10 minute everyday makeup routine so ur friends don’t complain about u being late

I almost fell :0 Hello my frens it’s Nina and for this video I am up in the morning and filming at 10 a.m. This is early for me. I woke up at like 8:40 In my brain, that’s kind of late. I usually get up at like 8:00 when the sun is kind of low in the sky but once it gets towards like nine the sun’s like up in the sky and it’s really harsh and summer’s really hot and just Also, look at my Yosemite shirt It’s still early in the morning. I didn’t bother to change. So for this video I’m going to show you my everyday 10-minute makeup routine the thing with my everyday makeup routine is that I change my routine like every two weeks from my last everyday makeup routine video I changed my routine to this routine and I’ve been doing this and then this is probably gonna change so I Don’t know But anyway, this is what I’m doing currently it takes theoretically ten minutes But sometimes it takes longer if I’m listening to music if I’m just not feeling in the mood it might take 20, 30 So I developed this makeup routine because there is a tragic backstory To why I need to get out of the house earlier I tend to be late for Every single thing that I go to when my friends have plans and I’m part of those plans I just never show up on time and I’ve hurted a lot of people Hurt? Hurted? I’ve hurted I’ve hurt a lot of iS IT HURTED?? Is hurted not a word? oh my god my english. I’ve hurt a lot of people. I’ve just hurt a lot of people in the past with my lack of punctuality Instead of showing up on time I just always somehow show up either exactly five minutes late or thirty minutes late There’s never an in-between it’s just like how do I always manage to get out of the house thirty minutes late? it’s not even 29 minutes late it’s 30 and so I didn’t want to be a burden to my friends anymore So that’s why I’m doing this 10 minute makeup routine so I could get out of the house 20 minutes earlier So anyway, this is a ten minute makeup routine I’ve actually timed it once and it did take ten minutes Usually I listen to music so that’s why it takes a little longer That’s why I’m still late to meet my friends bUT I’m trying my best, friends Okay
If I show up late That’s just because it took a lot of courage in me to tell myself to get out of the house So the first thing I do before anything always in the morning and always at night is to moisturize after I wash my face I moisturize a tip I have with moisturizer is to make sure your hands are super clean like wash your hands and then Dry them in a separate towel. Don’t dry your hands with the same towel that you use for everything else Just have a separate hand towel because your hands are very dirty You know They they touch a lot of stuff and so make sure they’re super clean right after you wash them go in with your moisturizer Because you’re rubbing this all over your face So the moisturizer I use is this intense hydration face cream by mineral fusion. I’ve used this face cream for Like a year and a half or two and it works really well it’s for normal to dry skin types My skin is around normal to dry. Also there’s a mirror here that’s why I’m looking this way So I moisturize everywhere and I get my sensitive spots as well sometimes in some areas I’m super dry Got milk? Almond milk? So I get it especially around here then under my eyes Especially here because this area gets really dry. So the next thing we do is eyebrows Um, I’ve run out of this. I don’t even know if there’s product left but I assume there’s a tiny bit I can’t even tell anymore. But this is what I used to kind of set up my eyebrows I should have brought a mirror. Huh. Anyway I need a mirror I’m back. Okay So I use this glossier boy brow to set up my eyebrows. It’s the clear one, so it has no color So that’s why I only use it to set up my eyebrows But then I’m gonna go over it with a cake powder because my eyebrows need it. My eyebrows are straight So that’s why I kind of so that’s why I kind of shape them and I have to really kind of just guide them Make sure they’re doing good things in life. And the next thing I do is I go in with a NYX eyebrow cake powder It’s gray and black and then I go in with this tiny little brush I could have a different brush, but it came with a brush. So I just use it Then I go in with the gray only with the powder I start here on this bottom and then I try to make my eyebrows really straight. So I always start on the outside Just making sure there’s a shape Yes, yes Yes YES and then I go on the outside right here to complete the entire brow Everyone has a different face shape so just go with what looks oh, okay Just go with what looks good on your face kind of just like see where it lines up and stuff So I’m literally just filling in the blank spots and then making it a full brow because I have hairs so I’m just working with what I’ve got. Does it look straight? I don’t even know anymore. I try my best That’s all I’m doing my eyebrows look different almost every day and that’s what keeps life interesting Eyebrows that never look the same that’s as straight as it’ll go Then I go on the outside and then I complete the brow trying to make it as lined up as possible with this brow so I gotta go on the bottom a little bit and also it’s kind of important for me to kind of round out my eyebrow a little bit because sometimes it can make me look angry I gotta make sure it’s kind of rounded. So the brows are done. And then now we’re moving on to the eyes I use an eye primer on my eyelids to set up the canvas for my eye ball lids (??) so I go in with the urban decay eyeshadow primer potion a lot of my products are urban decay don’t mind and then I just put it all over my eyelids dabbing it on and then I just put it all over my eyelids now, I’m moving on to the eyeshadow and I use a naked 3 palette for the first shadow which is this shadow right- you can’t really see it this shadow right here I just go in with my middle finger and I just put it all over my lid just like all over this is the only source of color for this look and my trick is that I just bend down so that the fallout can fall out so don’t mind me Okay, you’re probably gonna need to see what I’m doing So I just literally put it all over my lid like this you get really intimate with yourself You’re just I was gonna say something really inappropriate. You’re just rubbing okay you’re just putting this glittery shadow all over your lid and then kind of on the corner of your eye This is why it’s important to make sure your fingers are clean your hands are clean all that and it has like a bit of a rosy gold color so that’s why I like this shade and then I go into the other eye Make sure it’s all over the eye. Here we go And then with a flat brush I go in with the same shadow and I go on the bottom of my eyes cuz you kind of just want everything to go together So I start on the outside first, outside and then I work my way in Just like that Then another thing I like to do is with the same palette I go with “dust” it’s literally dusty Okay
So you got to be careful with this but I put this on the center of my eyelids just to make it pop even more just like that and then I kind of just work it then other lid there we go And then with the flat brush, I put “dust” on the inner corner of my eye just to make my eyes pop a little more So that is it for the eye shadow and now we’re going to fake an eyeliner I haven’t used actual eyeliner in a very long time just because I haven’t bothered to get another one so lately I’ve just been faking an eyeliner by using eye shadow So you don’t need an entire other palette to do this eyeliner look you just need a matte dark color. And this is a nice dark brown matte color that I like. It’s called chocolate dipped It’s from the Just Peachy palette and then I just use a flat tip I start on the outside of my eye and then I’m really just trying to get as close as possible to my lashline Then you’re just gonna keep going until you get like an eyeliner I’ll sit closer to you so you can see what I’m doing but I kind of just go along with my eye shape I don’t bring it up. I used to bring my wing like up But now I just kind of go slightly down. It kind of just makes my eyes look a little longer this way MY HANDS ARE SHAKING and then I kind of just judge when I want to stop so nothing too much There’s just a hint of liner now now the other eye So that is really it for the eyes actually no, it’s not now you need mascara So I’m gonna first curl my eyelashes So, how are you doing? Hope you guys are getting through life Like I am also before my entire makeup routine I always remember to moisturize my lips so that’s just a tip. Moisturize your lips. and there we go And I’m just going to cover them with mascara and I use this everything’s just urban decay And then I’m just going in to make my eyelashes look longer and on the bottom just a little bit literally just the tiniest amount NO It’s okay I thought I ruined it but it’s all good and then i just go here Just a very light amount And then my eye makeup is done So for the face after I moisturize and everything I just use a BB cream. I use this BB cream cushion It’s got this little mochi face it’s literally the klairs mochi BB cushion pact it’s from klairs and then I just put it all over my face This is the only thing I use for my skin. I do BB cream After everything because of the chance of fallout and all that But I’ve just gotten used to doing bb cream after everything So that is that with the face makeup and then finally I just go in with lip tints recently I’ve only been using this orange tint from etude house but I’ve also used red over that sometimes but that’s only if I’m feeling fancy but otherwise I just use the orange just for a pop of color. This is a nice summer color. I’m just gonna look this way I guess. And then I fix it with my fingertips because it’s super orange right now and then on top of that I just put on more lip balm. I have this rosy lips lip balm from vaseline This lip balm has a nice rosy smell so you just smell like peaches and roses and it just makes me feel really good and then just fix Anything you need to fix and that is it for this makeup routine. It literally takes 10 minutes You could basically do this in your car if you need to which is what I sometimes do if I’m super late So to my friends I’m sorry I always show up late. I don’t I wake up early and I try to do everything but there’s just so much that I have to do in the morning that I just- well anyway, I exposed myself now this is my makeup routine, so I don’t really have a lot of excuses to be late anymore I’m gonna fix my hair now you guys look at how long my hair is. see? So that is it for this video. I hope you enjoyed this 10-minute makeup routine. I hope it changed your life I hope you are never late to meet your friends anymore. And if you still are just- I don’t have another solution just- but thank you so much for watching and I am gonna go and watch the new run BTS episode and I’m gonna get on with my day, so yeah HAVE A GOOD DAY OR NIGHT AND I WILL SEE YOU NEXT TIME BYE BYE :))

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  1. V Playing says:

    Im asian and i still dont look pretty im jealous ;-;

  2. Salty Wizard Flying on a Fish says:

    I don’t see why you even use makeup?
    You’ve got beauty, girl.

  3. sum kim says:

    You're really funny

  4. Ajdus uwu says:

    why am i watching this i dont even have friends

  5. xox Gjunie xox says:

    My mom use to tell me that i had to be at places half an hour to when i actually had to be there, that way if i was "late" i would be on time xD

  6. Serena Wang says:

    ONLY if My skin is in good condition as you(then I won’t NEED the foundation or concealer

  7. Sylvia Bernard says:

    Today's lesson learned: how to fake eyeliner 👌

  8. Anime And Loneliness says:

    Nina at 4:01 – My eyebrows are straight so that’s why I kind of shape them.
    Also Nina, 30 secs. later: I Try tO mAKe MY eyEbROws sTraIgHT.

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  10. numbkeen says:

    lifehack: dont have friends so no one can complain

  11. Joanne De Leon says:

    i love the vaseline rosy lips balm too! truly deserves the clout it got from jk lmao bts makeup nation rise

  12. Crunchy B Roll says:

    what makes you think i have friends? The only people complaining about me being late are my teachers

  13. triple x says:

    where did you order the lip products from?

  14. triple x says:

    i’m going to send this to all of my friends so they doesn’t get late anymore thank you!!

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    you’re beautiful

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