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that smells good smells good smells good
what did you make today well we’re gonna need a beer for this one
so I’ve tortoise eat your beer yep so good I wanted to make I wanted to
make tacos thank you and I thought I’d make pork carnitas but you don’t really
like pork so I thought well what can I do with beef and I looked around yeah
looked around I didn’t really find what I was looking for so I’m winging it so
I’ve been playing with the corn tortillas and they’re getting better
excellent pretty good and I tread flour tortillas today they’re a little bit
thick they’re almost like pita but the flavors
good so how did you make it I’m glad you asked
cue the b-roll Oh so it’s so trick beef brisket and cooked
it coffee in in beef fat okay so loan slow in the oven 225 250 degrees for
about six hours all it had in there was an onion and a
couple of jalapeno peppers I wanted a different pepper but you know we live in
place right you found today that’s what I found that Jeff found too and so your
theory then every time you make this it’ll be a little bit different they’ll
be a little bit of what you find in your supermarket to a certain extent well and
I wanted to I mean there are a lot of recipes for beef tacos using brisket and
there’s all kinds of stuff in them everything from coke to beer – you know
condensed milk evaporated milk milk milk it just there was so much stuff and I
thought I just want to taste the beef first okay and figure out what I like
and what layers of flavor I want to put on cuz it’s they’re not tacos for anyone
else no their tacos for us fair enough so that sounds like we’ll have a few
other versions trial this one smells really good um I think it’s gonna be
great so um you’ve got some toppings on tiny
which is great cuz I don’t really so okay so fresca hey did you know that we
had a Latin supermarket in Ajax do you know what’s not there anymore
I went there this morning and it’s right beside the protein place okay
and there were people running out of the poutine place holding stuff and
screaming really yes is there an accident I didn’t really pay attention
to it I thought I’m going to get my mic queso fresco and so I go inside I go
inside and I get the cheese and I come back out and there’s people yelling and
scream and I hear sirens and there’s giant flames and black smoke coming out
of the top of the poutine place really yes dude hold on didn’t you go I went to
Canadian Tire two weeks ago when Canadian Tire was on fire so I went back
and we I wish our insurance is paid up I think you’re dangerous I went back in I
went back in and said to the the lady working in the in the in the latin
market the buildings on fire you better get out and she just looked at me like I
had two heads most of the if burnt down completely is
that why there’s no longer a Latin one well I didn’t go back I just got out as
the fire trucks are coming in and I it was a good idea to get over the way yeah
so usual pickled onions I build some wall getting but I quickly
pan-fried the the green onions they’re supposed to go on but of course I’ve
made my concept we’re having our homemade Vienna lager good and if anyone
knows anything about beer you’ll realize that all of the Mexican dark beers are
based on at the analog er so at least that’s the social crown they gave me too
I’m gonna do two of them differently this is too bad you’ve started with
better we did start with there’s not gonna be graceful not graceful at all i
well the the onions are pickled in line needs so much lime alright i’m stay with
what i have now so after I took the beef out of the oil I’d give it a rough chop
and I just put it in this frying pan just to crisp up the edges to give some
some texture a little bit texture to it okay so why not acknowledge we’re gonna
go back and check on the folks from the I feel like you’ve just abandoned them
out there on fire no I’m okay I’m hoping that they’re okay I’m hoping
that the Ajax Fire Department got it all under control before it spread too far
so I think we’ve made a good start for it completely inauthentic beef taco
certainly beats a ground beef taco I think perhaps is just a folded sandwich
yeah maybe now that we’re involved it’s just a folded sandwich so I’ll put the
base recipe below and we’re gonna come back to this probably a few times and
build on it with some extra spices and maybe some different flavors but I know
what this is this is really good I’m gonna try it
with the with the flour taco flour tortilla yeah we should go sit down okay
so squeaky look you do with squeaky cheese you make Putin

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  2. beirch says:


    its own fat

  3. Ken Sommerville says:

    Down here in Texas, we'd call this "barbacoa". Looks delish!

  4. Jessica Lawrence says:

    OK Glen… how 'bout that update on the fire?

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