15-Minute Vegan Pumpkin Chili

The weather is cooling down,
fall is here, which means it’s the perfect
time for some pumpkin chili. And what could be
better than pumpkin chili? 15 minute pumpkin chili! So you might be wondering
what is pumpkin chili? It’s your basic, delicious chili with a little bit of
that harvest delicious warmth going on with the cinnamon, a little bit
of pumpkin happening. It’s an amazing chili.
You have to try it. Alright, let me show you how
easy this chili is to make. Start with some water as a base. Diced tomatoes… Just pour that in,
just one can. and I do the unsalted diced tomatoes and that
way you have more control over the salt level. One can of pumpkin… Of course, you want to make sure
you get the plain, pureed pumpkin and not the pumpkin pie filling.
Very important. Alright, next we have our beans. I have kidney beans and black beans here. drain and rinse them both. Whenever I use any canned beans, I always
like to give them a really good rinse to try and get that extra starch off. Put them straight into a bowl. I’m just going to fill this bowl up with
water; let them soak just for a minute or two. Now the reason why I’m soaking these beans is
that it just helps with that digestibility factor, just a tiny bit. If you have longer to
let them soak, even better. So now we have our pot with our diced
tomatoes and our pumpkin. Let’s add our spices. In this little bowl, I have chili powder, onion
powder and garlic powder. Cumin and paprika. Talk about flavor right there! Finally, what helps make
this a pumpkin chili? Cinnamon and nutmeg. Alright, that’s looking
and smelling marvelously. Last ingredient? Salt and pepper. I’m using a Pink Himalayan salt today,
but you can use any salt you like. Ground black pepper…
going in. Just give this a nice stir… And as you can see,
it’s a nice orange-y color. And all that’s left now is to come back
to these beans and add those And we’re ready to
put it on the stove. One more final rinse. Shake off all the water. Wow, those are pretty.
Don’t you think? Alright, I’m going to
add these to our pot. Stir these in. I almost forgot!
There’s one more ingredient. Maple syrup. Now, this is not a sweet chili, but there’s
something about this maple syrup that makes the pumpkin
flavors really, really pop. You got the cinnamon, the
nutmeg and that pumpkin. This maple is going to
make it really shine. Straight in. One less optional ingredient
would be cayenne. If you like in on the spicy side, you want
to go for about a quarter of a teaspoon. but if you want more of a medium. you want
to go for, like, an eighth of a teaspoon. A little goes a long way. That’s it, and it will add a punch. but of course if you like mild,
you can leave out that cayenne altogether. Let’s take this over to the stove. Alright. Alright, so the chili is
just starting to boil. I’m just going to quickly chop up
some of my favorite toppings. Take some chives that I’m
currently growing in the backyard. You can use any
type of onion you like, White onion, red onion, they’re all
really, really good with chili Alright, that’ll be enough for now, So aside from our chopped onions,
you can also add chopped avocado Which is a great substitute
for sour cream, But I personally also like
to add chopped pecans Which might sound a little strange, but
honestly that extra little crunch is so good. And it adds to that feeling of
“Yeah, this is a harvest inspired chili” Alright this chili is boiling. I can
hear it. so let’s go get some! I love this color. It’s gorgeous. Doesn’t get much better than
this on a cold day in Autumn. Look at that steam.
Ooh! Add a little bit of our pecans. Chopped chives. Now, all I need is some corn bread,
which is what I’ll be making in my next video, so be sure to
check that one out. For now, I’ll be happy with this. Mmmm.
Oh yeah! That’s good. Be sure to try this. You can find the
full recipe on audreydunham.com. It’s so good
and so easy. Thank you very much
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  1. Jared Miller says:

    So I saw the title and was like…."sounds interesting". So many of your videos make me (and others in sure) want to try new things. 😁👍

  2. Flamin Ace says:

    im from ask reddit

  3. circusninja says:

    "What is pumpkin chili?" She asks, the answer is, not chili.

  4. stacie wilson says:

    This looks delicious! I am excited to make it myself :).

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