1930 Brussels Sprouts And Bacon Recipe

welcome friends it is Sunday morning so
we’re going to do another one of our old cookbook series and right now we’re
working from this book the Chicago Daily News cookbook published in 1930
so in Chicago in a big city in the United States right at the beginning of
the Great Depression and you can tell from these recipes that there’s still
hope people think this might not last that long and a lot of these recipes are
very hopeful and filled with things that we might not think of as depression-era
recipes and the one we’re gonna do today is Brussels sprouts and bacon because
you know here we are how many years later and this is something that I love
to eat so I’ve got boiling water that’s salted and we put the Brussels sprouts
in and we boil them it says to boil until tender
about 25 minutes to me that just sounds way too long but I know that you know in
my parents era and my grandparents and that they boiled vegetables until they
were just about mush so we’re gonna go we’re gonna follow the recipe we’re
gonna go to 25 minutes and see what happens
okay the Brussels sprouts are almost done so I’m gonna start rendering the
fat off on this bacon so it sounds like I want to render out as much fat as
possible so that I can fry the Brussels sprouts in the fat and I also want to
crisp up the bacon because I’m gonna take it out fry the Brussels sprouts and
then add the bacon back in at the end as part of the dish so I start out in a
cold pan sort of medium low heat get as much fat out as possible then I’ll crank
up the heat so I’m gonna say the bacon is done we’re gonna pull that out of the
pan and the Brussels sprouts are definitely done definitely done so out
comes the bacon and it says to drain the Brussels sprouts but I’m not gonna drain
them I’m gonna use a spider to pull them out because the water that’s in there
be great for starting to make a vegetable broth for another soup and in
keeping with sort of depression-era I think that’s pretty smart so out comes
the bacon I think I’ve got most of it out now the problem is you don’t want to
turn down the temperature so the bacon fat is going to start to burn
a little bit and in go the Brussels sprouts okay
salt and pepper for seasoning as much as you like as little as you like depending
on how salty the boiling water was you might not need to add much salt and I’m
going to throw in about half of the bacon now and mix it around I’m gonna
save the rest for plating I just continue stirring that around and sort
of crisp up the Brussels spreads but it will be tough because these little
suckers are waterlogged really waterlogged maybe that’s a good thing okay Brussels sprouts and bacon a
classic so as much as everything changes nothing changes
yeah nothing changes so bacon bacon spreads they go together I mean that’s
the only way that the only yeah so as much as the everybody claims
they’ve got a new idea let’s put bacon in it yeah
someone said that long ago someone said that a long time ago and so I’m a little
bit worried because it’s like to cook these for 25 minutes after you’d already
parboiled him no boil them for 25 minute oh my that’s a lot of boil mm-hmm
that might be a more of an older way of thinking about vegetables it is but you
know what they just fall apart in your mouth you’re not well you’re a little
kid and your mom fig your Brussels sprouts and it was like they they were
in your mouth forever because you didn’t oh I think I would have borrowed them
less I like the crunch here a little bit of a cry yeah I think that texture of
mushy okay one of this frizzy texture for me I don’t clearly you like it I’m
going back for another one cuz I actually I’m really enjoying this now I
might just eat more bacon this is going to use onion though that
would step it up frying onion with the bacon mm-hmm cuz those are also flavors
they go together um this is not in the recipe but I do
know that lemon really does bring out that a nice bright flavor so the acidic
from the lemon we’ll look at that now you’ve gone and hipster did I have
good well my god I could have gotten at the microplane and shaved on some
parmesan which would like you know hipster eyes boob truck hipster it and
we could charge like 30 bucks oh you just boil it a little less yes Colonel
lemon so I think I think the point of this is that you know stuff has been
around for a very long time and there really isn’t all that much that’s new in
the world in terms of food the lemon really does bring a nice little brings
it up thanks for stopping by enjoy your Brussels sprouts
see you again soon you

100 comments on “1930 Brussels Sprouts And Bacon Recipe”

  1. Mark Gaudry says:

    My mother-in-law's family recipe just boils them till tender and then mixes them with a melted butter salt and lemon juice sauce she made up in a sauce pan. It is old and not at all hipster but Sicilian. She cross cut the bottoms to help them cook faster and retain the sauce better.

  2. Xander Funk says:

    I have only ever had roasted Brussel sprouts, so I don’t understand why you would boil them at all. Roasting vegetables, to me, is the superior way to cook them.

  3. Gidget says:

    I had to come back again because I forgot to give it a 👍 !!!😬 Sometimes being old sucks 🤦 at least I remembered to check and see if I had given it a thumbs up or not 🤷

  4. Thomas! Forster! says:

    Hi Glen, I'm Irish and my family has a recipe very similar to this that we think was from the Potato famine as a treat as pork was hard to come by. It has changed over the centuries and we have many different variations. My favourite thing to do is add Herbs de Provence, which is French 5 spice seasoning consisting of satureja, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and marjoram.

  5. Thomas! Forster! says:

    P.S. my family is patiently awaiting a European Fanta/Original Fanta recipe. Fanta sucks here in the U.S. and we had some in Austria and loved it.

  6. Mr.NotSoNocturnal says:

    Ooooh, I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow.

  7. stormbob says:

    Julie and I are kindred spirits. As soon as you evacuated everything from the saute pan my first thought was "That looks good, but I want fried onions with it." Lo and behold, two minutes later Julie said what I was thinking.

  8. Nicholas G says:

    I'd love to try this recipe but Brussel sprouts are so expensive where I'm from. One day tho. 🙂

  9. MGTOW says:

    Good Morning,

    Thank You Very Much For Sharing.. Do You Think You Could Some Day Make A Video On Goulash.?

  10. Nicholas Kent says:

    America's Test Kitchen has a great video, I'll probably cross reference these two recipes together to make Brussels Sprouts.

    Basically the other video cuts them in half and cooks them cut side down to brown them as much as possible, with like 5 tablespoons of olive oil to keep browning the parts that lift off the pan due to moisture loss. But I'll be figuring out how to incorporate bacon bits and bacon grease to that.

    Should be fun.

  11. Ian Wildsmith says:

    Welcome Glen

  12. Elena Simon says:

    My new go to…just had Brussels sprouts for the first time last Christmas. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Lightly grease a baking sheet. Cut Brussels sprouts in half and combine with 3 tablespoons olive oil, salt, and pepper and gently toss to coat. Spread sprouts mixture onto the prepared baking sheet. Bake in the preheated oven until sprouts are tender and caramelized, 25 to 30 minutes. I use a bottled balsamic vinegar GLAZE drizzled on top before serving.

  13. lbird says:

    It's funny about the older generation overcooking food. For years I use to describe my mother's cooking in that she 'cooks food until it's dead', lol. Didn't matter if it was meat or vegetables, everything was extremely well done. Have a great day.

  14. john wall says:

    My parents lived thru the depression. The way my mother did it was to charr the sprouts first with the bacon, add some onion and jar them. Submerse them in a brine to cook and preserve them.

  15. D.mushroom Hunter says:

    Hey Glen, I used to hate!! brussel sprouts.. that and my mom's favorite dish German potato salad… Until I realized as an adult she used to buy caned German potato salad.. yuck!! And then as an adult and accomplished cook.. one of my favorite side dishes I serve to skeptical friends. Is fresh brussel sprouts cut in half, steamed. And then seared in bacon grease, with red skin potatoes, a little sugar, a little vinegar,and a lot of pepper..! one of the best side dishes ever?…No but definitely a childhood hated meal brought up to adult standards!! The addition of some crumbled bacon and a side of sour cream almost makes it a meal..

  16. Ernie Walker says:

    What doesn't go with bacon???

  17. wolf man says:

    Brussels Sprouts AKA Cabbage McNuggets

  18. Fapnado says:

    Yummy what better than some delicious leafy greens anti-nutrients and indigestible fiber to begin the day 😀

  19. kel pizzuti says:

    Christmas classic. 👍👍👍👍

  20. Flaming Olives Matter Too says:

    I wasnt looking for a new channel and have a hard time keeping up with my subs but I found your KFC shows and found out you're a fellow Canadian and I figured one more is perfectly fine if they add so much to my youtube experience and enjoyment. Thank you for earning my sub and keeping me watching, great channel and fun people

  21. Joel Johnson says:

    Maybe the excessive boiling was needed with the way brussel sprouts used to be. Brussel sprouts have been selectively bred to be less bitter over the years, so I'm sure in 1930 the boiling as well as the bacon was very necessary to tame such a beast of a vegetable.


  22. DrMario Pepper says:

    I really enjoy watching the historical cookbook recipe series!

  23. GeorgeCMcRae says:

    Two things right away: My mother would open a can of peas and boil them. All vegetables were boiled to unrecognizable piles of pale. A true child of the depression. Personally, a two minute blanching would be perfect!!! And second…. The hipsterization of all things edible. or anything-able. There is no God.

  24. Cillian OConnell says:

    We ate Brussels sprouts as kids with no problems. My mom usually served them in a butter sauce and called them "Martian heads". I didn’t know they had another name until I was 10 or so.

  25. RobotPorter says:

    If you'd drained the sprouts, and then placed them back in the pot with the lid on for a few minutes, they would have dried out enough to have properly fried in the bacon. And then they would have a nice crispy outside and soft inside texture. I think that's how a 1930s cook might have done it. And even a modern palette might dig it.

  26. Powerstrokin7.3 says:

    I dont boil mine, but i also add about 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the pan and cook it down with them in it

  27. Kevin Byrne says:

    If you don't like the bitter taste of Brussels sprouts, the French have a simple trick for removing it:

    Cut the sprouts in half (through the stem). Bring to a boil a quart / litre of water containing 1 teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Boil the cut sprouts for NO MORE than 10 minutes (otherwise, the sprouts will become mushy). If desired, finish cooking the sprouts by boiling them in fresh water.

  28. EastSider says:

    Brussels sprouts today are not the same as a century ago: they are smaller and much more tender than what our parents and grandparents had. So, you do need to adjust cooking times to get a dish similar to what they ate.

  29. Flannibal Lecter says:

    Sprouts and bacon…always wonderful

  30. Little Oggie says:

    I love Brussels sprouts, but have never had them with bacon. I will give it a try, but not boiling for 25 minutes – don't like my veggies that mushy and soft.

  31. JuliusMitHut says:

    During Christmas times my grandmother made them to (without bacon), but she tossed them before serving in a browned butter + toasted breadcrumbs mixture (or at least I think she has done that this way), really delicious!

  32. David Solorzano says:

    I wanna see an episode where the lady tries to cook a depression era recipe and Glen eats it!

  33. oxbonkus says:

    i eat my sprouts steamed and then dip them in balsamic. 😀

  34. AZRiFRaF says:

    Best Brussels Sprout recipe is the one where the Brussels Sprouts were never added!!

  35. Gregory Calzada says:

    yall…. the cutest couple on you tube…keep up the good work 😈

  36. Bill Kemp says:

    So, boil instead for 10-15 minutes?

  37. pschroeter1 says:

    I would have halved the sprouts and sauted them a while in the bacon fat, then added small splash of water and covered and steamed them till tender, which I don't think would have taken 25 minutes. Actually, I would have sauted them with a little onion, then sprinkled a little balsamic vinegar over them with a little water and sprinkling of sugar, salt and pepper.

  38. Luke Samonte says:

    Felt like Binging with Babish the way you had to purposely ruin those Brussels Sprouts

  39. Binod Kumar says:

    KFC please

  40. Jensuechiv says:

    I enjoy seeing the old recipes and Julie tasting them with you….My family enjoys brussel sprouts oven-roasted with bacon (and drippings) and diced onions until slightly brown.

  41. nelliebly says:

    If you want something really special with prime rib, after the sprouts are browned add heavy cream, then grated nutmeg.

  42. Austin says:

    Parmesan? Ha ha ha. Noooo. Only shaved truffles for the hipsters.

  43. SmallLab129 says:

    Im a big fan of brussel sproutes, but alwyas in the oven. Might try boiling htem next time

  44. tjs114 says:

    Wow, my grandmother in Iowa cooked them totally different from that in the same era. She just halved the sprouts, cooked them in bacon fat raw for about 5 minutes then dumped a cup or so of water in and put the lid on. Left them untouched for about 10 minutes and done. She put some bacon on them as garnish, but it was the cooking in bacon fat that made them.

  45. ittybittyshoeshine says:

    Growing up with a Ukrainian Grandmother and eating all things Cabbaga and Bacon related Ognion's is a must for sure. So glad you mentioned it. I've never tried the lemon so great suggestion an I'll give it a try. Thanks for the great video!

  46. Douglas Campbell says:

    So many of these Sunday recipes remind me of how my family would cook.
    All of them went through the Great Depression.

  47. Jack Hudler says:

    My mother used to make this dish.

  48. Grizz Axxemann says:

    It's overcooked Brussels sprouts that put me off of them for years. Then my g/f made me some roasted ones. I vowed that my sprouts would never see the inside of a pot of boiling water ever again after that.

  49. JoeisCooking says:

    I like to add a little creme fraiche to mine.

  50. KedjLycandros says:

    YEeaaa, I'll roast mine.

  51. Mary-Catherine Kunz says:

    Maybe it’s a Chicago thing. I like my Brussel Sprouts on the softer side. And, of course, I love bacon!

  52. ROVER25X says:

    Sprouts and Bacon from the 30's, who knew !

  53. chris18228 says:

    Or depending on how salty you’re Bacon is you probably don’t want to salt the water at all

  54. chris18228 says:

    American bacon is really salty

  55. blackcountryme says:

    In the area where I'm from in the UK (the black country) it's grey peas and bacon.. or grey farters (cos they make you fart) I think marrowfat peas is the proper name.

  56. J. Brian Bobiak says:

    Question:What if we STEAMED the Brussels Sprouts instead of boiling??? Thoughts?

  57. Stephen White says:

    Brussels Sprouts were one of the top 5 evil foods when I was a child and I did't eat them for years and years. I tried them on a whim when I was well into my 40s and found that they were delicious.

  58. Colin Baldwin says:

    I feel like you are a culmination of Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers!! Love your vids man!!

  59. Pedro Bastos says:

    Maybe the 25 minutes were necessary back then. Changes in growing technology may turned vegetables softer.

  60. Young Prophet Official says:

    I love brussels sprouts with bacon! Where im from (New England) we like to bake them in the oven with bacon and onions along with maple syrup, and soy sauce. After seasoning to taste it is an amazing way to enjoy brussels sprouts.

  61. B. Jason Ouellette says:

    That bacon looks way underdone too.

  62. YokoKurama1225 says:

    i think that recipe is to introduce sprouts to kids thats why they boil it that much

  63. Norseman YYJ says:

    Love brussels sprouts and bacon! I don't boil my sprouts though, I cook the bacon first, 1/4 and saute the sprouts in the bacon fat, salt n pepper to taste. Once plated I pour some maple syrup all over, delish!

  64. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    What a great looking recipe. Who could tell that it is from the 1930s? Cheers!

  65. Larry The Roleplayer says:

    Totally onion with the bacon! Thanks a lot for this Glenn 🙂

  66. Ashton Hand says:

    We tend to do green beans and bacon instead, but we just fry them in the bacon grease. No boiling for us.

  67. Bob Wareham says:

    I see your Bacon was very thick but I would do it with belly pork as it looked so good and yes boil until very soft so the Brussel sprouts melt in the mouth love it thank you

  68. Cheryl Bailey says:

    That bacon is not done. Still too fatty.

  69. Liam S says:

    Never thought the reason behind both my grandmas' awful roast dinners was because of their upbringing… Now it makes sense. They were taught to boil vegetables to death and nuke beef until the mad cow disease was definitely gone.

  70. Rebecca Putman says:

    My grandmother had a similar cookbook from the Detroit Times, the 1932 edition. I had the privilege to photocopy every page and save it as a PDF for the family.

  71. decentradical says:

    Where on earth do you get brussels sprouts this large in this season?

  72. EuphoricRager says:

    I love this dish

  73. slick67cuda says:

    Brussel sprouts are racist! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has thoroughly spoken about this. Have you no shame?

  74. knik nayme says:

    Julie is smart . She shows up when the food is ready.

  75. Le Di Chang says:

    This is some starving college kids level of food.

  76. Peter Aldrich says:

    There is something comforting about the fact that nothing is new under the sun 🙏🏻😊

  77. thokk10289 says:

    I love brussel sprouts but I hate them boiled in any way. Bad memories… Roast them in an oven for a bit with bacon and onions and THAT would be amazing

  78. henrik3141 says:

    As a kid, I didn't like brussels sprouts but now I LOVE them. Thanks for this simple recipe I never thought about. I will try it with the cheating lemon & parmesan.

  79. Easton Sanders says:

    A video on one of my favorite meals! Best cooking show on the internet. Thanks Glenn and Friends!

  80. Andrew Penman says:

    I want to try this sometime—just the same as cabbage and bacon, which is an Irish dish IIRC.

  81. The No Name Guy says:

    Who else is here in 2019 and wants this now?

  82. UncleGweilo says:

    The sprouts look okay for having being boiled for 25 minutes. Cabbage, sprouts, and all the brassicas were boiled until they almost turned grey when I was a kid. Ditto for peas.

    Best to just cut a small cross in the base of the sprout and nuke steam them. Pan-fry the bacon and add the sprouts to that. Oh yeah!

  83. Simon Aldridge says:

    4:54 "Now you've gone and hipstered it!" made me laugh. And only Glen could make Brussel Sprouts look not only appetizing, but delicious!

  84. nx3fox says:

    Dangit. Now I'm hungry.

  85. Cobrakay2003 says:

    Anything+ Bacon=heaven

  86. ChuggityMuggs1 says:

    I like it,

  87. Luther Hendricks says:

    Hipster? That is basic Mediterranean my northern friend. Opa!

  88. jules wins says:

    Looks really good and really simple for would-be cooks like me. Might try it with less boiling and adding the lemon AND Parmesan!

  89. Ahmad Sleiman says:

    Try to do red bull

  90. Laurie Gold says:

    We love Brussels Sprouts, a good thing since we moved to Portland, and OR is huge on them. I once had them prepared with mustard and bread crumbs … like 25 years ago … and they were so good I’ve remembered them ever since. In my brain I can envision them boiled for 25 minutes, and it’s not a pleasant picture, but the lemon sounds like a great addition. Another great video.

  91. Burn gG says:

    imma watch this man hit 1 millionn subs one day.

  92. Nancy Ware says:

    Egad! I SO remember the whole boiled to death vegetables thing. Was it any wonder kids wouldn't eat that bland, boring and tasteless mush? I saw on one of the TV chef shows about 'economy cooking' AKA everything used was canned/bottled/prepackaged, a cold salad garnished with canned peas that had been chilled in the fridge. For some reason it sounded really good, so I tried it for lunch the next day, and found that chilled canned peas actually tasted pretty darn good. Going forward every time peas were on for dinner, I put my portion in the fridge. My dad was very much a stickler for eating what you were served and cleaning your plate thanks to growing up going without during the Depression, and he kinda commented to my mom something on the lines that I should be eating the cooked peas like everyone else, and my mom pointed out that not only was I actually eating peas (which I had avoided when possible before) but that as I was doing it myself I wasn't adding any work to making dinner, and he let it drop.

    So today I steam my sprout, put a bit of butter or soy sauce on them, and sometimes cheese and/or bacon. No more mushy veg for me!

  93. The Gods Right-Hand Man says:

    Finely chop the Sprouts – no need to boil them – and sauté them along with the chopped Bacon. Meanwhile cook some Spaghetti. When it's all done toss the Sprout/Bacon mix through the Spaghetti, drizzle a little Olive Oil over and garnish with a decent Parmigiana.


  94. heavyset0223 says:

    I would have grilled them then fried them with bacon

  95. Roaming Free says:

    I do mine a little different. I brown the bacon & just before it's finished I add garlic. While that is frying I slice (very thin) raw brussel sprouts. Remove the bacon/garlic, add sprouts until lightly browned then plate & top with the bacon/garlic. That is my meal because I love sprouts. Yum.
    Dang it, now I'm hungry. 🍴

  96. Mathias Stuhl says:

    as a kid i hated Rosenkohl (brussels sprouts), because i only knew them cooked to death, 25 minutes counts as blanching compared to what my mother, grandmother and the cook at the school cantina did to these poor little vegetables.

  97. Kentucky 1950 says:

    Going to try this. I prefer my sprouts softer but not mushy. I like to add a splash of vinegar.

  98. Keenan Pflager says:

    Oh my never would have thought about having bacon in a dish with brussel sprouts I was thinking cheesy brussel sprouts with bacon yummy

  99. Keenan Pflager says:

    But you don't want to overcook your veggies because you'll be cooking out all the nutrients

  100. T G says:

    Bacon and Brussels Sprouts … always delicious. I saute' my bacon (about 6 pieces chopped) remove the bacon then add a small sweet onion chopped and saute' until translucent, add chopped, quartered fresh Brussels sprouts, and about 1/2 cup of chicken or vegetable broth to pan and cover, simmer until broth is gone (if sprouts are not tender enough, add a bit more chicken broth and simmer a bit more until they are softened but still a bit of chew to them … now the trick to a most delicious plate of brussels, drizzle over about 1/4 cup of real maple syrup, serve to plates and add crumbled cooked bacon over top … AMAZING. Give them a try … that maple is mind bending. * Do not boil them before cooking. Thanks for sharing this segment with us … I've just found your channel recently and I'm loving it.

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