– Now here’s the thing, I can get this video done. It’s gonna be in a dirty kitchen. Maybe you won’t be able to tell that my kitchen’s dirty. You’ll probably be able to. I’ve got stuff sitting around, but it’s a kitchen video. Yeah, we’ll deal with it, right? Anyway, today’s video is my favorite, large family mom kitchen things, and you know I’ve got favorite things all up in this kitchen, that helps me feed all my people. This video is a collab video with two of my favorite ladies. On Instagram, her main account
is Life of a Homemaker, and her channel on YouTube now is called, The Life of a Homeschool Mom. Love it, love it, love it, lots of good homeschool mom stuff. Then, we have Miss Nicci Lynn’s channel. I feel like we go way
back in YouTube history. So, my first videos are
me barefoot and pregnant in my farmhouse kitchen, making homemade laundry soap, and back then Nicci is who I was watching. I didn’t know any other
large family homeschool moms on YouTube, and that is where I met Nicci. I almost said Mickie. Nicci, yay! And I just love her, so if you have not found her channel yet, it is called AFarmhouseFull. If you have not found her Instagram yet, go over and do that,
because she is a super cool and creative mom of many, as well. So, go over and watch her video now, and well, you gotta stay
around here long enough to look at my tools in my
dirty kitchen, okay, okay. Must have kitchen tools. Now, I’m gonna have all
of these linked down in the description below. My eight quart Instant Pot,
love it, love it, love it. I have chicken bone broth in it now. I’m going to do some chicken and quinoa soup here this evening, but that’s what’s happening in here now. Love it so much. I was lovin’ it so much, where
I thought because, of course, I love my slow cookers, we’ll see a lot of talking hand here. I love my slow cookers,
and it got to the point with my slow cookers, years ago, where I just had to get a second one. And so, same thing with my Instant Pot. I love it so much, I
started using it so much, was talking to other
mommas, and they’re like, yeah, you just need to get a second one, because that way you could
have, let’s say chicken in one, and you could have quinoa
or rice or corn on the cob or something in a second one. So, when I went to get my second one, I thought, you know what? Now I do use this eight quart a lot. It is adequate for a lot of what I need. But when I went to get
a second one, I thought, let’s see if I could get something bigger. So then, we have my GoWISE 14-quart
electric pressure cooker. It’s very intuitive as far
as how it works and such. If you have an Instant Pot,
there’s no major rocket science between the two. This one just holds more. So, this one, whenever
my bone broth is done and I go to add the quinoa,
and I’m gonna continue on to my soup, I’m honestly
probably going to put it in this pressure cooker and
do everything a little longer, let the quinoa get done in there. I do my big batch
spaghetti sauces in here, if I’m doing like 10 pounds of
potatoes for baked potatoes. If I’m doing 10 or so
pounds of corn on the cob, a lot of my steamed vegetables
that I want to do a lot of, ’cause we’re gonna eat a lot of ’em, I wouldn’t be able to
do enough baked potatoes in advance for us in this pressure cooker, but in this one, yes. Sometimes, now this makes me
sound like we have potatoes all the time and honestly
we haven’t had ’em lately, but sometimes especially
if I’m doing a bunch of freezer meals and I need to
make homemade mashed potatoes maybe for shepherd’s pie,
we’re all gettin’ hungry now, I have done my potatoes,
filled both of these. I’ve also bulk cooked
meat in both of these. And speaking of bulk cook meat, I will now get out my next favorite item. Now, we have my roaster oven. I’m pretty sure that this is a 22 quart. I, honestly the other day,
I thought, you know what? I wanna cook up like four or
five of my pasture-raised 10’s that way I have that
chicken meat ready to go, and we just got busy
doing some other things. We had to go rollerskating,
and other things needed done, but I looked at the size
in here, and I thought, I could do four hens at one time. That would be great. ‘Cause like you know you
don’t really get a ton of meat from each bird. So, what I have done in
here, I know I’ve done at least 20 pounds of
ground beef at a time. I’ve batch cooked spaghetti sauce. We’ve had some events
where I’ve done a bunch of meatballs, filled the
whole thing with meatballs, barbecue meatballs. So many things can be
done in this roaster oven. And they’re more expensive
online this time of year. I got this around Thanksgiving
time maybe two years ago, and it was under $30. So, the Amazon link I’m gonna have below, I think it’s more expensive,
but you can keep your eye out. Okay, the electric griddle is next. Actually I have a second one up here. I have a third one somewhere, but I get that second one out often. And anyway, this is just one
we’ve used more recently, easily accessible, and I have
to go pick up a freezer meal, a Walmart grocery order for a
whole bunch of freezer meals. But I love getting two griddles going, for doing eggs, of course we
love to bake eggs in the oven, but I can get both of these going, and we do eggs or grilled
cheese and just pancakes, anything I need to make, I don’t know, 10 to 16 of at a time. These electric griddles are my friend. Also, my two different
waffle makers from Aldi. This one is a Belgian waffle maker, and this one does four slices at one time. Both of these were like
in the 20 to $15 range. I think this one got marked down at Aldi. Love ’em both. Again, my disclaimer, tomorrow is gonna be our big cleaning day. So, I feel like, super cruddy kitchen, but oh well. Yes, Jamerrill made bacon again. Yes, I forgot to line the pans. It happens. Anyway, these bacon pans. Why am I showing you this? Because, these are two
more of my favorite. I will even pull dirty
dishes for you from my sink. Look at this YouTube dedication. Okay, so it shows these work. I have baked bacon in the oven for years. You don’t need these fancy pans, but then again, if you can get ’em, they’re just super cool. These were, I wanna say $15
each, maybe less at Walmart. I will try to find them and
link them for you below. Perfect world, you line the
bottom with parchment paper or foil, and then, I twist my bacon a lot. I learned that from you guys. Then, we get these nice,
little, twisted bacon eats. You can also, of course, spread ’em out. But whenever I twist them,
I can get a pound per rack, and there’s no large family
cookin’ bacon without doing at least two pounds at a time. One of my friends asked me
about cleaning these racks. So, here’s what the racks look like. I mean, we just scrub it
with that metal scrub brush, put it in the dishwasher. So, that’s my only rocket science there. Now these pans, since
I forgot to line them, I will put some hot, soapy water in there for when we get to scrubbin’. Now, I’m showing you
my knife set over here, because this is one of Travis
and I’s adult purchases. I wanna say within the last year. Finally, we were like, you know what? Let’s get a decent set of knives that’s better than a $40 set. So for many years, I think a few of these
are from our old set. These are from like a Paula Deen set, and they’re still holding up. We have a few of those left, and we saved ’em, ’cause this knife block had a few open slots. Now, several of these knives
are in the dishwasher. I don’t even know, how do you say that? Zwilling J A Henckels something, but anyway, this set
was supposed to be made in Germany, I believe. It is a very nice set. Travis loves to sharpen these knives, and any who, that’s another
kitchen tool that we love. Also, back here, get out here. Not really any great place to keep this. I still wanna get the pineapple slicer that my friend Sarah on
Our Tribe of Many has, but don’t have that, but I do
have this cantaloupe slicer. And so, this is super convenient,
and I love to use this. And then, of course, way
back here in the depths of my kitchen, we have
a handy dandy blender. Can’t go too many days without using it. It’s super for smoothies
and other cookin’, so we love this. And this was an upgrade for me. It’s a Black & Decker. I wanna say this one was
closer to the $40 range. Before that, my blenders
were like the Walmart, maybe the Mainstays brand
that were around 20. And so, this one was
just a little step up. One day, maybe I’ll have a
Vitamix or a nicer blender. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite blender models are. And then update on our water bottle saga, we still have our water bottles intact. I’m not super thrilled. I thought when I bought them, and you can see, someone
has put the wrong lids on the wrong bottles. I thought they were all this
type of spill-proof lid, and when we opened ’em, they were not. So, we were the family at
several sporting events that we would have kids just spill these. Yeah, yeah great, thanks Stewart family. Anyway, the miracle of miracles that I’m reporting to you, is all the water bottles are
still here and mismatched, but they’re here and that’s amazing. Many of you ask me where I store
all my glass baking dishes. Here’s where they go when
they’re not being used for freezer meals. I have a smaller one down here, but these are, I wanna say,
these are like a 10 by 13 or 14, and then I have nine by 13’s. So, these are great for
when I do my freezer meals. Now, this is where you’re
gonna see some clean dishes and some dirty dishes. So, this is a colander than I picked up at the restaurant supply store, when my friend Ashley and I went, and it’s just a nice big. This is the size I need. This is the size colander, and
you can see the comparison, that I’ve had more often than not. And you can see, we peeled
eggs in it this morning. So, this one is great just for
washing fruits and vegetables for noodles for so many, many things. And this one I’m always
bustin’ out the sides of. So, it was a nice upgrade
to get a bigger colander. Maybe there you can see
some of the size difference, but this one has been great. So, put that back in its washing station. And then, mixing bowls. Okay, so it is hard to
see how big this bowl is unless you see me cooking in it. This bowl is the love of my life. (laughs) It is a 30-quart stainless
steel mixin’ bowl. I got this on Amazon, but these are also at
the Restaurant Depot, so you can get it through my link below or go to Restaurant Depot and get it. But for many years, let’s see here, for many years I can probably find it, I had this one bowl, and I
thought it was oh so big. I think this might be
my original mixing bowl, and so I would do oatmeal in it, and I just would mix all the things, and that was so precious. (coughs) Because, I went from this
bowl to now this one, and I also have a collection
of other size bowls. This one’s nice and deep. I think this is like maybe
the second one I got, when I was trying to move up. And these can be hard to find at Walmart. I mean, Walmart is where I
get a lot of in person things that I buy, and so, this
one I just have used it for many, many years. But then, these bigger
ones I’ve had to order. This one, also, is from our washing stack. This is one, let’s see, I
think when I got my 30 quart, and I do use this often, I thought, okay, I need something in between the 30 quart and all of these. And so, this is another
one that I ordered. I will have to look
back at my Amazon orders and see, I mean, what do you think? Maybe it’s about 20 quarts
or so, maybe it was 18, but it was a step down from this. If you read the reviews on Amazon, people use it as like
a shower base. (laughs) I mean, it’s just massive, but whenever I’m doin’
my big, bulk cookin’, making a bunch of cookies, trying to make four to
seven meals at one time, so I have a bunch to freeze later. Batch cookin’ ground beef,
cookin’ chicken in bulk, so many things I mix in this bowl. It’s just what I need. Okay, and here are some more
of my favorite kitchen things. These little stands, I
use these all the time for slow cooker freezer meals,
Instant Pot freezer meals. They hold the baggies. Now, I do, because I
weigh my baggies down. Let’s shove in as much as possible. So, I will put extra
little clips on the end, but these are fantastic. And so, I might even have six of ’em. They came in a multipack. They weren’t that much. They’re super helpful. This precious measuring cup, I think this is something
my grandchildren will say, this is grandma’s old cup. But anyway, I’ve had this
at least 15 years or so. I mean, I’ve had that for a long time. This mixer, I’ve had for
a few years, as well. It’s a KitchenAid. It’s a hand mixer. I haven’t blown it up yet. You know, all my little cheap hand mixers, the whatever the lower-end
Walmart brand would be, I would blow up their
little motors so quickly. I have not killed this one yet. I haven’t smelled plastic yet. I mean, it’s been super reliable. I do have a six-quart
KitchenAid stand mixer, but more often than not, I will choose to just put these paddles in
and get out my big mixing bowl and hand mix something. I love it. It has not done me wrong. As far as cooking utensils, a few of mine also
still in the dishwasher, but some of my favorite things. Now this is another, I probably got this little soup ladle the same day I got this. I’ve had this spoon for at least 15 years. It has done served its purpose. I also like to use wooden
spoons when I’m cooking. We got a potato masher,
a decent set of tongs, and then these I also got at
the restaurant supply store. I had another nice soup spoon
that was even a thicker metal, and I don’t know where that one has gone. Now, another tool, and I can
see how dusty it is right now, although, Travis uses the air
fryer a couple times a week for different things. He will do things for the kids in there. He also does steaks in there. He does all kinds of interesting
things with the air fryer. Maybe one day we’ll have him do some air fryer videos for us, but we are enjoying this air fryer. I think it’s a five quart, which was the biggest I could find, but for quick dad things, it works. Okay then, so in my stock pot collection, I was gonna show you my favorite. So this is my beast of a stock pot. It is a 22 quart. Travis got this for me at
Walmart several years ago. I wanna say, it was almost $70. It’s a good quality pot, and you’ll see it linked down in the description below. Sometimes you can get it for
69 but sometimes it’s 79 or 80. So it, again, good good pot. This pot, I think, is an 18 quart. I think I got this at Walmart, as well. I forget now, but it
was the same situation where I got the big pot, but I didn’t always need the big pot. I wanted a step down. So, that’s when I got this one. And this one, I just got
because it looked pretty, and it was at Ikea. And this is a 16 quart, and there are times when this
one comes in handy, as well. And then, believe it or
not, these muffin tins, whenever I bought ’em, a
couple of my friends said that they may not heat well, but somehow in my crazy oven, they work. So, this way, I can do
48 muffins at a time. You know, if I’m having
a big, batch cooking day, which those happen, I very well, I might make 200 or
more muffins, cupcakes. They’re just, again,
great for batch cooking. They totally fill up
my oven, both of them, usually at a slight little
angle, but they work. They get the job done,
and I use ’em a lot. And as always, continue to keep
watching videos right here, because it just helps the
YouTube world go round, and YouTube is only gonna put up what they think is the best
video for you right here. I’ll see you real soon, bye-bye.

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    You need to get a farm house sink. I do Catering from my home and those bowls are hard to clean in a standard sink. As you know 🙂 great video

  71. Sea Breeze Cottage says:

    Hi Jamerrill, Love this Vlog!!♥️♥️ Give precious Benjamin 1 or 2 plastic/wooden spoons….. he could enjoy playing drums on your metal bowl collection! 😉 Well, I do batch muffins a lot. 🎉🎉 Do you have a link available to purchase your 24 count muffin pans??? Thank you so much.♥️♥️😄👍

  72. Nan Silas says:

    I found a good way now to scrub baking pans soak in hot water and a dryer sheet next morning no scrubbing it's magic

  73. Imallama Too says:

    Love watching your videos! It shames me into getting off my keister and cooking. 😂 I only have one 22 yr old, but I cook for up to 75 people at our church on Wednesday nights. Your big batch cooking inspires me! I can't afford the Vitamix either, but the Ninja is FABULOUS! Great affordable option for those of us on a budget. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  74. preppingmama says:

    Here are mine: Instant Pot, Bosch Universal Mixer, Vitamix, Stainless Steel Bowls, Good Knives

  75. Donna Terry says:

    I have had my blender for 48 years. It is an Oster blender. I believe top of the line at the time. I call it my Faith blender because I bought it shortly after my daughter Faith was born because when I was in the hospital having her we lost everything to a hurricane.

  76. Petra Blum says:

    Zwilling = Twin (knifes)

  77. Life With Mrs B says:

    So many good pieces 😀 i love my pressure cooker! I feel like my kitchen is always dirty haha

  78. amanda harland says:

    are your nails naturally thick and healthy like that? or are those gels or acrylic?

  79. sherrijohnsongray says:

    My family has used a Vitamix for about 5 years. It was pricey but I think it's worth the investment as the less expensive blenders seem to wear out after a period of time. The Vitamix is heavy duty and we wouldn't use any other blender.

  80. Homeschool life with Shabby Chick says:

    I have that blender. It has been great for daily use. I also have a ninja and I like it better unless all my kids want smoothies 😂

  81. Homeschool life with Shabby Chick says:

    What hair color do you use and what is your natural color? Wondering if it would work for me.

  82. Emmmyy says:

    I don’t even need large kitchen things I just love how humble and calm you always are I just have to watch all your videos ❤️

  83. Amber Murray says:

    I have had a vitamix for about 8 years now. I bought a refurbished one in a sale. Its been worth every penny. My favorite thing to do is grind my own flours. The blender can literally grind anything up. I accidentally blended up a plastic blender bottle ball in my smoothie one time. Oops fine chopped red plastic through my smoothie 😆 #momlife

  84. carrie edmonson says:

    I had the vitamin and honestly I returned back to Costco an went and bought the ninja blender that comes with the shake cups and the food processor. I am loving it and it was only $140 at bed bath and beyond with my 20% coupon. They ship for free

  85. Dody dody says:


  86. shemom4 says:

    I love seeing your dirty dishes! It just means you live a real life. Thanks for the tips.

  87. Geneva Brown says:

    Surprised to not see an electric kettle.. I never believed in them until I got one.. Mom of many here- game changer! Love mine..

  88. lemoncrinckles says:

    You're such a sweetie. It's always a pleasure to watch you. (:

  89. Katie Trapnell says:

    Future video featuring talking travis hands featuring air fryer 😉

  90. Victoria Henshaw says:

    If you spray your bacon racks with non stick spray you can skip the scrubbing stage, it come right off in the dishwasher ! Win win 😊

  91. Angela Allen says:

    I love my ninja blender. It’s really powerful and is on sale at Costco or Sams often.

  92. Kristin kalesse says:

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  93. Eileen Killen says:

    We eat loads of potatoes here in this Irish household!!! Have them everyday if I can!!!! 🌼💐🌻

  94. Mike Mershon says:

    Love your videos! I am a 79 year young great grandma to 5 with more on the way. Since it is just my husband & me, I don't need huge cooking days but you have inspired ~e to do smaller batch cooking to fit us. Love having those meals in the freezer! Many, many thanks for the recipes & the inspiration. You are an amazing woman,wife & mother. God Bless You!

  95. duhonmomma says:

    Have you cooked a turkey or ham in your roaster? How big was it? My oven isn't working right now and I'm making due with two toaster oven. But I have a few turkeys and hams from Thanksgiving and Christmas that I'd like to cook up. Suggestions?

  96. Bonita Jukes says:

    What is keenwa. Sorry not sure of the spelling.

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    I have been watching you for a while now… I love that you keep it real… But what I admire the most is your standards and morals you pass onto your kids… You have a wonderful husband that supports you all… You inspire so many people with your honesty and life… Keep up the great work and take care of your large crew lol xx

  99. Kathy Courington says:

    We have a Ninja blender. Love it

  100. Kathy Courington says:

    Kitchen aid is the best!

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