– Well, look at this,
we’re doing something new and unusual over here
on Large Family Table today. Not, we are having another
super-mega Large Family Freezing cook day, like how we like to do. Today, I am doing something very special. I am doing all the freezer
cooking for my brand new Large Family Freezer Meals pack six, which is the highly
requested gluten-free pack. So many of you have been asking
me for gluten-free meals, for gluten-free packs, so this pack has some of the best gluten-free recipes that we have to offer
on Large Family Table. So, of course, today is pack six, but you can go ahead and snag
packs four, five, and six, each of the three packs
is regularly priced at 14.99, right now during the special two-week launch celebration, you can get any of those packs for 9.99 each or you can buy the four,
five, and six bundle where you get packs four, five, and six, all three of them, for only $20. Okay, so I have pack six
pulled up on my phone. You can use it on your phone. You can pull it up on your tablet. You can also print it out. Just notice my chipped nail polish. Oh my goodness, I’m gonna
get in trouble for that. Anywho, look at these recipes. We’re gonna make Parmesan Turkey Burgers, Large Family Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki, Vegetable Beef Soup,
Burrito Pie Freezer Meal, Rosemary Garlic Chicken,
Chicken Fried Rice, one of our all-time favorites around here, Shepherd’s Pie, Slow
Cooker Chicken Parmesan, Large Family Barbecue Meatloaf, and Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas. So, as you see, some of
these are slow cooker meals or they can also be
done in the instant pot, and some of these are oven favorites. So it’s a wonderful mix and match of all the different cooking ways and methods out there. And then of course, ’cause you know I like to feel like I’m moving along in life, I put everything on my white board, and yes, I know the Shepherd’s Pie, and look, I even wrote a
note, yes, really, yes, it’s Cottage Pie, yes, yes, I still call it Shepherd’s Pie, so I know it’s not made with lamb, it is made with beef, so
that’s thing number two that I’ll be in trouble for today. Instead of shopping at Walmart this time, I went ahead and went into
Aldi like the olden days. I took my big batch
freezer meal shopping list. I got everything that I needed. It’s gonna be over 30 meals,
bit closer to 35 or so, and it’ll be wonderful,
I did all my shopping for everything I needed
at Aldi in under an hour, got in and out the door
and I was able to make sure I had what I needed since, you know me and those Walmart orders lately. We haven’t been communicating too well. So, we’re gonna get started
following these directions and make all these meals in
just a few hours this afternoon. Just got all these, the
12 pounds of potatoes that are needed into the
14-quart GoWise pressure cooker. Gonna get this going now
to do our mashed potatoes for the Shepherd’s Pie. So, I’m being nice to Travis haha. I just put — this is
one of my instant pot Keto freezer meals we still have around. This was the beef fajitas. I just put a cup of water in there because it’s nice whenever you’re cooking to actually feed other
people, so I guess we’ll feed him tonight, too. So this is the rice I
got at Aldi the other day for the chicken friend rice. I have used this instant
brown rice before. You know, usually I go for
just regular old brown rice, but this seems to be the
only kind of brown rice Aldi usually has anyway. It works well, freezes
well, still no issues, just I know it’s a little
different because it has the word instant on it, but I’m getting my biggest
stock pot I have going to cook the rice in. So I still need to cook
some more ground beef ahead. This is some of the pasture
raised cow from the cow that we bought. And I’m going to put these
two packs of ground beef, which should equal about ten pounds, in the roaster oven to get them going since we’re getting so many
appliances in the works here. (knife hitting chopping block) (food sizzling) So there’s the ground
beef in the roaster oven. Gonna add some onions
and peppers in there too in a few minutes. Okay we got a lot of the meat
cooking and Zion is getting all the veggies prepped for
me so I’m gonna jump down here and scramble 18 eggs. Those will be going in the fried rice. (rice plinking into pan) And that my friends is
a big old pot of rice and our eggs are done too. So Zion’s been — he’s got
lots of peppers chopped, he’s got celery chopped,
green onions chopped, now he’s gonna get these onions chopped, and our chopping station will be done. So I’m breaking out the big
thirty quart mixing bowl here. We know that this party’s getting started. So this is a pack of chicken
breasts I picked up at Aldi. It was a $1.89 a pound, thank you Aldi. This is six pounds. The recipe technically calls
for five, but you know me, I don’t nickel and dime those things. We’ll just have an extra
pound of meat in these whole lotta lotta pans
of chicken fried rice. And this is the soy sauce that I’m using that’s also gluten-free. I use this in a lot of
things, think you can get it at Walmart. So I have a lot of the components
of the fried rice cooking, of course the rice is done. Chicken’s cooking, the
vegetables are cooking gently with some sesame oil,
and I have the eggs done. So things are almost ready to all just be dumped together with that. While those few items are on the stove, I’m gonna also start working on doing the Parmesan turkey burgers. (plastic crinkling) So there’s everything dumped
in for the turkey burgers and now we’ll mix them up. I didn’t even show you all Travis’ dinner, but this is my version of it. This is a bag of beef
fajitas that was left from when I did those Keto
instant pot freezer meals. I had my beef fajita
on some romaine lettuce with a little bit of
cheese and some sour cream and it is fantastic. (metal tinging) Something I just thought to
encourage you with is that, so I’m using six pounds of
chicken breast cooked in this wonderful soy sauce for all of these pans of chicken fried rice for the freezer. However, let’s just talk
about switching up proteins and accommodating and
working with what you have real quick, okay? Okay. Because I’m a real life
mom, I get it, I understand, I know we all have different
resources to work with, so let’s say you wanna make my recipe, this huge large family recipe for all this chicken fried rice and mama all you have
is two pounds of meat. That’s fine. You shred it a little thinner,
the meat will stretch. What you could do if you
were having less meat, you could add in a few more eggs. You can even make this
fried rice with no chicken. If you don’t have any
chicken at the house, you don’t have chicken in your budget, see if you can just
double the amount of eggs. You don’t have that many eggs? That’s fine, add some more vegetables. It’s very flexible, you add in
the proteins and the veggies that you have to work with. The biggest thing you need is
rice, and rice is super cheap. And then you have your soy
sauce, your sesame oil, you add in the proteins that you have, and the veggies that you have. (spatula thumping against pan) Just turned the heat off for
the chicken for the fried rice. And these are the vegetables
that I’m using this go round. So, almost ready to dump
this thing together, just gonna go ahead and pour
the rest of this soy sauce in. The heat is off now on this. Over here, I just turned the heat off. We have the other ground
beef I was cooking in advance is done. I have three layers
here of turkey burgers, I ended up getting two and a half dozen of turkey Parmesan burgers
out of the six pounds of turkey burger that I had. So I’m gonna put them in
the freezer like this, I do layering things
like this just because of freezer space. I will put them in the
freezer for about two hours. They will be like frozen little pucks and then we can put them
in some individual bags for different meals. So now it’s time to mix all
this chicken fried rice. Whoop! If you’re wondering, I’ve
got a two stool system going on this evening. So yeah, made a little
fried rice for the freezer. Let me explain why I have ten pans here. When I have made chicken
fried rice before, I filled nine by 13 deep dish pans, like almost the lasagna type pans full. These are a little bit smaller, kinda just standard nine
by 11 pans, I believe. I had these and I wanted to use them up and I’m going to pass a
few of these on to a friend and then we will certainly have a bunch of chicken fried rice for the freezer. And that is another exciting
tidbit that I can share. In packs four, five, and
six that just came out, we have added a special bonus section, so whenever you do my Large
Family Meal Freezer Packs, you end up with a lot of
food to feed your people. That’s the point in all this right? Each pack now has a special bonus section where you get the single
large family recipes. And what that means is, let’s
say you’re a smaller family, where you just wanna try
out the recipe one time for your family and you may
not want five or six pans, you may only want one pan of something, that’s what the bonus
section is there for now, it’s the single recipes of
everything and then you can just cross multiply and divide and do all that that you would like in addition now too. So here is the final product
of all those nine by 11 fried rice pans. All wrapped up and yes, I
do take the time to go ahead and wrap even the pans
with the aluminum lids in plastic wrap because
good wrapping is what helps keep out freezer burn. So now, a question that I get is, how many of these will it
take to feed my family? With these, a little bit
smaller and not deep dish pans, I would set out two to
make for a family dinner, and then also serve a big salad with it. So checkin’ in on my list, I’m gonna get the vegetable beef soup cooking now, and then while that is
cooking, I’m going to put the burrito pie together. Then after that I need to get the cottage Shepherd’s Pies together, and then what is left are raw recipes, they’re recipes we have to
just throw together in bags. I do have to mix the
meatloaves, but still, nothing else as far as the
rest of the recipe goes needs cooked or much done to it other than throwing it in bags. So I’m using ten pounds
of ground beef that cooked in the roaster oven with
the onions and the peppers, I’m just breaking it up here a little bit. This is what we’re going
to use for the meat for the burrito pies. So I’m using corn tortillas this go round for these burrito pies. And since these are
smaller than the last time I showed this recipe online, it will actually take six of
these little small circles for each layer. These are nine by 13
pans, I’m using glass. There are many glass dishes out there that are freezer safe and oven safe. So I shared at Aldi they only had one pack of pepper jack left in
the store, and I got that, but I needed several packs, so I got this chipotle cheddar, and then
there’s another spicy cheese I picked up too. So we’re just gonna make
these work this go round of these burrito pies, it’ll
probably make it even better. So then here’s our second layer of cheese and now last layer of tortillas. Here are the four pans. Now I have enough meat left to do at least one more pan, but I’m gonna
go ahead and get these wrapped and labeled now. These potatoes have been
sitting in the 14 quart GoWise for quite awhile. Now I’m going to do homemade
mashed potatoes with them for the Shepherd’s Pie. Leaving the skins on because
I don’t wanna take the time to pull them off and
they’ll be super good. So now I’m gonna do the Shepherd’s Pies. These are like my 10
by 13 or 10 by 16 or so glass baking pans, and they’re deep dish. So if you’re doing nine by
13s, the large family recipe does about four of those
so hoping to stretch it to do three of these
bigger pans this go round. And then here’s my big confession: because I needed a lot
of frozen vegetables for these freezer meals,
I didn’t buy any at Aldi because I knew I had
a bunch in my freezer, well I’m out. I used them all between
the soup and the fried rice and some other recipes,
and since I didn’t buy any, I have to use what I have on hand. So here is my substitute. Going to drain these cut green beans. Usually the mixed
vegetables is peas, carrots, and green beans, so this’ll
just be green beans, and then we’re gonna do our
layers of mashed potatoes, layers of cheese, and
it will be fantastic. Kay so I put one of these Shepherd’s Pies in the refrigerator because
I think tomorrow night that’s just what I’m
gonna make for my people, and so then over here on
the list, now we need to put the raw meals together. So the chicken fajitas,
the meatloaves, the parm, the rosemary garlic chicken, oh so good, and the chicken teriyaki,
gonna throw it all in bags now. And I’m getting out these handy dandy freezer meal bag stands. I got a whole bunch of them on Amazon. So now we are making four large
family barbecue meatloaves. And so here are both
bags of chicken fajitas. These are three pounds of
meat each, so of course, these are not meals that are
gobs and gobs of leftovers, but it works for a one night quick meal. Kay so now we are doing
four bags of chicken parm.

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