3 dish pressure cooker meal

Rice, Dal. Peas Masala Rice Tuvar Dal and Moong Dal Green Peas Turmeric Powder Ghee Cummin Seeds Khova Turmeric Powder Chilli Powder Salt Garam Masala Cooked Peas Beaten Curd Sugar Cardamom Powder Ghee Mustard Seeds Cummin Seeds Dry Chilles Ginger Tomato Turmeric Powder salt Dhania Powder Coriander Leaves Enjoy

55 comments on “3 dish pressure cooker meal”

  1. Aarti Raval says:

    Aunty, how many liters is your pressure cooker?

  2. Sundari Subramanian says:

    Thanks a lot aunty for guiding us aunty.Expecting more such simple and easy pressure cooker meals

  3. Fouzia Zia says:

    Amazing Thank you Aunty..

  4. Pushpa Gosavi says:

    Yummy food 😋😋

  5. Gayathri Naganoor says:

    Wow superb…. madam……….
    U do it so quick n neat…..

  6. dincey fijo says:

    Madam, u make really awesome food and so fast, it luks too yummy

  7. Sumedharukamin DeviDasi says:

    Thanks, for such easy tips and fast cooking.

  8. kuya sam says:

    I can live with this 3 dish meal for the rest of my life without complaining 🙂

  9. Caelidh Goode says:

    I have a question about TADKA I have watched many Indian cooking shows and I really enjoy watching how efficient and fast you are. But I am interested in doing the spices as the end of the cooking rather in the beginning. When you do TADKA you are generally just tempering the spices in the GHEE and then pouring it over the rice or Dal and mixing it in. ? IS that how a lot of Indian cooking is? Or is this a particular style? How is the flavor different from doing it in the beginning vs at the end? . Thanks

  10. anasua mookerjee says:


  11. Sahmaara says:

    More such quick pressure cooker meals please aunty

  12. Sahmaara says:

    Can you also show us how to store ginger green chillies and garlic in fridge?

  13. Nagalakshmi Sundarakrishnan says:

    Instead of kova what can we add. I don't like kova

  14. Nagalakshmi Sundarakrishnan says:

    Tks mam for your quick response. I love ur cooking style and ur dressing style. The sound of the bangles is very nice. Pl. Share some broccoli recipes.

  15. JS says:

    Aunty please don't use plastic utensils for hot foods (cooking or serving) – they're really bad for you and your family. Please consider switching to bamboo/wooden utensils for non-stick cookware.

  16. mounika b says:

    Hi amma, your preparations are really helpful.. Where can I get the boxes you kept in cooker..

  17. Fly Cars says:

    Madam teach us kichidi plz

  18. ambika kkumar says:

    Hi mam. Instead of peas what other veg i can use.My daughter doesn't like peas.

  19. R C VIVEK VARDHAN says:

    Amma please share some video on festival recipes (Like doing different kind of sweet and hot dishes for one festival) and instant recipes to do when suddenly guest arrive and we have just finished our breakfast/lunch/ Dinner

  20. LakshmiPriya Chandrasekaran says:

    Aunty how can any working woman go without subscribing ur channel.
    May I know where to get the 3 vessels and stand for the cooker.

  21. Mana Tasty recepies - Telugu says:

    Hai Amma..ur video's are awesome. For 3 litre pressure cooker which size boxes should I take .?

  22. New Sense says:

    Hip Hop cake Peppa Pig what I'm a Peppa Pig

  23. Marie Santher says:

    Thank you very much for the 3 dish pressure cooker meal. I have a nice big pressure cooker & I didn’t know how to use 3 dishes in one pot. The only thing is I didn’t know how to find about the “whistle part” . I have been having this pressure cooker last 2 years and is brand new, bought @ Macy’s in States. Thank you for showing to so many people Gita 🙏. Take care.

  24. v. narayan vaidyanadhaswami says:

    tell me in tamil

  25. S. Tharshan says:

    Hi, what is khova?

  26. Mahesh Ch says:

    Mouth watering amma

  27. Parveen Rahman says:

    Hi mam, is the rice soaked?? If so, how long?? Thank you

  28. jaya Ram says:

    Too good ☺☺

  29. Shibina Abu says:

    Hi Aunty r u from tamil nadu – Brahmin , nice to c see you .. I

  30. Bright stars says:

    Lovely 🙂

  31. Ashwini Nayak says:

    So nice aunty…. Just love the way you cook…

  32. andaman nicobar says:

    Awesome Aunty…You r simply amazing

  33. A. M. says:

    Akka, which rice are you using? Because different rice have different cooking time.
    Also, is this type of cooking the rice by retaining the starch, good for diabetic persons? Please guide. Thank you very much for the valuable tips in all your videos. Big help to us.

  34. gayathri murthy says:

    Nice 👌 but combination is not nice, sorry

  35. Anuradha Anu says:

    Dearest Geetha mam i guess image be your age but i love watch it videos.iwatch even the beginners video.very happy to see them and i enjoy it.love to u and kepp doing your service.Thank you.Best wishes.

  36. udhaya thirunavukarasu says:

    your dish 😍 Awesome ..mami really I like so much ur channel .

  37. Noora Al Baloshi says:

    Super women

  38. Saleha Fathima says:

    Thanks for ur video…. I have a doubt???? Is 3 whistle in medium flame or high flame????

  39. Leena Clement James says:

    mam what lt is ur cooker

  40. CK-Chennakeshava Byrappa says:

    how many people can have the food you cooked here ? I have 5 ltr cooker and 3 small inner pots… How many people can have food if I use these inner pots with 5ltr cooker to cook this meal ? should I buy 7.5 ltr cooker with inner pots if I want to prepare food for 3 people at a time ?

  41. Sri Lakshmi Ganesh says:

    Amma merante naku chala estam

  42. NRoy C says:

    I like the method of using pressure cooker with separators

  43. Kinjal arya says:

    U look like Hema Malini…..yummmy food

  44. Nalina Thiruvenkatam says:

    Bravo mrs Gita, all your recipies are very nice ma. Thank you ma.

  45. Usha Devi Bhaskaran says:

    super. thanks

  46. Soma Roy says:

    Aunty…U r talking Same to same like Hema Malini jee..Amazng vdo..

  47. Susheela Rajendran says:

    Happy New Year

  48. Losy video Heavens says:

    Mum can give advise on good solid stainless steel pressure cooker in your experience, I have got prestige deluxe stainless steel but it s a wast of money , I need to buy a new but am confused which one

  49. Neha Chaware says:

    Any option for khoya aunty ? If we don't have it available in hand?

  50. Praveen Desai says:

    As these 3 items cook at different pressure, would you have an idea how to set it for Electric Pressure Cooker?

  51. Varsha Joshi says:

    The jingling of your bangles while cooking reminds me of my good old days when my aunt used to cook. I used to love that sound. It makes me feel very nostalgic. We all loved her a lot. She was a very good cook

  52. Preethi Suresh says:

    Madam you are really mind blowing. A true mother figure for me ….

  53. vijayalaxmi Sabban says:

    Thank U. You showed us the quickest way to prepare a meal .

  54. Prabhaviswanathan Viswanathan says:

    Hi madam what else can be added instead of kova as I have not used kova so far.

  55. Anu Sharma says:

    Nyc n yummy👌

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