100 mini vada making! crispy & soft vada!

2 cups of urad dhal (400 gms)
soak in water for 2 hours… soaked urad dhal ready for grinding… TIP : use wet grinder to grind the urad dhal to make soft vada. add dhal.
add required water & 1 spoon salt. grind till the batter is soft and spongy. 5 big onions 8 green chillies curry leaves add finely cut onions to the batter… add finely cut green chillies add cut coriander leaves, curry leaves, cumin seeds… add 4 spoons of rice flour
(this gives crispness to the vada) add 1 spoon of salt mix well… batter is ready for making crispy vada… keep a pan on the lit stove..
add oil for deep frying.. oil is hot enough for frying… make small size ball from the batter.
make it flat and round. put few of them into the oil pan… allow to cook for 2-3 minutes…
turn them few times in between. take the vada out when it is golden brown color… repeat this for next set of vada… crispy & soft vada is ready to serve ! add small pieces of coconut to batter for coconut flavour… 100 vada ready for the party!

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