🥑LARGE FAMILY Pantry/FREEZER Challenge + TOUR! What We Ate Week One ✔️

– Well friends, I just got done filming an Aldi grocery haul,
it’s almost all put away. It’s a very small haul because I’m going to do at least a two week deep pantry and freezer cooking challenge
to really clear things out before I do my next large family
grocery haul for the month. I’m thinkin’, I mean it’s
already March 4th and so, I don’t know, I’m very optimistic I can get through two weeks
and I might even push through another week after that, we’ll see but I will be doing small
little hauls to get, there’s Liam putting pantry stuff away, to get odds and ends that we need. So for this week I’ve got
my meal plan worked out. I’m gonna show you what we’re
doing for dinner tonight. It’s not too difficult of a
pantry challenge right now. Of course I had a couple rib eyes and I had this light balsamic vinegar. I left those out this morning. We were running errands and doing things out and about all day, I left those out just to show you guys this
evening when we got home. So I had the rib eyes,
and yes, they would grill as beautiful steaks but if
there’s not a lot of time I can throw ’em in the slow cooker. It’ll be just like a nice roast. So here is how they look. And I also put in a purple onion. I will get those served up in a minute. And I have this bag of sweet potatoes, the sweet potatoes you keep hearing about. They went on our ski trip with us and they came all the way home. So all I did is I washed
’em, I sliced ’em all, put ’em in the slow cooker on low. We’ve been gone seven or so
hours today doing all our stuff. So these are gonna be dinner tonight. So it’ll be the equivalent of a beef roast and sweet potatoes. Happy Tuesday, we’ve got
some cheesy eggs in progress and I’m gonna go ahead and
chop up this pineapple. So here’s a look at breakfast. We got the cheesy eggs,
this was two pans of bacon but I’ve got it all piled on one pan now and then I went ahead and chopped up both of those pineapples that
I got at Aldi yesterday so this is breakfast. Oh yeah, happy Thursday. Pull it!
– Toilet paper! – He just got some potty paper, we had to but some last night. Pull that big oatmeal! Pull it to the kitchen, you got it! Look at you. Good job, Daniel. The 25 pound bag of oatmeal,
you’re a strong boy. (upbeat music) So happy Thursday afternoon,
we are tons of school and life going on behind us. For lunch I did toasted
tuna fish sandwiches and I have a little bit of that left. Naomi went out and she’s been
deep cleaning our van out since we’ve come back inside
so I saved a little bit of that for her lunch and
I’m gonna get dinner going in the Instant Pot here soon because dinner will be
here before we know it and we’ve got TaeKwonDo this evening and still getting in
some homeschool reading and messes and all of that. So of course it’s almost
time to run out the door and TaeKwonDo and I’m just getting dinner in this Instant Pot. I’m going to make a
Keto white chicken chili in the Instant Pot. I’m gonna whip that all up now. I’m gonna actually film a separate video just with that recipe but I’ll give ya a quick peek at it here. So guys, you got TaeKwonDo
momma, Jamerrill. You see what happened is I got everything in this Instant Pot earlier. I was going to feed us
this Keto, Instant Pot white chicken chili before
we went out the door to TaeKwonDo, obviously proof
we’ve been in TaeKwonDo, and anyway, time just got away from me how it does sometimes,
it’s just not fair ya know? So I got the chicken and
90% of the ingredients in the Instant Pot, secured
the lid, did all that pressed played.
(chuckling) I keep wanting to say pressed play. Pressed start, Travis took us to TaeKwonDo and now that we are home I finished up the last two things I needed to do so I’m gonna show you
this white chicken chili right now before we eat
it at like 8:30 at night. Okay, so here are the
bowls that are ready. I just around the stove
got these together. There’s the white chicken chili. I put some shredded cheese on it. Now this, of course, is thinner. There are some different
thickeners that you can add but it’s good enough for me. More of a soup consistency. Here it is in the Instant
Pot and let me tell ya, I don’t think there’s gonna be any of this left for tomorrow because it is that good. And if you need the recipe
and the cook with me video? That will be linked down
in the description below. Hey friends it is Friday, lunch time! I’m about starving,
about ready to fall down so I’m making this egg salad
but I’m also making myself some deviled eggs cause,
you know, six one way, half dozen another, it’s
still egg salad in some way. We were supposed to go to
one of the universities in our area because one
of our homeschool groups had reserved their big
college basketball gym. Woke up this morning, newsflash, one to three more inches
of snow, plans canceled. So we’ve got bedrooms clean. I got some extra deep cleaning
done today, that is good. So here’s how the egg salad looks. I got a memory card
error as I was putting in all my ingredients and I know
several of you have asked how I do egg salad. So, you know, sometimes
it’s different every time but this time, now I used
this similar to Miracle Whip cause it’s what I had on hand. We still are doing that pantry
challenge this week, so, I used a whole bunch of that. Whole bunch, that’s my measurements, whole lotta lotta of yellow mustard. Then I sprinkled in a
little bit of dill weed, garlic powder, onion powder and parsley and I did some salt and pepper. Now for myself I did
these messy deviled eggs because it’s on the low carb side of life but the egg salad’s still warm so I’m gonna put these in the refrigerator and let them cool. I’m gonna let the egg salad
sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or so, too, and then we’ll do our sandwiches. Okay, so we got our lunch
station going on here. This is Amelia’s, she’s got
a toasted egg salad sandwich, a kiwi cause we need to eat those up, and some green apple with
just a bit of peanut butter. So, we got school done. Travis took Gabriel, they
got some errands done, too. Got dinner stuff over
there for, of course, another low carb Instant Pot meal and anyway I’m gonna show you, Travis, we’re going our
trying to eat down pantry, refrigerators, freezers,
little bit of a challenge. He did pick up a few
things though at Walmart but I haven’t done like any
grocery haul things this week. So he picked up snacks tomorrow to add with our lunch cause we have our last day of basketball games. Naomi’s team is in the championship and we have four games and then after that we go to a black belt dinner for TaeKwonDo and Sunday we have another
awards activity after church, so lots going on. So he just, you know, instead
of buying drinks there, he got a six pack of drinks,
these are mom and dad drinks. And they got some veggie straws now. You know you try to teach these
husbands things sometimes, this is like the smallest
little bag of veggie straws and you know they sell like
the monster, the monster bags? So he got two of the small ones. I’m gonna put these in
baggies for the kids. And then he got a pack of protein bars. And value size, so that way the
kids will have some protein. I am going to probably
pack some egg salad somehow and do egg salad sandwiches there. So I’m getting ready
to film another video. Getting lots of cook with
me videos done this week and I am doing a Keto
Instant Pot beef stew or low carb beef stew. I’ve done this in some
of my large family meals of the week videos and I
like to do the radishes instead of potatoes, so
I’m gonna get that going and look for that separate video. Okay so we’ve already had our dinner but I will show you what is left. I did a separate video on this, it is the Keto Instant Pot
beef stew so here you go. This is what it looks like all done. So here is what we have left. There’s probably, I don’t know,
three or four servings left. Everyone had a bowl for
dinner and that is that. (light music) So happy Saturday, today is
the kids’ last Upwards Sports basketball games of the season and Naomi’s team is in the championship and to celebrate they always have, listen to this marketing okay? They always have a funnel cake
truck here, every Saturday. We have not been complaining
because it’s cheap funnel cakes so we are getting friend
Oreos to celebrate. There’s a whole lot of
scandalous food going down today. So here’s our fried Oreos going down. Gabriel’s got his, he’s
not minding this treat. Amelia, you got yours. Benjamin’s callin’ for
his and there’s our pile. Okay, so we are here
in the middle of a game and this is what this momma is doing because we’re trying to do a lot of refrigerator and pantry
clean out this week. Even though you’re gonna see meal outs, we have banquets and stuff, Woo, basketball happening! We have, you’ll see, stuffs coming up that is food outside
of our home but anyway, I brought egg salad, got some bread. We had some root beer at home. I’m gonna sit here in the
middle of this basketball game and make all my kids egg
salad sandwiches, go mom. So it is Tuesday now, I
don’t think I talk to you all in this large family meals
of the week since Saturday so Saturday after our basketball games and egg salad in the bleachers
and those fun adventures and our fried Oreos then that evening our TaeKwonDo school
had a black belt dinner so we went to that, left
my camera in the van when Travis dropped us off. He took the younger kids to Wendy’s and the kids and I, we had
fried chicken didn’t we Liam? I think they had friend
chicken and spaghetti and bread and like all the, I
don’t know, big banquet food. Kind of the country version stuff and we saw two of the
students from our school. One got their second
stripe for their black belt and the other one got
their first official, registered black belt. And then Sunday we had
more of those french toast. On the way to church I had some cheese and some apple and a yogurt. Then Sunday after church,
we were scheduled to have and like we had planned
our time around having our end of season basketball
like luncheon and awards. However, we were getting
ready to leave the city where our church was, I
happened to check Facebook and I saw, thank goodness I saw, cause it was like an hour
in the other direction, that that luncheon had been canceled. So that was part of my meal plan, I was thinking well that’s
where lunch would be that day. They are going to
reschedule it, hopefully. So, we went to Cici’s Pizza Buffet. So here I am, I’m telling ya fried Oreos, Wendy’s, Cici’s Pizza
Buffet, and so sometimes I get questions like, do
you all eat out all time? Or they think that’s a big
part of my meal planning. We, just like any family, get into times, like we didn’t know that
the basketball luncheon would be canceled. It was an hour away from home with nothing in the slow cooker so yay, cheap pizza buffet to the rescue. So we will, some weeks it
might be one to two times. Sometimes we go a couple weeks
without eating out at all. It just depends. So that kind of wraps up
week one of my little mini freezer and pantry challenge. Now I’m rolling into the second week. So then for lunch today we are going to do probably just slices of apple
butter and sliced apples. Now, of course, on the
other side of the spectrum, we have three steaks that I
put out to defrost yesterday. Travis is gonna grill those
for us but he’s just busy doing other projects outside right now so I’m doing this snacky
lunch for the kids. You see maybe during week two
this bag of sweet potatoes is gonna get used up.
(laughing) But definitely haven’t been to the store to add in anything for this week. Okay, so reality time. Here’s how the refrigerator is looking. So we do have some cream cheese here. And I have some shredded cheese left that I got at Aldi last
week which is great because I’m going to do a
chicken, broccoli, cheese low carb bake. It’s also a freezer meal so I
want to do several pans of it and I need that cheese for it
and I need the cream cheese. And so I have, this is like
half a thing of cream cheese. We do have a few low carb wraps left. We still haven’t used these. You may remember if you
watch all my grocery hauls, I got these at Sharp
Shopper several weeks ago and I just keep forgetting about ’em. They actually don’t need
to be in the refrigerator, so don’t forget about ’em Jamerrill. Next grocery shoppin’,
yes, do that, like it. Okay, so, some odds and ends. This is my eggs left from breakfast and looks like we have half a
breakfast sandwich there left. Some almond milk, heavy cream. That heavy cream is
getting close to the date so I’ll need to use that up this week. We have two packs of bacon. This big thing of cheese,
because of our ski trip Travis never got around to cutting that so I want him to make cheese
sticks for us this week. I have one, this is probably, yeah, like a half dozen of eggs in here. I probably have five or six dozen, we’ll see in the garage, left. Feta. We have avocados,
carrots, radishes in here. In what is normally our yogurt drawer we have a sad state of events
but we got some onions. This is basically dinner vegetables. We have two apples in here. And I will clean out my
drawer while you’re watching. So yeah, here’s the
house, what’s happening in the house refrigerator. And then in this house freezer
I’ve got some chicken broth, some tater tots. See, this is the kind of stuff that needs to get used up, I need to just put those on a baking sheet. I think? I don’t know. I might, no, I don’t have
enough for all the kids. That’s where it gets difficult. Maybe tonight when Zion and I play games, I’ll make him a little bowl of tater tots. He’ll like that. These are still, these are the broccoli but I’m gonna use those in my low carb chicken, broccoli, cheese freezer meals. We do have some shrimp,
one pack of asparagus, some blueberries and so
like, these blueberries? I need to make smoothies with blueberries for this coming new week. We’ve got some chicken here, waffles. There’s a rib eye. Some more chicken. Lots of good chicken that
I don’t mind using up. Got some Ezekiel bread, more broccoli. This is a Instant Pot freezer meal. I don’t think I marked it but that looks like salsa chicken to me. And here’s some beans that I need to use and some flour, so these
are the kind of things that I will be working on using up in my next large family
meals of the week video and then we will go over
here and look at the pantry. Okay, so this is just an honest look. I’ve got that big box of cans, there’s applesauce under
there and that’s tomato sauce. Things are a-fallin’. Tons of confectioner’s sugar. That is left from when we did
all our gingerbread houses this fall, so this is
what is in the pantry now and let’s see. I think we could probably
use another bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator. But a lot of the condiments, obviously, we won’t get into this week. I’m not getting into
the steal cut oats yet because I have tons of old fashion oats. I hope to get some oatmeal breakfast in. I do have cans of pink salmon. I’m going to look at my
meal plan for my next large family meals of the week video. You know that might be
something I could get used up is do some salmon cakes,
some for us to have for dinner and then some for the freezer. Do like a, you know, double, triple batch and have some for later. A little bit of pizza
sauce, spaghetti sauce, some syrup, some flour, odds and ends but like you see, it’s not
like full of snacky stuff. Diced tomatoes, which
I’ll be using this week. Jelly, so pretty standard pantry with not a lot of bells and whistles and yeah, so odds and ends in here. Will be cleaned out
through the coming week. Okay so now we’re gonna
go look at freezers and outside refrigerators. So in this fridge we have, we
do have some various veggies. We’ve got some celery we can
do cream cheese sticks with and still have more veggies I had gotten for upcoming dinners. This is from last weeks Aldi haul still. Okay, this refrigerator,
there is some more. There’s some bread, one
gallon of milk left, looks like three dozen eggs. Some almond milk back
there, some big mozzarella, those carrots still, bacon
bits still, cottage cheese. We got butter, egg whites. You can tell I have lots of
cream cheese plans in my life. (laughing) Another loaf of bread. These are some pie crusts
I had got to make more, I mean this is months ago,
what is the date when on these? Look at this, February
2019, so I guess those need to go because I didn’t
freeze ’em or do anything with them in time. These were extra when I did
a bunch of chicken pot pies for the freezer and those never got used. So shoot, sometimes you
lose a thing or two. Also, more avocados back there so I’ll have to slice
those up for Amelia and I for the coming week. Okay this freezer is just
a sad state of affairs that I need to clean out. This freezer is older than Jaiden. It’s probably 20 years old. Got another thing of shrimp. Got some hard salami,
I could probably bring that in the house, that’s
a Sharp Shopper deal. Got some bones for some beef broth and more Ezekiel bread. Get my freezer key in the door here. Okay now my other
freezer that is this size is now completely bare
because I haven’t done, like you all know, I haven’t been doing a bazillion freezer
meals in recent months. We’ve been eating down the freezers. So this is what is left of
the cow that we had bought and several other, there
are some freezer meals left that we’ll use this week. So these are two pans
of chicken fried rice. And then from my Aldi haul last month I still have all the strawberries, two big bags of cauli rice. I have this stir fry vegetable bag. This is some cooked ground beef, two other chicken meals up there and so in here, these
are some odds and ends left from the cow. We still have a lot of steaks left but we only have, I think this is it. We have four packs of ground beef, that’s about 20 pounds and then here’s another flatiron steak. Here’s the short ribs
so tons of short ribs. I keep talking about it but
I’m gonna do some videos of short ribs in the Instant Pot. Down here, here’s some
precooked ground beef. This already has peppers
and onions and such in it so that would be probably
good for spaghetti and such. Another pack of french toast sticks and then this is a three
stack of french toast slices. More beef bones. We have ground beef which will go up there. And then down here we have,
okay two, four, six, seven so it looks like I have
eight total of the hens. And you know some weeks
these save my life, I just throw ’em in the Instant Pot, do some kind of chicken meal. And then down here, got some rib eye. More short ribs, more ground
beef so you’ll see meat wise, now I don’t want to eat all the meat down ’til we have nothing but again, things like the precooked ground beef and some of these chicken
meals I still have around, before I do more freezer meals I want to use those up. And then the steaks and such? Travis uses those as he’s able. Like today we have some defrosted that he is going to grill
and the sunshine’s out so he can start grilling again. These french toast, we
will probably have lots of french toast and oatmeal
breakfast coming up. I also have a bag of this
tropical fruit blend, haven’t got into that, but you can see, you know for a family of 10, I could definitely go
grocery shopping this week but I am going to hold off one more week and that just forces me to use up more of these odds and ends. So you can see we definitely
have lots of food. I can definitely make it another week but this is going to definitely, let’s see how many times can Jamerrill use the word definitely? Definitely, definitely, definitely have me scratch the bottom
of some freezer shelves, get some more things
used up in the pantry. My next large family
meals of the week video which should be more entertaining, like forcing me to get
a little creative-wise, I’ll probably start filming
like today, Tuesday, through next Sunday or Monday when I do my next big once a
month grocery shopping haul. Also, two things, okay? Two things I want you to do. Don’t forget to click
this video right here to keep on a-watchin’. And number two, I want you to also check the first comment in the description below and go through and click
that and get my free, super mega, large family food collection. I have my family favorites recipe binder. The whole binder creation
kit is in there for free. It’s also for sale in my
shop but you can get it free. I have my family meal planning collection that has weekly, biweekly
and monthly meal planners and grocery list. I have my free, super mega, cause we do all the things super mega, freezer meal planning pages. I have a cookbook that has 10
favorite large family table dinner recipes and there’s like casseroles and slow cooker recipes in there and more. It’s a lot, massive download. Let me tell you something
about the downloads though. Sometimes I get emails
from different ladies who try to open the
download on their phone. You need to open the download,
because it’s a zip file, open it on your desktop because it’s what? 100 and? I don’t even know how
many pages, it’s a lot. I have a free like holiday
planning set in there that helps you meal plan and grocery shop for all the holidays
and even blank planners in that one and that one
alone is over 30 pages so it’s a massive thing
I’m trying to hand you. Open it from your desktop. You got that. Okay, I’ll see you real soon with another brand new video, bye-bye.

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