– Confessions from the cabinet. The sell by date, if you can’t read that, it says October 2015. So yeah, I guess this
is goin’ in the trash. Happy freezer cookin’ day, friends. I have about 20 new, large
family style, keto recipes. Most of these can be done in
the Instant Pot or slow cooker, I’m gonna have all the recipes over on largefamilytable.com, and you can either use your Instant Pot or use your slow cooker,
any way you wanna do it. I also have several low-carb oven bakes that you’re gonna love, like we are gonna do
lasagna with cabbage leaves, it’s gonna be fantastic. Earlier in the day,
Travis went and picked up that large family grocery
shoppin’ haul for me. Course we have a lot of the beef already, I need 20 pounds of cooked ground beef, and I need a whole lot of steak roast, and we have all of those on hand. We had to buy ground turkey, had to buy salmon, had
to buy some pork roast, and we bought a lotta chicken. We’re gonna write out all the recipes that we’re doing today, and how many I think
I’m getting out of each. Here is what we’re doin’,
in my head it made sense, I moved it around based on protein. So based on this steak roast, we’re gonna do beef fajitas,
balsamic rosemary roast, Philly cheesesteak,
and Italian beef roast. The only real pork thing
that I have on these recipes, is a roasted Caesar pork. We’re gonna also do buffalo chicken wraps. Of course we’re doin’ the buffalo chicken, but my plan is to have them in wraps. We’re also gonna do
spicy chicken drumsticks, now it was gonna be chicken wings, but Walmart substituted
my wings for drumsticks. We’re gonna do lime and cilantro chicken, balsamic and lemon chicken, coconut and lime chicken, chicken and cauliflower curry, Greek chicken, bacon chicken
stew, and Italian chicken. Low-carb meatloaf, we’re gonna do the stuffed peppers, and then we’re doin’
low-carb salmon cakes, turkey meatballs, cabbage lasagna, and also a bacon cheeseburger bake. I may have a problem with
the turkey meatballs. I just realized I did not see turkey in our Walmart grocery pickup order. Yeah it’s so sad, I was just here goin’ over my
Walmart grocery order again, and man, there’s not turkey on there. I had so many glitches
with that grocery cart last night when I was puttin’ in my large family grocery shopping order. It was just a mess, I had items disappearing or going to zero. For milks, I ordered seven or eight milks, but the order only went through for two. And there’s just no turkey on here. It’s almost five o’clock here, now that I’m starting to do these. I do have assembly with some yes, but over three quarters of these are just the dump and go type, bag style, freezer meals. So, I hope this won’t
take me too terribly long, but I also need to get something
for dinner cooking now. So I think I’m gonna go ahead and do the chicken and cauliflower curry. Get that goin’ in the Instant Pot, and that’s what we’ll have for dinner, ’cause that’s what Mama says she wants. So what I have goin’ on here, of course I’ve got about three pounds of boneless, skinless
chicken breast there. I’ve got some frozen
cauliflower in the back. I have more fresh cauliflower
I need to process, but I prefer to use that
if the work is done. Spice-wise, we have garlic and onion. Of course we have curry powder, little bit of paprika. Gonna put in a can of coconut milk, and a can of diced tomatoes
with green chilies. Got our chicken in there, now I’m puttin’ in a can of coconut milk, diced tomatoes, Mr. Travis
is gonna say, “No, no.” He is not a diced tomato
fan but oh well, it’s good. Rule of thumb with the Instant Pot or any electric pressure cooker, is that you need eight
ounces of liquid of some sort to build up the steam. So I got my valve set, now I’m gonna put it on manual high. We’re gonna put it on for 25 minutes. Since I just got that
chicken and cauliflower curry goin’ in the Instant Pot, I would go ahead and make
my other freezer meals along that line and then I went ahead, I put a little D beside my dump meals, or the throw and go meals
as I like to call ’em. I have at least 10 meals
that I’m just gonna literally dump everything in bags. Several of these beef meals are the same, but I do wanna cut the chicken in strips for fajitas and Philly cheesesteak. I’m also gonna get the bacon cooking for the bacon cheeseburger bake. I have ground beef cooking for
the cabbage lasagna as well, and then I have defrosted
meat for the meatloaf. So yeah, comin’ together. It hopefully be fast, quick,
and in hurry it’s 5:05 now. So behind the scenes
here, Jayden is helping. He’s attached a GoPro
to our kitchen ceiling, so that yay! Now you all can have overhead footage, like we know what we’re doing. Hi! So I wanna get the rest of
the chicken cauliflower curry in bags, I’ve gotta chop up a
bunch a cauliflower now and this is my vegetable
stack to work with here. So I just did one bag, large
family style of course, of this chicken and cauliflower curry. And now I’ll show ya
I put it all together. So I have about three pounds of chicken breasts in here, you can also use chicken thighs, I just used a boneless chicken. I’m also puttin’ in a can
of unsweetened coconut milk, this is a 13.5 ounce can. And then you’ll see
with these bag holders, I mean I don’t even have this one clipped, but it still helps to
sandwich the bags together. I have a whole collection of these, and animal crackers on the chair, but you’ll be proud, I’m not eatin’ ’em. With these holders, I’ll have the link in
the description below, ’cause these are really
helpful with doin’ these throw and go meals. A can of these diced tomatoes and chilies, and there’s our curry. And then paprika, and garlic
powder, and onion powder. So here we go, I made one for my family and one for a friend’s family. And so whenever these are frozen, and let’s say I wanna
use it in my instant Pot. I can set it out in the
refrigerator the night before, then I can just dump it in the slow cooker the next morning or at lunchtime, and it’ll be ready by dinnertime. And thinkin’ ahead to other recipes, I try to think ahead when I
have these casseroles and such, especially since I don’t have my large family freezer meal plan with that batch cooking guide to just hold my hand and tell
me exactly what to do. We make those after the fact, so they’re easier the following time. So this is what I do for you, ha-ha. Anyway, I know I have the
bacon cheeseburger bake comin’ up after I’m done with all of my bag meals here. So Zion did, this is
three pounds of bacon. He twisted it, we’re gonna chop it all up for the bacon cheeseburger bake anyway. Gonna get in the oven now, and then of course the
big temptation will be to not eat it, and save it for the recipe. So I jammed these freezer meal bags full of the chicken breast, this is about four and a half pounds each. I’m gonna put in a half
a cup of fresh parsley. Gonna put in a whole squeezed lime. I’m gonna put in one can of
coconut milk in each bag, and I’m gonna put in a
tablespoon each of ground ginger. I also have some ginger paste, you could use that just the same. This is just what I put my hands on first. And then also, we’re puttin’
in two tablespoons each of minced garlic. Okay, so what I ended up with is, I’m actually gonna be
able to do six various keto-friendly, low-carb,
all of that, pork roast. What I’m gonna do is, four of these are gonna be
a roasted Caesar pork roast, and then two are gonna be
a zesty Italian pork roast. Ya see what happened is, I had only planned for four, but then two of the roast Walmart gave me were actually six pound roast. And so I cut those two
in half and there we go. And this is the dressing I’m using to make it easy on myself. This Ken’s Steak House,
from what I’ve read, it is gluten-free. And so I’m going to use half a bottle, I’ve got two bottles in
each of these four bags. And then also, put in half
a cup of fresh parsley into each bag. I’m gonna seal those up now, and you can see I’m not
followin’ my own advice. Monkey see, monkey do,
or not do in this case, I haven’t been labelin’ my bags first. I don’t always do that because sometimes ya
spill things on your bags, I just wait until I
seal ’em, wipe them off, and then write on ’em. So either, six one way,
half dozen another. Okay, we’re makin’ progress, bacon is done. I just taste-tested it, it’s just fine. The chicken cauliflower curry is done, I am doing two pounds of brown
rice on the stove right now. And then for these two
zesty Italian pork roast, I did one of the Italian packets, and I did about a fourth of a
cup of fresh parsley in these. Crossin’ some more off our
list, which is always good. So now I’m puttin’ together my bags for the buffalo chicken meat, which will be for buffalo
chicken wraps in particular. Kids can use a tortilla wrap, I can use a lettuce wrap. What we’re gonna do is
I’ve got two bags here with three pounds of chicken each. I’m gonna put in a cup of
Frank’s hot sauce into each bag. I’m gonna put in about a cup
of carrots into each bag, and then half of this celery, half of the green onions,
which is about half a cup each. All into the bag, also I’m gonna put two
tablespoons each of minced garlic. Buffalo chicken wraps done, I got two of those made. Here’s my chicken and cauliflower curry. I’m havin’ it over some warmed up cabbage, I warmed up the cabbage with
two tablespoons of butter, (laughs) whole lotta healthy fat. The kids are having theirs over brown rice and then I’ll get back
to makin’ bag meals. Okay next up, I am doing about five bags, I’m doing three pounds of
chicken drumsticks each, and we’re gonna do a spicy
chicken in these bags. It’s gonna look very similar
to the buffalo chicken we did for the chicken wraps, only these are drumsticks. And I just got this bag labeled. And then what I added to this recipe, I’ve never tried this before, but I just think with my
flavor pallette (laughs), I think it’ll taste yummy. I had just a little bit of that
creamy Caesar dressing left and so I added in, this is probably only a fourth of a cup, into these bags of spicy
chicken drumsticks. I’m going to test it out, but I think that’s gonna be really good, and I may in the future
end up adding more. I got on the phone with a
friend so I didn’t record this, but I did two bags of the
lime and cilantro chicken. So that’s ready to go. Again, the recipe for that’ll be over on largefamilytable.com. Right now, I’m going to do the
balsamic and lemon chicken, then we’re gonna do that Greek chicken, bacon chicken stew, and Italian chicken, and I’ll be done with
the chicken for today. We’ll move onto the beef items. So now I’m going to do
two bags of Greek chicken. I’m not gonna put any olives
in it though because honestly, that would probably freak
some of my kids out, because haven’t served too
many things with olives. Here are the two bags
of the Greek chicken, and now when I go to serve it, I will serve it sprinkled
with a cup of feta as well. You don’t add that to
the freezing process, again, that’s just at serving time. Next up, I am doing Italian
chicken and all it is, it’s four pounds of chicken in each bag, and I have a bottle of
Ken’s Steak House Italian, extra virgin olive oil
dressing and marinade. I’m gonna pour half of
this bottle in each bag and that is it. I’m sorry, I’m losin’ my voice now. It’s just a goofy thing, but I cut up several roasts
for these next couple recipes. What we’re gonna do, beef fajitas, and then we’re don’ Philly cheesesteak. So far in the beef fajita bags, I have a whole green bell pepper, a whole red bell pepper, a fourth of a cup of cilantro
because I had it chopped. Put a tablespoon of
minced garlic in there, now I’m gonna put in some ground cumin, and some chili powder. And then one can each of
these mild diced tomatoes with green chilies, and then we’ll put the meat slices in. So here are both of the beef fajita bags. And remember, whenever we serve these, these are with about three pounds of meat. For an average family,
that sounds like plenty. For a larger family you know, you’ll need to add things
to it to stretch it. So when we have these, we may also have some
refried beans or some rice. And then we’ll have
wraps and then of course, I will use lettuce wraps
or cabbage leaf wraps or some other low-carb option. Now I’m workin’ on this
Italian peppered beef roast, actually the cuts of meat that I’m using are sirloin top. Those looked a little smaller to me, so I put two in each of these bags, ’cause I wanted it to be
about four pounds of meat for each roast. Now we’re gonna put in half an onion, and then we’re gonna put in a whole jar of these super yummy
peppers and go from there.


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