πŸ€”Do My Kids ONLY EAT FREEZER PEANUT BUTTER JELLY Sandwiches? | Large Family Meals of the Week #17

– So welcome back friends to
Large Family Meals of the Week. I think it’s been many weeks,
maybe even a month or two since I’ve done one of these,
but it’s goin’ down this week. Today is international Gabriel day, that’s right, Gabriel turns
10, and he has decided he wants to go to the pizza buffet. For 2019, we’ve let all the
kids pick where they wanna eat for their birthday, and we do their birthday party at that location. So he wants a pizza buffet birthday. We’re getting ready to
hit the road and do that. One of the big things I share for Large Family Meals of the Week
is my large family meal plan. This week I’m cookin’ up
many sheet pan dinners and I will be defrosting and
heating and showing the process on how my easy freezer meal
dinners work in real life. We’ll have a bunch of fruit for breakfast. I’m makin’ homemade yogurt
and I’m doing granola bars. It’s all goin’ down, so you’ll
be gettin’ little updates what we’re doin’ each day and how we’re handling all the
food for our family of 10. Lunch time. You’re havin’ your, you got
shaky cheese on your head. (child babbles) (Jamerrill laughs) Amelia, how’s your lunch? Goin’ well? Good. Happy birthday! Sorry you got something in your eye. You think it’s rocks? Could be. This is Naomi’s present for Gabriel. – [Child At Table] It’s a dinosaur! See, it’s your favorite color! – A pink dolphin? (all laugh) – [Jamerrill] Sibling jokes. – [Child At Table] There’s more. – [Jamerrill] From grandmother, nice. That’s a big Avenger’s ship, Gabriel. – T-rex! – [Jamerrill] More dinosaurs, yes! Got a Where’s Waldo, oh yeah this is special art stuff, Gabey. (children chatter) Oh and Oregon Trail, we thought
that would be great reading. Is Daddy puttin’ bracelets on you? – [Child In Background] Roar, I’m a t-rex! – [Travis] Hold your wrist out. – [Child At Table] Ouchie, Daddy! Daddy, I have these! – Okay guys, we have
been back from Walmart and all of our out-and-about birthday fun. We got back home, kids
played with birthday toys, and I sat in the van and worked like a good little YouTuber vlogging mom. And I’ve been filming this
five easy sheet pan dinners series for YouTube, so
tonight is night three of it where I’m doing pork and roasted potatoes and garlic sheet pan dinner. These are these cute
little petite potatoes, and we’ve got the cauliflower in here. I’m gonna add just a little bit of paprika and garlic powder. There’s olive oil in here too. Gonna coat it and get the pork and get it all over here on these sheet pans tonight. Good mornin’, happy Tuesday,
I’ve got a wide variety of breakfast stuff, and just
kind of like odds and ends that could count for breakfast
from the refrigerator that I just put out on the counter here, and I already have kids outside
jumpin’ on the trampoline, haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Way to go, mom, way to
help them start their day. So anyway, one by one I’m
gonna have them come in, we’ve got some hard boiled eggs, little bit of cottage
cheese, various fruits and some yogurt, so we’re just gonna make like little snacky breakfast
plates to get the day rollin’. Here’s Benjamin’s plate. Those are some eggs left over from Sunday, last little piece of
cantaloupe from yesterday, and almost half of a clementine. Here is Miss Amelia’s choices. She’s got some meat, some
kiwi and some vanilla yogurt. Here is Daniel’s, he’s got
a cold hard-boiled egg, a clementine, slice of turkey
and some vanilla yogurt. And here is Naomi’s, she’s
got some vanilla yogurt and fruit and some turkey. And I’m eating up the
last of the cottage cheese and some turkey while I
make everyone else’s plates. There’s Gabriel’s breakfast
and Liam’s breakfast in action. You’re workin’ on Aldi’s
strawberry yogurt, too. So we are out in our
forest and it’s lunch time. We’ve been hikin’ our trails and the kids are playin’ in the water right now. Liam is gonna get our current Narnia book and our bible, we’re gonna
do our reading out here and eat our fruit and have
some more nature fun time. Somebody’s having a nice happy time. Did you come take a break? (laughs) (child chatters) And we got the hammock back
up, and Trav is bringin’ loads of mulch, and Gabriel’s been
workin’ on spreadin’ it out. So yeah, we’ve been having
a nice outside time, huh? So kids will be home from dance soon. This mama here, I need to get an easy sheet pan dinner in this oven. So I got bratwurst, a
whole pile of broccoli, we’re gonna make it into
somethin’, here we go. Good morning! We ate up that sheet
pan dinner last night. This mornin’ we are havin’ apples and peanut butter for breakfast. A few of the kids have a yogurt as well. And we’re startin’ the day off right by watchin’ River Monsters,
watchin’ ’em catch catfish with their socked feet and bare hands while eatin’ breakfast, yee hah. So really what needs to be goin’ down is deep upstairs purging and
kid bedroom organization. So with that in mind, I’m gonna get some more blueberry bread in the oven. That’s what I’m doin’. Kids have been pickin’
rocks out of the back yard where Travis has been clearing, and now they have had their
it’s almost time to start workin’ seriously upstairs
warning, which should give me 15 to 20 minutes or so to
get a bunch of bread goin’. And then we’ll really get upstairs. Okay, by evidence of all the dishes, all of our freezer fruit bread makin’ has gone down this afternoon. Here we go, we got chocolate
chip and the rest of this is blueberry, and there’s some
more chocolate chip in the oven. So we are gettin’ the
freezer shelf full of bread. This’ll last quite a
while, I believe, or not. Here’s how dinner turned out tonight. Now we also had a bunch of
Brussels sprouts with these, but these are lemon pepper chicken legs. Recipe will be down in
the description below. I like ranch and hot sauce,
I had a big pile of carrots, I’ve since eaten those
so I’m gonna refill ’em. This is still mine, actually I’ve already had one chicken leg, so there’s
two, my count confession. Okay so this mornin’ I’ve
got this pineapple cutter. We got three pineapples,
they’re nice and golden. So this is the pineapple slicer I got for, I don’t know, was it
$4.89 or so from Aldi? Looks like we’re gonna
cut off the pineapple in line with these little marks, “place the cutter on the
top then twist the handle “with a slight downward pressure “until you reach the
number marked in step one. “Then remove the core from the
pineapple, remove the handle, “to slide core pineapple off slicer.” So let’s see how this goes. There’s what the top looks like. We’re twistin’ it. Okay, it’s goin’, oh it’s
actually, this is really easy! Oh my goodness, this is a wonderful thing. Whoa, look at what we
did, isn’t that cool? Pretty good for our first
go at this pineapple slicer. I will be sure to have one linked down below, or check your Aldi. Now let’s see how do I
get it off the slicer, that’s the next thing. Oh, does this release it? There we go, way to use your noodle, mama. Nice pineapple rings. You wanna be the first pineapple taster? For your own approval. (children chatter in background) Here we go. So here’s my mama breakfast, I’ve got a small tomato, cottage
cheese, this is two eggs with some pepper jack and my big and holy Pioneer Woman cup full
of coffee, yes and amen. So it’s lunch time now, errands have been run, jobs are bein’ done. I actually just got back
from workin’ outside. I’m gonna show you what
we’re havin’ for lunch. Last night I had set out
two of these containers. This had some of my vegetable
beef soup in the freezer and I’ve just poured both
of those into this pot. I’m going to warm this pot back up, and this’ll be a big
part of our lunch today. Hey, it’s rainin’ now
and I thought we need some twice-baked potatoes to
go with this vegetable soup. So I’m gettin’ a big pan of those twice-baked potatoes
from the freezer goin’. Soup is almost done, and I’m gonna get dinner in the slow cooker. We’re gonna do pork ragu over
fettuccine noodles tonight. But since it’s almost 2:30
and we haven’t had lunch yet ’cause we’ve been runnin’
around doin’ lots of house projects and such, I figured
we’d be eating dinner later. Late lunch, later dinner, gettin’ it goin’ in the slow cooker now. It should be ready about 6:30 or 7. So here are the potatoes, yay. And here is some of the
soup, because I can not wait. This is my soup I made with
the little lentils, also. I will have the link for the
recipe down in the description. So with the storms we had this
afternoon, our power went out for like an hour, so now it’s four. I guess now it’s four, everyone’s gonna have a twice-baked potato. I’m makin’ myself an
afternoon cup of coffee. I’m getting back into
some organizing projects. This slow cooker, I mean
everything just sat there frozen for an hour or so, so I
don’t think it’s gonna, yeah that’s no way now at four that that’s gonna be ready at 6:30 for dinner. They can have it later
tonight when they get back from TaeKwonDo, they won’t get back from TaeKwonDo until about eight or so. Besides that, it’ll
just be dinner tomorrow. Well it’s Saturday, here we
are, lake ready as you can tell. Floppy hat season is upon us. Didn’t film at all yesterday. Yesterday I had a meeting in the morning, Travis took the kids out to Lowe’s to get somethin’ else that
we needed, always happens. And then we had appointments
for four at the orthodontist. So then I went to Walmart
to get some new lake stuff for the season, and that was the day. And I will show you everything we’re taking to the lake today. My dinner plans tonight,
night before last, Thursday night, I did the
pork ragu in the slow cooker. We still have that left. So tonight we’re gonna
have that when we get back from the lake, and I’ll have
to do the fettuccine noodles. I would so much rather have
something hot and ready in the slow cooker for when we get home, like seven or eight hours from now, but I know we need to eat that up. And so I’m just gonna force
myself to eat that tonight. So here’s what we’re
bringin’ for our lake day. I will probably condense
this, put these pears into this bag, and then we
have this bag of mandarins, and then I have, I
don’t know, probably 20, I just took what was left
of our freezer PB and Js, put them all in this bag. I’m gonna have seven
kids with me and I figure all of ’em over the course
of seven or eight hours will probably have two,
at least, strawberry and peanut butter sandwiches
and a bunch of fruit. And I don’t know, I’m not seeing myself bringing any of these home. We’ll see how the day goes. These are the cookies. The cookie deals I got I saved $1.84 each, got ’em for $1.03 a pack, and you can see they’re just like nice, big M&M cookies. So we saved two of those,
I’ll show you at the lake, and then we even got some
of these little lemon pies. They were marked down for 15 cents. So this is going to the lake, too. Then I’m gonna have our
water bottles filled. Here’s our food hangin’ out at the lake. I did stop and get a case of orange soda. Got myself a water bottle. We got, there’s a Benny
in all the sand toys. We’ve pulled out our tent from last year. Are you havin’ a nice time, Amelia? You want your goggles on, don’t you? – I know. – (Jamerrill laughs). Okay I know. Okay I know. You havin’ a good time, Benny? You got your wild man hair. Hey Daniel, are you livin’
your best lake life? (Daniel chatters) Oh yeah, good deal! So we made it back, and
dinner time I did it. Even though I didn’t want to this morning, I’ve heated the pork ragu
back up in the dutch oven and I made the noodles, and
I’m gettin’ ready to serve it, so I did survive, mamas,
even though dinner wasn’t done when I came in the door. So Naomi’s out cleanin’
out the van from the fun. Other kids are getting
showers and in pajamas. We’ve got church in the mornin’, and some fun things I’m
hopin’ to make in the mornin’. But lemme show you what dinner is tonight. Fettuccine noodles are done
and then here is, voila! Woo I need to turn that heat down. Okay, so here’s how dinner’s lookin’. That’s the pork ragu,
the cheese melted on it while I was like, “oh, our bonus points, “we could have a salad.” So I chopped some tomatoes. So here’s my Trim Healthy Mama attempt version of this dinner. I’m having the pork ragu over cauli rice instead of the fettuccine. And I’m havin’ a salad, put some, I had a bag of shredded cheese, so I’ve been puttin’ that on stuff. And that’s it. I’m gonna take my dinner and
go answer YouTube comments while I eat, and then get a shower because church is tomorrow
and I’ll smell good, yay. So my best laid plans for breakfast turned into mama just
chopped watermelon real quick and that’s it, ready, set, go. So it’s Monday. I skipped some meals on ya yesterday. We were out after church
and had some errands, so Travis decided, “hey
let’s go out to eat.” And some Sundays we do
that, we have it set aside in our budget, and yesterday
became, “oh let’s eat out.” And then we had our pork ragu for dinner and here it is Monday morning. This is banana raisin bread
that I just chopped up for the kids and I’ll show you. Kids got up before me, ’cause
I had a late night last night, I stayed up late workin’, but
they also were finishin’ up, excuse me sweetie, a little bit of the
watermelon that was left, and they’ve had a bunch of cuties. So they can fend for
themselves, but that’s how the banana bread’s goin’ down. Yum! Yes, summertime. It’s here, almost officially, but again, when the floppy hats come out, you know it’s here to
stay for several months. I am finally makin’ that yogurt. I’ve been promisin’ you guys forever that I was gonna do a video
where I do slow cooker, homemade slow cooker yogurt and homemade Instant Pot yogurt in the same video so we can compare and contrast
the differences, okay? Okay, I’m doing that today. And tonight we are having the shepherd’s pie from the freezer. So if you guys wanna keep on watchin’ my Large Family Meals of the Week videos to see how different fresh
meals and freezer meals and all those good meals go down, you can click this playlist
that’ll pop up here, it’ll also be linked
down in the description. Thank you so much for hangin’
out with us this week. Look for that yogurt video
’cause I’m filming it right now in my floppy
hat, so it’ll be out soon. See ya real soon with
another brand new video. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m tryin’ to get videos to come out
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. So those’ll be the set days, and then there’ll be weeks when
you get bonus videos too. Okay, bye-bye.

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