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welcome friends today we’re taking
another run at chicken marsala a couple of weeks ago on our Saturday morning
show where we make what are the most watched recipe videos on YouTube we made
chicken marsala from the top recipe video or the one that was watched the
most and quiet frankly the recipe I’m not gonna say it sucked but it wasn’t
great it was bland had a very OneNote type
thing it was one of those dishes where when we sat down for dinner I felt like
I was a little kid looking at my mom and dad saying do I have to finish it cuz
you know it just wasn’t it just wasn’t there’s no punch one note very dull one
note dish so the idea is that I went back to the drawing board and I went out
and I looked at probably 50 55 or 60 different recipes for chicken marsala
and what I realized was pre-1970 there was a lot of variation in this recipe
and then it just sort of became stagnant one or two different ways but prior to
that there was a lot of different stuff in this dish now in reality it’s called
chicken marsala so obviously chicken and marsala play a
predominant role but what I found with the recipe we did last week was they
they played the only role and the dish needs more balanced you have to have a
balance between salt and fat acid and it had no acid and it had very little fat
and very little salt so here’s what I’m doing different this time I started out
the same with the chicken cutlets and I pounded them flat I butterflied them and
then pounded them flat and instead of salt and pepper in the flour i salt and
peppered the actual chicken first so that there’s some salt and pepper flavor
on the chicken not just sort of in the flour and so I’m dredging the
chicken pieces in the flour to coat them next up I’ve got a cast iron frying pan
here brought up the temperature it’s going to get a little bit of olive oil
and a little bit of butter there was no butter in the last one I’m
putting the butter in for flavor and the olive oil also is going to bring flavor
in I’m putting both in for flavor so we’ll melt that down to get that going
and then we’ll very quickly fry off these chicken cutlets so I’ve got the chicken browned on both
sides you don’t need to cook it all the way through you just want to kind of get
some brown and some flavor on the outside we’re gonna cook it all the way
through a couple steps from now so we take that out and just set it aside into
the pan I’m gonna put a little bit more butter the butter is flavor and I’ve got
chopped mushrooms I’m gonna stick those in and we’re just gonna cook those down
until they release their moisture now the changes I’m making from last time
some of them show up very early in the development of this recipe and one of
them is shallots so I’ve got a couple of minced shallots a lot of the
contemporary recipes use garlic I’m gonna put the garlic in because I think
it really will bring something to the dish and even though we’re using a dry
marsala it’s still really sweet and in order to counteract that sweetness I
wanted to put an acid in and I was torn I’ve seen a lot of recipes that used
lemon juice and I think lemon would bring a really nice bright acidity as
well as some citrus flavor and the other was to use a vinegar and I I’ve gone
back and forth over the last little while about the vinegar should I use
white wine vinegar because the grapes even though this is a really dark wine
the grapes used are white grapes and so white wine I think would bring a bright
acidity without adding any other flavors and the other choice would be to use a
balsamic vinegar but I kind of thought the flavor profile between the balsamic
and the marsala would be too close since they’re both aged for a very long time
in wood and so I thought they they they both share sort of that sweet flavor
profile that I kind of wanted to avoid this time so I’ve got the shallots and
the garlic in I’m just gonna cook the garlic a little bit longer
the mushrooms have have gone down to almost nothing at this point there so
now we put in the marsala and I’ll just bring that up to a simmer just to cook
off that alcohol flavor now one of the other things I found last time was that
by the time you sort of reduce them our solid down there’s not much sauce left
and I wanted to have a little bit more sauce to coat the chicken and you can
counteract that by putting in more marsala but that just sort of amped up
that marsala flavor that overly sort of cloying sweet flavor which I didn’t want
to do so when I deboned and took the skin off of these chicken breasts I put
them in this pot with an onion and a little bit of water and it’s been
simmering here for about a half an hour and that is just to get some chicken
stock to pour in here now of course you don’t have to do that this seems like a
step too far to you don’t bother just use chicken stock that you buy at the
supermarket so we’re just gonna let this simmer down and reduce a little bit
before I move on to the next step okay looking good I always tell people at
every stage give it a taste yeah a lot more balance there already than what we
had last time I’m gonna put just a little bit of pepper and maybe a little
sprinkle of salt and to finish the sauce I’m gonna put in a little bit more
butter and a few gloves of the vinegar mix that in give it another taste I’ve
got a whole jug of these tasting spoons back there yeah so the vinegar has
rounded out the flavor cut some of the sweetness from the wine and that last
pad of butter has added a nice round mouthfeel coats your mouth really nicely
so the chicken goes back into the pan and we just cook it through the rest of
the way so Glenn you have been busy
adapting the other recipe I believe this is an improved chicken marsala the
purists may say it’s not chicken marsala because I’ve added too many things but
you have adapted a basic chicken marsala recipe to suit you to suit me flavor
hopefully it suits you too you know and I think that’s an important part of
cooking is there’s a there’s a need for sometimes the dogma yes but the reality
is if you don’t like it then why why just change it and make it something
that you want that you want to eat all right so I see you’ve got some onions in
this one yes so sure lots o serration martial arts not lots of shallots just
some short shallots cuz I know that someone’s going to tell
me that I said it wrong yeah tomato tomahto
shallots shallots yep mm-hmm it’s got a kind of a it’s got a fuller
flavor like it’s like I can still taste the marsala yep it’s right there
but it seems like it’s got a creamy texture to it mm-hmm so I’m assuming you
added some cream or some butter butter okay cream definitely you could add some
cream that globular not globular but that large molecule it changes the
mouthfeel it makes mix it makes it more pleasant to eat a little bit of garlic
in there I taste a little bit of garlic and some vinegar just take that acid to
cut yeah the fat yes well the fat and the sweet from the
marsala so nice so I I think for us this is a better version and you know what
you need to play with it make it once maybe you don’t like are like leave the
garlic out maybe you don’t want to buy Sherlock’s cuz you know you don’t want
to buy shallots and you’ve got an onion maybe you think some steamed asparagus
kind of tossed on top at the end would be really good cuz I actually think it
would be really good I had been looking for dried porcini mushrooms because I
thought dried porcini mushrooms in with all of this would add an extra layer of
flavor I think I think this is one of those recipes said as long as you’ve got
chicken and you’ve got Marsala wine you’re good to go you can call it
chicken marsala we give you permission thanks for stopping by see you consumed you

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