$25 Crab vs. $350 King Crab by Master Chef • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

Hello everyone, my name is ZiZhao Luo, today I am going to make delicious king crabs two different ways. This crab weighs 8 pounds. First off we need clean this king crab. Using a sharp knife,
go straight on its chest and cut downwards. Let out the liquid that’s contained inside. It will also have some other stuff inside,
I need to take out the intestines and clean its body. After cleaning it, remove the crab shell. You need to be cautious when removing it. This crab has a lot of thorns. The yellow part on top is what we call gills. It tastes bitter so we should remove it. This entire crab gill is a respiratory system
and it can be used to filter water, so there are quite a lot of bacteria in it, and a lot dirty things inside so we have to clean it thoroughly. After cutting the crab legs off, I don’t really recommend cutting them into smaller pieces. Because if we cut them the water
inside will easily evaporate. If the crab feet are slightly opened with a knife,
the taste will be richer when we cook it. Of course, it will be more convenient for eating, because all the meat can be
directly pulled out with a fork. If you follow down with the crab shell, there’s a place where the crab stomach is. And it is rather dirty so we have to remove it. If the stomach is not fully removed, after steaming, even the meat right next to it will taste bitter. So we need to rinse it out. After we put the washed super grains in the casserole, pour in some chicken broth, and the chicken broth has to immerse over half a centimeter of grains. After we cover the lid, put it on the stove, cook it for 10 minutes with medium heat. And then put the ginger and scallion into the large pan on high heat with oil, put it with the chicken broth, and sear the crab shell. The idea behind the searing is to remove its bad smell, then put the crab butter in the grains and mix it together. Afterwards we cut the okra,
dice the mushrooms into cubes, and add a little bit carrots cubes
and green beans together. We put them in the boiled water for a while and drain. Transfer the veggies to the casserole,
and simmer with grains. Now we cut the ingredients. The scallion can’t be sliced too thin, it should be thicker, so that the scallion can last longer when we cook it. After the garlic is flap, we need cut it into small pieces, the shallots also need to be cut into smaller pieces, same with the ginger. Put a bit more ginger, because the nature of crab is cold,
so more ginger can neutralize it. We put some flour on the cut of the crab We put some flour on the cut of the crab in order to lock in the moisture when the crab is in hot oil. When we put the crab in the oil, the crab claws go in first because it is much more thicker. When it is fried, it can be fished up when
it is fried about halfway. Dry the oil, then add ginger, chili,
garlic to make it more flavorful. Then add some chopped scallion,
put the dried shallots in and cook. When you fry, you will smell
a clear layering of the ingredients, so you have to cook them in order. Then add some butter and sauté, then add the black pepper to the fry pan, a little bit soy sauce, cooking wine,
and finally pour into the broth. At this time, to be able to lock all the flavors in the broth, put the king crab in and stir fry it. Let the meat fully absorb the rich flavorful soup, and finally add some oyster sauce and honey. We can put the pan lid back on. Put the prepared starch slowly,
wait it until the juice becomes thicker, and finally put in some dark soy sauce
to make it more colorful and brighter. Finally, put the other half of the chopped scallion and let the smell of the chopped scallion stand out. Take the hot plate out, put the crab on the plate, and finally put the super grains crab butter rice that has already been cooked on the side of the crab, so that it can absorb all the juices of the crab. Eat the crab and eat the grains,
it is the most perfect thing. This dish is characterized by king crab which is rich in protein, it is very nutritious and beneficial to the body. In addition to that, its meat is smooth, very tender and very white, so it’s perfect to enjoy!

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  1. Saef Reez says:

    damn it! now im hungry!

  2. champ joseph ybanez Vicera says:

    We have a better breed of crabs in the Philippines. What you got there is "alimangong bakla"… Low on meat..

  3. champ joseph ybanez Vicera says:

    It surely is worth 25$… Filipino crabs are worth 500$ if you make the perfect blend… Very high in cholesterole but good on the stomach…

  4. ez 1 Misha ez 1 says:

    Что я тут делаю, я искал песню

  5. Jerry Hean says:

    You should cut off the green part of the garlic

  6. bukan kaleng kaleng says:

    King crab is expensif even if chinese ppl org usa chef is cooking .its high quality

  7. Nguyen Duong says:

    You can grab one at Costco for like $180 but I don't think they always have them

  8. Honda Pina says:

    1st one looks better

  9. Teddy Swagger says:

    Looks amazing.

  10. Hein Htet Zaw says:

    So sad I can't even afford $25 crab.

  11. SHARE H!S V!S!0N says:

    hey my city !!! NYC

  12. Aniket Khairnar says:

    One more show on how to eat 350 one crab

  13. 6Hours OnMinute says:

    25$ to rupiah :'( fack

  14. Dee Six says:

    Actually I don't like the taste and texture of King Crab
    Mud Crab is the best in my opinion

  15. IsraeL Salido says:

    wow yummy I'm hungry hehe

  16. Pioletti Defense LLC. says:

    I love crab

  17. Kimi Xue says:


  18. JOSHUA CORRES says:

    Gordon Ramsay: you're torturing the crab

  19. Stephen wong says:

    Luo is really a Master

  20. C Jingle says:

    I wonder why he use the same method every time, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, onion …… it can be steamed with egg white & cooking wine, cooked with rice or porridge, fried with salted egg yolk, cream, butter, sweet & spicy sauce, curry paste or extra spicy sauce, etc.

  21. Erik iSkogen says:

    Good luck eating tha small crab full of sauce without gloves and some strong scissors

  22. Thomas Thompson says:

    I well get 25$

  23. Daniel Ramos says:

    If the idea is pay about $350, at least the crab meat should be out of the shell

  24. 1v1 on ps4 you bot your gay says:

    Rip crab

  25. Kennenth Mirran says:

    Chinese also like to cook their dog alive as well. Must be the pain and suffering that bring out the flavor

  26. Michael Ortiz says:

    In my place you can buy crab under 5$ for 1kg

  27. mik mackoi says:

    The crab was tortured.

  28. Kemang Satu says:

    No torturing them for food

  29. James Truth says:

    Buzzfeed copy

  30. Scott Cole says:

    Give me 25$ that’s me all day.

  31. we rw says:

    Crabs are a pain in the ass to eat

  32. QBAX says:

    This $25 is Yukihira Souma real life version

  33. Kick The Ajummas' Face! says:

    If he minced the aromatics in the 25 crab, it would be better. Ginger, garlic and leeks chopped so coarsely is a waste of ingredients as they won't impart their aroma to the food.

  34. 727,968,667,890 views says:

    in the sense of 25dollars is happen every days everywhere every country cooking daily routine used but the 350dollars king crab is difficult overall less than 100 family cook in each stage of country due demand are very impossible low demand base on price and rarer found king crab

  35. How_ _lovely says:

    am i the only one who feels bad for the crabs 🦀 😭

  36. CHAYOO CF says:

    Like 25$

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    Damn we having seasoned crab shells for dinner

  38. Trey Jenkins says:

    Why did he not humanely kill the crab before bludgeoning it’s chest?!?

  39. dagon liangmou says:


  40. Fundy says:

    1:52 Did he seriously add the garlic with the green stems? That’s going to give you bad indigestion.

  41. Karl Freedom says:

    Both are wasting food

  42. freakyflow says:

    Best crab is free crab…I live on the coast of Nova Scotia : )

  43. Judge Dredd says:

    spring onions not scallions 🙂

  44. jose guerrero says:

    You are supposed to clean your crab before cutting it…horrible chef…..

  45. Zerando No Hard says:

    Pq os Chineses Gosta Tanto de Tortura os Animais . Antes de Comer Quase todos Eles come vivo .
    Povo sem Amor Nação que Acredita em Buda tambem nao e de espera muita coisa

  46. halee Xio says:

    There is a big different….quality and quantity….

  47. Crying puppet says:

    Ingredients pls

  48. Jesse Robinson says:

    1 Tablespoon of salt? Bro Nah

  49. J Cai says:

    I love Chief Lou's version, not because he is making Chinese food. I learn so much just from he 6 min clearly step-by-step cooking explanation. I think, by replaing the King Crab, I can make cheaper version of his dish . The ingredients are very cheap and easy to access from Chinese supermarkets.

  50. D 4 C says:

    Are you feeling now mr krabs?

  51. rommel taylor says:

    It’s so yummy I want to try it

  52. Pussy PaTroll says:

    What they don't show you is how nasty the kitchen environment in China is… and how they will sell you the old dead crabs and keep the live one's only for display.

  53. Welcome to the dark side says:

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  54. stealthunter14 says:

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    $350 = Kingler

  55. Cinnatic ' says:

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  56. iTube says:

    I can't watch this vid. They don't know how to cook. Look at all the flavor wasted.

  57. gino martino says:

    if I want to listen to generic uplifting muzak garbage I'll buy the generic uplifting muzak garbage cd, thanks.

  58. Miles Fazackerley says:

    All you fricking Chinese dont even know how to kill something peacefully. At least let the crab die before you cut the thing open. And why y'all makin shark fin soup, like really. The shark is totally alive and you just cut the fins off and let the shark back in the water when its totally concious. Frick all you asians.

  59. Gaithaongam golmei says:

    The first was far more better then the second

  60. Christian L says:

    Guess the asshole-to-mouth cut gives some extra flavours compared to the reverse

  61. isabella tran says:

    I still like $25

  62. Felipe Litschi Isla says:


  63. Emma Z. says:

    I hope one day everyone could try the truly divine Chinese cooking, not these stuffs …

  64. Annette Faith Morton says:

    The English subtitles over English subtitles is silly.

  65. AdventureRider 650 says:

    7:19 " nigga"

  66. ibrahim ateş says:

    how u can cut them when they are still alife ? 😡😡😡😡

  67. DetectingHistory24/7 says:

    what inhumane you are, the crab was still alive when you dissected it. hope that happens to you. I'm not a vegan, but you can do it differently, it's also a living thing.

  68. Cha Po says:

    Real chief break 4 garlic at once

  69. Doni Wirman says:

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    Me: I’ll take both please. 😁

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    Nice cooking video!

  79. Duy Tran Hoang says:

    The best place to eat Asian food is go to Asia.

  80. Douglas Fernardo Ale Jorge says:

    Asian brutality

  81. LeeZKitchen says:

    wow, the way he speaks Chinese is very easy to listen and understand.

  82. Moshe Dabash says:

    Why is the 350 talking and 25 not

  83. Aolod Lerdon says:


  84. Mimie Chan says:

    I have never eat crab 🦀 before geeeeeeeezzzzzze I wonder y ppl eat it and I 🤔 wannan try it too😋😋😋😋

  85. raceface_m says:

    Wait… isn’t it better to have brushed the crab first before taking it apart? And then he rinsed them in the same bowl of water where he just brushed the crab in. Wouldn’t the dirt just get into the crevices and onto the meat?

  86. klepto dathief says:

    those small blue crabs are fucking expensive now..used to be like 2 bucks or less lb. now they are like 5 bucks a lb.! cdn.

  87. Lucky Winner says:

    Sorry chefs but using either recipe or method to cook crabs completely loses the tasty and true flavor of the fresh live crabs.

    Simply steaming fresh live crabs by itself in a little bit of water and sprinkling it with a little salt is much tastier than these 2 methods. Serve white rice & lemon & butter with it and pour the juice that comes from steaming the crabs on the rice is way way tastier.

  88. Cigars_420 Ig says:

    Only 350 for the talk walk threw

  89. Mike B says:

    RIP to the crab at 0:01

  90. Nguyen Le says:

    I got angry instead of hungry when both of you cut the crab while they were still alive.

  91. Darius Marian Parjol says:

    4:01 he said the n word

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    King Crab:"Ahhhh,MA MA"

  93. Z z says:

    A life life just gone

  94. Atle M says:

    Funny that people charge so much for king crab, a crustacean that is considered a pest in the ocean around here and multiplies like rabbits. I guess if I chartered a fishing boat and dregded the ocean floor for them ( because they are so many you can't even see the ocean floor), I could make a bundle, lol.

  95. SHARKNADO says:

    I prefer $1000 king crab😂😂😂😂

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