3 Tasty Roasted Vegetables Recipes To Eat

what’s going on guys and welcome back to
the fit men cook kitchen if you like me sometimes you can get carried away with
this whole meal prep thing and you end up making way too much food now for me
it was always about the vegetables I’d either by way too many vegetables and
tell myself I was gonna eat them or I would make a pan of roasted veggies and
I would be tired of eating them by the middle of the week that by that time the
weekend came around I would toss those bad boys out yes as fit men cook I can’t
admit that I did toss away trays of food at the end of the weekend and you really
can’t judge me coz happy isle watching this video I’m probably doing the same
thing but today you are in luck we are all in luck because I got wise about not
wasting food but also about being creative in the kitchen in very
practical and budget efficient ways so today I’m gonna share with you all three
of my favorite ways to eat roasted vegetables to make sure that there is no
food waste by the end of the week now this is the same mix-and-match concept
as before whereby you’re gonna make one big long tray one big tray of food and
then just mix and match the roasted vegetables in different recipes each of
the recipes is very very simple to make with minimal ingredients alright guys if
you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty then let’s get
started in a large bowl mix up your favorite veggies I’m using eggplant
squash zucchini butternut squash and red onion add some garlic pinch of sea salt
pepper and olive oil mix it up then dump it on a baking tray and if necessary use
two trays roast for about 30 minutes at 420 well–that’s roasting spray a
nonstick skillet and add some lean ground meat I’m using lean beef add some
thyme and sage chop it up while it cooks about 7-8 minutes add some roasted
veggies then pouring a favorite marinara cook
for another three to five minutes then serve garnished with parmesan and
parsley when you want to change cook some jasmine rice and vegetable broth
then add olive oil cilantro pine nuts and some lemon zest mix it up well and
then add in roasted vegetables mix it up one last time you can eat this by itself
or add your choice of protein I especially like this rice with a little
bit of soy sauce now when you want another change beat eggs with fennel
seeds thyme and a pinch of sea salt and pepper add a dollop of Greek yogurt and beat
the eggs one more time spray a cast-iron skillet with olive oil then add some
roasted veggies pour in the eggs and add a touch of Parmesan bake for about 25
minutes at 4:20 what the Texas loan stuff ricotta without some Syrah check
all right child that is it for today’s video I hope that y’all enjoyed it and I
hope that you will join me in taking the place to eliminate vegetable food waste
in your diet and household I want you out of comment below with your favorite
recipe of the three that I shared or share one of your favorite ways to eat
roasted veggies it just can’t be something like adding a whole bunch of
cheese or drowning it in sauce and I’m really just talking about myself but if
you have a separate idea from those definitely share below so we can
eliminate food waste and all of our diets also if you like this video I’d
like you to do one big Serena slam mmm on that like button below alright y’all
thank y’all for watching of course until next time keep it healthy but never ever
boring boo bye y’all

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