🧀Ricotta Cheese🧀 EPIC INSTANT POT Recipe

hey you guys retired at 40 my
wife and I found a new tool to go in our kitchen Arsenal and it’s an instant pot
and we really like to put ricotta cheese on lots of stuff and we got tired of
buying it in the store so we just decided to make it so we bought this
instant pot here and it makes ricotta cheese and many other things really easy
so the only thing you need to make ricotta is four cups of milk we use
whole milk and the first thing you do is just pour it right in the instant pot okay once your milk is in put your lid
on okay and make sure it’s got a good seal and then you just hit the yogurt
button until it hits boil and you’ll do one whole cycle through the instant pot
and then you’ll double check to make sure it’s a hundred and eighty degrees
when it goes through that whole cycle all right so our timer just off looks like it went through the
whole cycle usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes you’re looking for 180 degrees Ours wasn’t at 180 degrees so if it’s
not at 180 degrees just run it through a quick cycle again put your top
back on and just give it another five minutes or so and then you can check the
temperature again after your five minutes is up and if it’s not at that
point you just keep doing that until you get up to 180 degrees
alright so ours is usually taking about one and a half to two cycles on average
next thing you want to do is just pull this inside pot out and then two
tablespoons of regular old white distilled vinegar and then give it a real good stir make
sure you don’t skip the stirring part or it won’t turn out right and you can see
already that it’s starting to curdle up so once you give this a good stir you
want to let it sit for about 10 minutes all right so this has been resting for
about 10 minutes you can see it’s a little bit curdled up so just take
a bowl a strainer put the strainer in the bowl and then take a towel or you
could use the cheesecloth or something similar to that put it down in here just
pour all this stuff right through there and that’ towel will just let the whey go
down to the bottom and the cheese will stay on the top and then you can
actually take the whey that’s on the bottom you can use it for smoothies you
can use it for cooking you can use it for bread all kinds of different stuff
all right so now this is drained out all your liquids go to the bottom and you’re
just left with the ricotta cheese just throw this in a bowl there you go and all of your whey has
gone to the bottom you can save it we use it for cooking or you can just throw
it away alright so there you go you got about a cup and a half of ricotta cheese
out of four cups of milk we like to throw this on pizzas or you can use it
for lasagna or Italian dishes this is retired at 40 signing off remember to
live life simple and we’ll catch you next time alright once you have your
milk in put your lid on make sure that’s good

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