napkin' meant something else that was never referred to at the supper table . . .

  39. Julian Mirelez says:

    Why does the milk come like that?

  40. Davis The Drummer says:

    Talking about Hoito aren't you?

  41. DrummerlovesBookworm says:

    Sourdough pancakes!!

  42. Kenny Roberts says:

    I like salt and nutmeg in my pancake mix, and also carbonated water.

  43. Writer B.L. Alley says:

    Your batter is too smooth. Traditional pancake batter should be hand mixed and remain lumpy. Waffle batter should be smooth.

    I make pancakes using almond milk (dairy is one of the unhealthiest things we consume) and add a touch of vanilla (and a pinch of sea salt).
    We also gave up on maple syrup and now use Wholesome Foods Organic Pancake Syrup (in the USA). It's thick, rich, and delicious with zero garbage in it.
    We've also made Pumpkin Pancakes during the Holidays by simply substituting Pumpkin-flavored Almond Milk Drink (which we buy instead of Egg Nog).

  44. HazarDemon says:

    Waffles are just pancakes with abs.

    You can't change my mind

  45. jhndijkman says:

    Try this as a topping, brown sugar and fresh lemon juice. Don't be too mean with a line brown sugar down the middle of the pancake. 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock. Then with your freshly cut lemon put a good bit juice down the line of sugar so as to pretty much wet all of the sugar then roll it up. best eaten with a knife and folk. the recipe you have shown is pretty much the one that most people use where I live. Hard to get it wrong really.

  46. Fell says:

    Why does the milk come in bags?

  47. AdamAlexanderK says:

    Really enjoy watching your videos before bed 🙂

  48. Jan Verschueren says:

    Just me or are measuring jugs on the other side of the Atlantic a bit on the 'information overload' side?

  49. Guy Lajeunesse says:

    I cook mine in a pan with Crisco vegetable shortening, i love the taste it adds… And what's with all the fascination over bagged milk! Lol, guess it's something special we enjoy in our neck of the woods!

  50. carinaejag says:

    I am swedish and we make extremly thin pancakes and I like those a lot better than the american ones. We also make a thicker pancake but we do that one in the oven in a big oven form. Simply called ovenpancake or in swedish Ugnspannkaka.

  51. Gi Spec says:

    As a French Canadian i'm here to see the bagged milk comments lol🤣😂🤣

  52. Keet Randling says:

    Before you even get started, I can tell I won't prefer them: too fluffy. Never understood fluffy pancakes, it's like eating sweet air bread. I like pancakes heavy with nuts or fruit or granola add-ins, and easy on the sugar. Or, maybe Johnny cakes, made with corn meal.

  53. Keet Randling says:

    Ooooo, crepes. Now, those are mighty fine! With a nice lemon curd, and some blueberries or raspberries. Or, rolled up with a bit of cinnamon sugar; or maybe a spoon of applebutter.

  54. ChuckEJesus says:

    beat air into the egg whites before adding everything.

  55. Hostile Pride says:

    Have you done a video on how you prefer pancakes with the recipe you mentioned in this video?
    I would love to see a slightly thicker crepe recipe.

  56. Thomas Bailey says:

    Obviously these were cooked at to high heat. A good pancake will have an even light brown color.

  57. Glenn Wiebe says:

    STOP! A big pat of butter on the top, then the maple syrup (Gr. 3 if you can find it). Go big or stay out of the kitchen! I agree with you, Glen, that crepes are more the way to go. Whenever there's a family brunch I'm conscripted to make the crepes. I make the batter the night before with Julia Child's recipe and make them almost see through. They get filled with various fruit, maybe a custard, and, of course, maple syrup not Aunt Jemima!

  58. Gabriel Hermel says:

    It's Irish.

  59. Mrbink01 says:

    Use a a little leftover bacon grease instead of the butter

  60. Bit Goblin says:

    Wait wheres the gallon jug of syrup ???? lol.

  61. Learning Bass Making Sawdust says:

    I use the joy of cooking recipe, separate egg whites and beat them to soft peaks then gently fold into batter. Super fluffy!

  62. Ethan Wagner says:

    I added cinnamon and brown sugar in these.

  63. Cameron Pearce says:

    Glen: "Let's get started!"
    Also Glen: "Let's get started!"

  64. OxBy says:

    I love to watch your videos, but in 1.5x

  65. blackcountryme says:

    How about Stoke oatcakes? Or Staffordshire oatcakes.? A pancake but with active yeast? And oatmeal flour.

  66. ZeeRoX says:

    Here in Sweden we don't use any sugar at all in our panncakes, only eggs, flour and milk, but we use like jam, like strawberry jam and cream on them when we eat them =) really really good! This feels more like candy tho 😀

  67. fadnama says:

    FYI: Forest Hill Loblaw has a bigger bag of self rising flour.

  68. wendytube007 says:

    Hello fellow Canadian. Lol.

  69. James Hayward says:

    Why is your milk in a bag? That's real weird guy.

  70. llamov says:

    The self rising flour is what I use and is quite common here in Ohio, USA

  71. POSMaggott67 says:

    Hearing you say you lived in Thunder Bay makes me want you to make a Persian Roll. Mostly because I want to know how to make a Persian Roll.

  72. Geoff Murphy says:

    For my money, the best pankake recipe is the one from chefsteps. The addition of malted milk powder gives the pancakes a slightly roasted caramel flavou. They also add melted butter to the batter and cook in a non-stick pan which i think results in a moister creamier pankake, without any greasy exterior (which i have experienced on some pancakes)

  73. Charlyn Idler says:

    I know you said you are not a pancake kind of person, but would be interested in seeing your take on fluffy Japanese pancakes.

  74. Jim Purl says:

    where is oil and salt?

  75. stazz316 says:

    parting glass is irish not scottish, Glen.

  76. Christine Darrock says:

    Too dark for me – although that is how my husband likes his. I prefer mine cooked to golden brown.

  77. John Smyth says:

    Love the apron mate

  78. SneakySolidSnake says:

    this may be overkill for more delicate palettes, but the way my mom used to make them was pretty much what you have there, but you butter the pancake, then you take an egg over easy and cut it along with the pancake and then add bits of pan sausage into it. pour on a hot fresh made simple-syrup and you're set. real maple syrup is reserved for buckwheat cakes in similar fashion.

  79. Marans Candy says:

    Love those closeups when pouring bagged milk.

  80. Duncan says:

    Best in the world? These were literally the most standard and basic version of the pancake ever. Pancakes like this rely more on the quality of syrup than they do on their own flavor. I would try this again sometime, using this as a base recipe and then adding to it. Vanilla extract, Cinnomen, chocolate chips, blueberry, banana, roughly smashed walnuts versions (or some crazy combination). Smooth peanut butter on one layer goes well with walnut, chocolate or banana. Ontop a sprinkle of powdered sugar and whip creme for the desert version. THAT is something you can start to consider on the road to 'the best pancake in the world'.

  81. Kim Gustafsson says:

    They cant be light…you should try some Swedish pancakes…they are light!!!

  82. Rob says:

    So what you have there is a recipe for the famous “scotch pancake”, not the same as you’ll find in North America. This is a recipe very similar to one one used by my granny, mother and me. Here in Scotland we don’t tend to have pancakes as a breakfast/brunch dish, but rather it is served mid-morning or mid-afternoon with butter and a “dod” of jam and a cup of tea, not drenched in syrup. This is again different from the pancake served south of the border in England which is thin and served with sugar and lemon.
    Long live the scotch pancake!

  83. Steve Page says:

    I’d call these North American pancakes, fluffy American style pancakes with Canadian maple syrup, maybe butter too. Though I’m with you, I prefer the crepe style over the thick and fluffy, enjoyable as they are.

  84. Scott Paris says:

    Sooo, please do a thin Nordic Thunder Bay pancake video…

  85. merher says:

    The best pancakes in the world are when I was a kid growing up in Naples, Florida at the Cove Inn restaurant.

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