2018 INSTANT POT DUO 6 quart 7 in 1 Multi cooker

please check out my channel Today we have an unboxing of the insta pot model number dual 6 TV 3 which is the 6 quart Now this one is a updated model for 2018 And this one? Can make yogurt as well. So that’s good You can see 10 safety mechanisms stainless steel cooking pot 1810 stainless steel, no chemical coatings. Excellent coatings can leach harmful chemicals into your food so That’s what’s so great about insipid. It’s just stainless steel as all. These are the things leak protection Lid closing detection automatic pressure control temperature control Everything else is in French Some of the things you can do saute slow cook rice cook steamer food warmer pressure cooker yogurt maker Now they have other models that are more advanced with a blue digital display that tells you What the cooker is doing exactly, but let’s get into this unboxing Now regular price for this one was a hundred twenty-nine ninety-nine on sale for $99.99 at Canadian Tire and 97 at Walmart as Now you get a nice user manual of all different models Features Instructions care guide Has a nice recipe book Last time I did a unboxing for the whitey clay Cook pot the clay teapot, it had a nice recipe book button This one by in Sao Paulo is a really nice looking recipe book Let’s see. It’s colored glossy display Yeah Several recipes in the QuickStart guide yes We have here our chords Use your manual QuickStart guide and a very nice recipe book It also has a nice warning label here about hot steam this is the pressure valve Let’s see Dennis gay power out needles in here To close open to open turn it clockwise to close counterclockwise Internal workings Inside a warning label I’ll keep that for now Let’s get in the pit Bryce Cooper a ladle measuring cup Instructional labels Nice little lift wrap for plates or for steaming that’s Nice stainless steel pot Yeah, it’s not bad six quarters compared to by old rice cooker Now for all of you who went to no They say in the manual eight cord Now this one’s a 6 quart 6 quart didn’t feed six adults they say The size comparison mm-hmm six quart to my old rice cooker Big size difference You know, if you’re gonna entertain a lot of people you might want to get an 8 quart you did I think for Small get-togethers the 6 quart would do just fine Well until next time I’m going to try this out and do a full review I’ll see you on the next video Thanks for watching

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