3 Easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes!

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recipes for you to check out so today we’re going to be talking about the
instant pot specifically chicken in the instant pot we are going to do chicken
thighs chicken breasts and chicken legs what I love about the instant pot is
that it cooks meat fast it makes juicy and tender and it’s just easy to throw
your stuff into the instant pot turn it on walk away forget it and then come
back and your food is ready it’s pretty amazing I have the duo 60 instant pot
and it comes with several settings high pressure and low pressure and it has the
yogurt setting I do have a recipe for instant pot yogurt on my blog you
should definitely check that out so let’s get started with these chicken
recipes alright let’s get started with these
instant pot chicken thighs first thing we do is we’ve got five or six chicken
thighs that have the bones in and I took the skin off and now we’re gonna mix up
our seasonings and that seasoning is smoked paprika salt pepper and garlic
powder I’m going to season both sides really well and then we’re going to put
some oil in our instant pot and we’re gonna have it set to high saute and
we’re going to Brown both sides because Brown food tastes good after they’re Browned removed from the pot
and if you have more to brown the rest add the water and scrape all of the brown
bits off the bottom and the water stays in the pot because you have to have
water for your pot to come to pressure now I like to put the chicken
thighs on top of the trivet you don’t have to it’s my personal preference I
think that if you don’t then the seasoning will just come right off in
the water and now we set this to 10 minutes at high pressure
after those were done we did a 10-minute natural pressure release and they are
super juicy look at that up next we’ve got our instant pot
chicken breasts these are just season I don’t sear them because it’s just easier
that way if we’re just gonna shred it and put it into a recipe they always
have to have some kind of liquid seasoning is cumin chili powder and
oregano minced garlic and salt and pepper this is so easy I love to make
some of this and then use it in different recipes like taco salad and
then we’re going to set it for 10 minutes high pressure and then after
that we’re gonna do a 10-minute natural pressure release then release the rest
of the pressure remove the rib hit remove the lid and now it’s time to shred them or you
can remove them from the pot and dice into chunks and that’s it that’s all
there is to it and last but not least are these delicious barbecue instant pot
chicken legs we’ve got garlic powder we’ve got mustard powder smoked paprika
cumin onion powder salt and pepper we’re gonna
mix that all together and then we are going to season the chicken with it just
put it all in there mix it up with some tongs and then into the pot they go with
the trivet and 1 cup of water the instant pot makes these chicken legs
amazing now we’re going to add some barbecue sauce I like to use sugar free
but you can use any barbecue sauce that you want now we are going to cook these again ten
minutes high pressure followed by a 10 minute
natural pressure release and then we remove the rest of the pressure with a
quick release and now this is optional but I like to put them all on a sheet
pan and then put them under the broiler with more barbecue sauce and get them
nice and caramelized it really adds so much flavor these are super juicy and they just fall
apart the skin is like non-existent it just melts in your mouth you will not
regret making those recipes for more recipes like this and lots of keto low
carb and insta pot recipes please visit my blog Jenniferbanz.com or low-carb
with Jennifer.com

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  1. TheTaytay198 says:

    Hey girl, can you do crock pot meals? I don’t have a pressure cooker and have no room for another appliance. Ill trade you a Ronco rotisserie for a pressure cooker if you are interested. I’ll even throw in some garlic salt and nutmeg to sweeten the deal.

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