28: Out of the Frying Pan

JAMIE: Wanna tell the camera what’s happening? Myra posted another video. She got an anonymous tip about Latimer’s whereabouts. She texted me the address and we’re just waiting for Lestrade to pick us up. -Didn’t Myra say to go talk to her contact first? Find out more information? No time! There’s danger, I can smell it. [laughter] -Of course you can smell it. Besides, Malcolm hasn’t answered any of my texts, I fear something bad may have happened to him. We have to catch Latimer before it’s too late. -What do you think is happening? I don’t want to say yet, I don’t have all the facts. [knocking on door] [knocking on door] JAMIE: What do we do if nobody answers? I don’t know. [knocking on door] -Do you smell something weird? No. Hey, where did Sherlock go? -Pfft, I don’t know. Uh…oh! I opened a window. LESTRADE: Sherlock! What? We don’t have a warrant, you can’t be breaking in. I smell smoke. -What? I think the house might be on fire. We should save whoever is in inside. -You know, it’s a good thing you’re on my side of the law, Sherlock. Watson, meet us in the back. [unintelligible mumbling] JAMIE: Oh my god! What happened? LESTRADE: We’re okay. MALCOLM: I’m not okay. Watson! Whoaaa! Watson. MALCOLM: No, no, no. [Sherlock breaks out into laughter] Watson. When did the floor get so close? -Are you okay? Me? I’m fine, I’m perfectly fine. I’m A-Okay Wonderful. That guy though, he has a concussion. You should see to that, I’m going inside. No, no, what’s going on? What’s happening? I just made a small error. A small error? Yes! Oh my god, can I tell Hannah? Yeah. Sure. It would appear- It’s so close. It would appear that in order to destroy the evidence of his criminal activity, Latimer and his gang, decided to set fire to the house. [laughing] With all the drugs inside and with Malcolm inside, so the house is a burning hive of drugs. Hive. [laughing] Like bees. Oh my god, they’re high. High?! No, I’m fine! I just have to go inside No, no, you’re not going inside. You should out here though Yeah, I should. You should stay out here because if you went inside you could die– [talking over each other] Yeah, so could you. –and I don’t want you to die. LESTRADE: What?! Who’s- who’s dying? MALCOLM: You. SHERLOCK: No one you idiot! [Sherlock groans] She’s on drugs! I’m not on drugs, I’m on antidepressents. And if she goes inside, she could die. We could die, even. We just did that. LESTRADE: Why? SHERLOCK: Why??? MALCOLM: [mumbling] Doctor person, help. SHERLOCK: You idiot! I’m done. I’m do–with both of you– No, you’re not going inside, you were just talking about how you could die if you went inside. I was. What you need to do is you need to lay down. Everybody needs to lay down and get into the recovery position. MALCOLM: What is that? SHERLOCK: It’s very hot. JAMIE: That means that you lay on your side– SHERLOCK: Okay. The recovery position. JAMIE: –so you don’t choke on your own vomit. I know this one. Recovery position is when you lay on your side. [Jamie helping Malcolm and Lestrade in background] Oh jeez, she just said it! You lay on your side so- So something. Don’t fall asleep, you probably have a concussion. My coat’s on the ground, who did that? It’s so- Don’t fall asleep! We should have talked to Myra’s contact before we came here. Here? I am not here. I’m on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. A living collective of nearly 3000 organisms and over 900 islands. Oh my god the whales are here. I’m calling 911. You do that, I’m going inside. [Lestrade imitating a whale and laughing] No, no you’re not going inside. What’s so important about inside, Sherlock? Pedro. LESTRADE: Vote for Pedro! SHERLOCK: Pedro’s inside. [Lestrade laughing] What if he dies? I said he would die, I said that. Oh my god, I was right. Sweetheart, get on your side. Hun, hun, get on your side. I’m too late Okay, no, you’re fine. You’re fine, sweetie. SHERLOCK: [upset] I’m too late… No, I’m calling 911 right now, okay? Tell them I said hi. I will, Lestrade. MALCOLM: Hi. Get it? High? Don’t worry Hannah. The firefighters came and they put out the fire in about thirty seconds because it hadn’t spread from the basement where it’d been set, because that’s where all the drugs were and then they didn’t find anybody else in the house, it was just Malcolm. But those three idiots are still in the hospital. Lestrade should be getting out in a few hours, because you know she’s been behaving herself. And nothing really bad happened to her beside inhaling all the drug laced smoke. Malcolm’s got about another twelve hours to go, because they’re still monitoring his concussion. But someone- and I’m not gonna name any names-but someone keeps on having to be sedated because she wakes up, takes out her IV and makes a beeline for the front of the hospital. and then all the doctors are like: Miss, no, please, stop, put your IV back in and get back into bed! and she’s like: Noooo. Pedro! I have to find Pedro! So then they’re like: Welp, we gotta sedate her again. And as of last count, she’s been sedated about three different times. So I don’t know when she’s getting out, but I will let you know Hannah. I’ll text you if anything else happens. I love you. [blows kiss]

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