🔵 Solidteknics AUS-ION Wrought Iron Pan Unboxing, Seasoning, & Review

we got a box I love getting boxes and
this one is from Australia complete other side of the planet and you know
what it’s it’s a lot lighter than I thought it would be not exactly sure
what’s inside I have an inkling but exactly what it is I don’t know yet
paper paper paper so this is a 22 centimeter saw to span it is one piece
low carbon steel or mild steel that is rot rather than cast so cast iron my
understanding is that the hot iron is poured into a mold this is made from one
piece of steel that is formed and then it’s it’s shot blasted so it’s got this
sort of really nice finish to it that will hold a seasoning really well I
would think so I’m a big fan of cast iron I’ve got probably 25 30 40 cast
iron pans at this point some have been in the family for longer than anyone can
remember and this is my first brand-new pin I don’t think I have a cast iron pan
that was made after like you know 1920 so I’m really interested to try this one
out because it’s it is much lighter than a cast iron pan but it should hold heat
in the same way and it should it should actually heat up faster so now that
we’ve got this pan let’s let’s go through the process that they recommend
for seasoning so the way the manufacturer recommends seasoning these
pans is to take a high smoke point oil and I’m using grapeseed oil but you
could use rice bran oil soybean oil you could use vegetable oil just don’t
use olive oil or coconut oil you’ll want to warm the pan up slightly just on a
stovetop not so hot that you can’t touch it but you know warmer than room
temperature you want to give it a thin light coating of oil so you put on very
little oil you rub it all over and then you wipe it off with another
rag and you want to wipe it off like you sort of realize suddenly that you
shouldn’t have put that oil on at all you want to pre-heat your oven to 250
degrees Celsius which is about 485 degrees Fahrenheit and once you’ve got
the pan oiled up put it in the oven upside down and leave it in there for an
hour and a half after the hour and a half is up turn the oven off leave the
door closed leaves a pan inside and don’t touch it just leave it for eight
or nine hours to cool down really slowly and this is what it looks like after
that seasoning process now the instructions say one to three times I
was in no rush to get this pan into use so I did it five or six times I kind of
lost count I was doing a bunch of other things at the same time really was no
problem to to just keep doing it over and over and you can see it’s taking on
a really dark jet black color the finish is really nice inside and the key to the
process is don’t over oil if you put too much oil on it would be really sticky
and this isn’t sticky it just feels really slick so the the ultimate test of
a new pan is cooking in it so let’s make some bacon and today I’m frying up some of our
homemade bacon maybe check out one of those videos while you’re on the channel so overall a my first run-through I’m
pretty impressed with this pan I like the way it heats up I like the way it
holds heat I like the way it releases the food and cast iron and and this type
of pan is no exception to that cast iron rule a lot of people believe the hype
that they’re properly seasoned cast iron pan is going to be as nonstick as Teflon
and that’s just not the case no matter how good your cast iron pan is seasoned
it’s not going to be as no-stick as Teflon unless you use a lot of oil it’s
going to stick a little bit the idea is that it sticks but it releases nothing
gets burned on so this falls into that realm and and I am very impressed with
this pan I’d love to get my hands on on a few more different sizes I think they
would be a great addition to the kitchen handle is cool after frying in it so
you’ll be seeing a lot more of this pan in the Test Kitchen in the future thanks
for stopping by see you again soon you

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  1. Glen & Friends Cooking says:

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  2. sennest says:

    If this is a longitudinal study I'm wondering if bacon is "healthier" than chocolate chip cookies? LOL Does anyone else make formed-iron pots and pans besides the Aussies? I'm in the area of 10-12 cast iron pots and pans (mainly pans; oldest is about 120 years old) and wouldn't mind adding this brand/style to my kitchen. Many thanks for this particular video!

  3. Bageera Sixtythree says:

    That's how my dad made his eggs! The best!

  4. WhoFramedMSG says:

    I have had this pan for a few months now. I love it. Performs like a great carbon steel and looks beautiful. All I can ask of it. I will say the factory seasoning is crap. I took it off and started from scratch with flax seed oil. A good tip is to season with a heavy duty baking steel. Takes longer to cool down in the oven but I get the best polymerization. Turns black rather than brown. Amazing.

  5. mark rush says:

    fads come and go…i got a cast iron skillet thats about 120 years old…i used it earlier today.

  6. T38 Talon says:

    I like the new pans and that they are one piece… I really like the reduced weight. Esp. as I get older… I'm 'saving up' to buy a set… until then, my casts will be used…

  7. Adrienne Boullianne says:

    i have a solidtechnics and i have had nothing but trouble with it. i seasoned it, (have successfully seasoned many a cast iron pan) but mine is one of the originals with a totally smooth finish. i have tried to season it, but to no avail. A year ago, I actually removed the first seasoning with oven cleaner and redid it, to see if I could improve it. Every time I use it, it smells like rust, and black comes off of it, even though I never use soap, always dry it, and after each use, I oil it with avocado oil, while heating the pan on the stovetop. I used flaxseed oil to do the original oven seasoning. I contacted the company and they suggested dealing with the vendor, so they were really no help. I'm ready to throw it away. I really dont know what else to do. Recently, I used it to saute shrimp in bacon fat and when i deglazed the pan, it turned all the juices to a muddy looking mess that i had to throw out because it tasted like rusty metal. I'm not sure what else to do. The smell is awful and when I rub it with a paper towel, the towel is always black. I actually cleaned it with a chainmail scrubber and did use soap this time to see if i could at least get rid of the smell and the black stuff coming off of it. The seasoning never holds up. Bacon even sticks to it. It's a thing of beauty, albeit useless at this point. thanks…would appreciate input!

  8. Old Norse brewery says:

    Nope. I love my cast iron and would never trade them for anything

  9. Supersonicat says:

    Thanks for the vid! I have two cast iron skillets that I can cook OE eggs on with no butter or oil. They're so well seasoned and have glassy smooth surfaces. The trick is, to immediately wipe out the skillet after your food is cooked (that includes searing meat as well) and heating the pan. Then applying a thin coat of oil before storing. I never submerged either skillet in water since I've owned them (8) years and 22 years respectively. One of them is a 'Bluebonnet' 7". The other is an old Griswold 12" #723.

  10. Karl S says:

    Noticed you skipped showing cleaning up the pan after cooking… not so easy after all?

  11. cee kay says:

    handles of cast iron cookware won't get scorching hot on induction. same pan on my induction hob cast iron handle is ok to touch without glove, if i use the same pan at my parents' with their gas stove, a glove is imperative. of course the v shaped handle diffuses heat away from the handle. still lodge is as good and not as expensive. they rust anyway, it's not as if they are enamelled where one gets different quality from foundry to foundry. and yes if you suffer from cast ironitis, of course you have numerous pans. i have many as well, i can never have enough cast iron. lol

  12. notold37 says:

    Good Aussie products,👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘One proud Aussie 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  13. BoyBalastog says:

    Interesting concept. I know they call it wrought iron, but AFAIK real wrought iron isn't being made anymore but is functionally equivalent to low carbon steel. So the way to look at this product is probably in terms of it being a one-piece carbon steel pan, as opposed to the riveted handle on most carbon steel today that could potentially loosen or break over time.

  14. Texaschef84 says:

    Got my grandfather's pan and it had the thickest layer of coating I have ever seen

  15. Alex Beyer says:

    Is anyone else experiencing weird YouTube audio clipping issues? It happens on a great majority of the videos I watch. Edit: the reason I brought it up on your channel, since yours seems to be rather notorious for clipped audio. 0:37 there's a 5 second sound of nothing.

  16. gwloo says:

    Let's make some bacon…. then he read my mind and cracked an egg to fry in the bacon fat. Champion!

  17. thomas oliver says:

    But it is SCRATCH RESISTANT and teflon doesn't compare in that area.

  18. pschroeter1 says:

    You can actually hold that handle while it's cooking?
    I have two cast iron skillets. One has this rubber handle I added and the other I left it off so it could go into the oven.

  19. Nick Anderson says:

    Paper… paper… oooo! Paper…

  20. LM says:

    Tbh, as an iron pan newbie, I wish you’d also showed your clean up process. There’s a lot of different advice out there. Just towel, salt, scrub brushes, chain mail(??); oil then warm before storage, warm then oil, etc, etc. It’d be nice to see someone whose advice I trust do it. ♥️

  21. Chris Broadfoot says:

    How can it heat up faster but hold heat just as well?

  22. Jack says:

    After seasoning 5 times it still isn’t jet black, more dark brown. Is that okay?

  23. Jorge Noel says:

    cast iron is wrough iron

  24. mattkoh says:

    Got something against seasoning with coconut oil? I've used it on quite a few pieces of CI/CS without any issues over the years.

  25. rotordave81 says:

    5:12 – Has no one noticed that the egg spread out in the shape of Australia?

  26. Dennis Hunt says:

    Fair Bloody Dinkum Aussie quality.

  27. thumbwarriordx says:

    WTF? Someone's actually making wrought iron?

    I'll be damned. The tradition lives on.

  28. David Tebbitt says:

    Looks like your bacon stuck a little…the trick is to put the bacon in a cold carbon steel pan and let heat build up. I have a pre seasoned Salter pan and nothing ever stuck to it…only 15 UK pounds.

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