100 comments on “$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo – Teppanyaki in Japan”

  1. Doctor Goop says:

    This is lunch for people with more money than brains/taste. ONE large, inedible clam. Really?

  2. Doctor Goop says:

    I just paid $432 for lunch for one person (3x$144) and I’m still hungry?

  3. DysfunctionalBubble says:

    Who can afford this. I mean, Tokyo must have enough rich people there to spend my days wage on lunch.

  4. Soundwave Superior says:

    Over 11 minutes until you see the actual streak…wtf

  5. 이광석 says:

    쎄슘 실컷 드세요.

  6. AL Wu says:

    this type of cooking is all show. Such a waste of amazing steak cooking it this simple. you can do this at home🙄🙄🤭

  7. BoSsOm boss says:

    If I am hungry for a whole day and nothing have to eat then I will eat japani food…..😅😅😅😅😅

  8. BoSsOm boss says:

    Raw beef more hazardous to eat full of bacteria. 👎

  9. Zappy says:

    i literaly sat in the same chair, best beef i ever ate

  10. L.E.B MC5 says:


  11. Timothy McClanahan says:

    This meat is so tender and juicy it is unbelievable it is meat from a cow… I have had the steak and ground up to make burgers.. Want a burger like you have never tasted? Buy it make some patties and bbq and all the normal toppings and that my friend will be the best burger you have ever tasted..

  12. Tyler Shorris says:

    $144 ASMR

  13. Steven Ciechan says:

    The way the chefs finesse the food while they cook it, very cool to watch

  14. Yes No says:

    Takes a special kind of moron to pay 150 bucks for a raw chopped off piece of meat. I wouldn't feed that to my dog.

  15. dreydin says:

    I'd rather buy a good flat top grill for that price

  16. Chris Gaddy says:

    Your not paying for lunch but all the gymnastics he's doing with food. The twisting, turning, moving, flipping and cutting.
    You paid for labor!!!!!

  17. Matt Engle says:

    No offence it looks like a fun experience but you're filming is God awful. And it looks like everything is in fast motion

  18. Kevin McCaughan says:

    Fuck I really miss Japan.

  19. Regional Cooking says:

    It really relax and fantastic.

  20. Mostafa Miroune says:

    i can buy a whole lamb with that money

  21. kushagra tiwari says:

    I am sure the rice tasted like shit😂😂.

  22. Manila Staycations says:

    what camera and lens did you use for this?

  23. Backpac Man says:

    I'm justing eating peanuts here lol

  24. STAS_ Gamer says:

    80% fat and 20% meat.

  25. Martin Erskine says:

    He's chucking the fat!!! He's chucking the best of the Wagyu, away WTF?

  26. TheMegaelectronic says:

    everything served here was stupid as fuck

  27. gino olguin malaver says:

    Lo único interesante la carne

  28. Pure apples says:

    in the end his bill was $13,233

  29. SoZo says:

    144$ is my monthly salary..i feel so poor

  30. David Stoker says:

    $144? Fuck you.

  31. Cheffo Rich says:

    Search then Watch miyazaki vs. Kagoshima A5

  32. spheres are flat says:

    I like how you felt like you needed to get your $144 worth and started filming someone else's meal. Was it worth $144? Nope.

  33. Richard A says:

    Now I am so hungry, I need to go to Tokyo. Oyasuminasai.

  34. Yuri Guiguer says:

    the steak looks awful

  35. Shinjok Abe says:

    Fukushima radioactive agricultural and fisheries products are distributed throughout the Japan in hotel restaurants.
    Tens of millions of spectators are eating contaminated food.
    For the Olympics, it is currently in the process of mixing radioactive soil with soil from agricultural lands.
    The goal is to attract 40 million tourists by 2020.
    The Japanese government announced that it would provide radioactive food to athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
    The Japanese government has decided to release 1.1 million tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.
    The report was released by the international environmental group Greenpeace.

    Japan is still trapped in the ground with its melted core fuel rods spewing huge amounts of radiation.
    Pollution water is also the reason why it continues to grow.
    Radiation is dangerous in the order of age in which cell division is most active. The younger you are, the more likely you are to mutate because your defense is weak and the more cells you create.
    It's the order of children, adults, seniors, women and men.
    Radiation has a much higher risk of internal exposure to food than exposure to air.
    Tokyo is already a sure-fire zone, and Greenpeace's survey shows that the waters in front of it are completely polluted.
    Radioactivity absorbs a lot from the soil, and there's an article in Fukushima that says, "There's a lot of pollution, and we recycle it.
    Radiation continues to flow into Tokyo through the air through the motorway, and Tokyo, a metropolitan city, is suffering from the loss of radioactive materials due to the fact that the land cannot absorb them due to the public.
    Now, out of hundreds of radioactive materials, it's like cesium-137 and the Japanese government isn't doing any epidemiological work on the damage.
    Nevertheless, he did a lot of mean things such as filing a complaint with the WTO to export radioactive fishery products to various countries.
    In Tokyo, where Japan's largest fish market is located, farm and fisheries products from Fukushima are supplied to all lodging facilities where tourists stay.
    I hope you don't see any visible radiation, it's dangerous, and you don't have to pay for it.

  36. Danny Cai says:

    Wrong time, I'm so hungry =。=

  37. FreshGaming says:

    you have to be retarded to pay 144$ for that shit…

  38. dylan ramper says:

    This puts me to sleep Haha

  39. Jon Snell says:

    Someone is about to get ripped off here!

  40. a cup of coffee says:

    That knife gives me an erection.

  41. Tenzin Lekshey says:

    Just by watching, I am full. Skipping lunch today.

  42. K. voo says:

    So percice

  43. Dreamstyle New says:

    就这? 回去我还有力气搬砖吗

  44. YOSHUA FLOWER says:


  45. Sergen Özkeles says:

    Deaf people: How does the restaurant sound?

    Youtube: yes.

  46. VANTHA SAVOUT says:


  47. Sergio C. says:

    Very expensive, small steak, many time to cook…..WTF…..Don´t like this food and the video…..MALO !!!

  48. meh mehh says:

    tumbando gringos y turistas desde tiempos ancestrales

  49. Seth H says:

    want some salt with your salt? nice lunch but my god chill with the salt.

  50. Papa Sears says:

    wagyu is good but way overpriced for the portion size….

  51. Ben Tree specialist says:

    An hour later when you are half full and your wallet is dead empty..

  52. Mike x says:

    Is that 80/20 beef? 80% fat, 20% beef. I couldn't recognize anything in that meal other than the steak and rice.

  53. Blue stars night says:

    Its look like a frozen steak that I can buy it from the supermarket for less than 10 bucks

  54. Stephan Hofmann says:

    144$ for such a little piece of beaf? Crazy people in Japan.

  55. pirco pizi says:

    pepper comes at least. otherwise you taste the burned bitter black pepper.

  56. Seth Thomas says:

    Nobody: I need a ridiculously overpriced lunch that will dirty every plate, bowl, and utensil in my entire restaurant, and have the customer leave hungry…

    Japan: I got you fam…

  57. Austin Murphy says:

    That steak looks like Spam

  58. Arni Sigurdsson says:


  59. 신현오 says:

    I won't pay $144 for roasted fat

  60. Tomás cinnsealeach says:

    What is the liquid at 6:03

  61. Meme Comeback says:

    restaurant sounds

  62. Scag Baron says:

    I didn't know that waygu steak was that fatty.

  63. Ethan Fanshel says:


  64. dudugrossi says:

    when the food is too expensive and u don't even know somethings in the table

  65. Ann Defi says:

    comen todo en miniatura ahí.. Yo me como como 5 de esos xD

  66. Captain J The BK says:

    This is sick for the price you’d think it’d be like a couple hundred dollars just for this type of service literally chef right in front of you nice view and everything awesome

  67. bri says:

    Did he just throw away the oil from the wagyu beef?

  68. Elfo Jonas says:

    It was delicious to watch, I can only imagine how good is to eat!

  69. Dan Falen says:

    What a drab, Grey Boring AZZ restaurant. I'd rather have a $15 burger with people to talk to!

  70. T Tsaab says:

    Not worth the money with that money your better off going to get street food for a whole week

  71. Agustin Alejo Becchio says:

    con 144 dolares de asado en Argentina comen 10, achuras y picada de entrada, te sobra para birra/fernet y un buen whisky despues de la comida

  72. Joe Originales says:

    This video is boring. So not interesting.

  73. Sceptic says:

    03:30 exactly small, medium and large drops of oil.

  74. Sceptic says:

    Title should be “how to still be hungry right after having a meal”

  75. southchum101 says:

    Rip off

  76. W H says:

    Video: restaurant sounds

  77. charliem1010 says:

    That does not look like any piece of beef I’ve ever seen. It says steak, but what kind of steak, people? It looks disgusting. I wouldn’t pay $1.44 for that lunch.

  78. manuel I says:


  79. Magical. Official says:

    Watching this video at 3am..
    I can smell it~

  80. Osvaldo Ferrer says:

    $144 for fried steak??. No thank you.

  81. Cristian Mihaes says:

    instead of paying that money ill eat my home made steak meat or whatever and help 100 people homeless or kids starving ..this is so stupid …god bless humble people and shame on u guys

  82. Patrick van kessel says:

    144 is that just the steak, or also everything else he was prepairing for this costumer ?

  83. Benjamin Riquelme says:

    Is so good, i ate a kobe beef 🤤

  84. Edu SC says:

    No pago ni 5 dolares por esa basura

  85. thomas nim says:

    Try not be satisfied challenge over 9000

  86. ALGIZ says:

    Это каким нужно быть идиотом что бы отдать за кусок жира 144 $

  87. dumptonpark says:

    This cafe must be on a steep hill, They saw you coming.

  88. AlikKra says:

    Если мне заплатят $144 я готов это съесть. Хотя сырое не ем.

  89. Burkay Tanır says:

    He's throwing all the delicious oils both from beef and other vegetables. How crazy is that?

  90. jaaaaa aaaaaa says:

    too many gimmicks

  91. Level Heading says:

    Soul Satisfaction.

  92. Vu Ho says:

    Was it necessary to murder that poor clam in front of the customer?

  93. Robin Rego says:

    For 144$ my mama would be able to feed us good nutritious food for a month.

  94. JeremySatan says:

    Teppanyaki is such absolute bullshit

  95. Potelino Seven says:

    Ah não kkk quanta frescura, prefiro o churrasco la na zona oeste do RJ..

  96. Rollo Jones says:

    Nice radioactive ☢️ beef from Fukushima 👍🏼

  97. tomas ryan says:

    Does he throw away the fat

  98. anton bacon says:

    If the entire meal was 144 that's prity good for everything and 5oz coby.

  99. tony perez says:

    no vale la pena

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