313. “Placki z cukinii” – bezglutenowa kuchnia wegańska Atelier Smaku

The Atelier of Taste I think we’ve missed something in our kitchen. We haven’t shared one of
the simplest pancake recipes. These are pancakes which children like,
as they’re crispy and delicate. We’ve invited children
as it’s the St. Nicholas’ Day today. If you want to see
other St. Nicholas surprises, – …you’ll find them here.
– Over Jola’s head. Episode 313
“Zucchini pancakes” We grate the entire zucchini,
without the ends, of course, on a vegetable grater. Here are the dry ingredients:
rice flour and fat-free flaxseed. We add ground black pepper and rock salt. This one is ground so that
it’s easier to dissolve in the dough. – We mix it all…
– …and add a little water. But not too much,
as zucchini also contains water. Flaxseed will absorb some of the water. That’s why the dough can’t be too thick. But we’ll verify it during the making and either add a little water
or a little flour, if it’s too thin. And there are many methods here, as some prefer corn flour
so that the pancakes are light brown later. Others make them with buckwheat flour. For me it’s key that the pancakes are crispy. And this can be
guaranteed primarily by rice flour. We also follow the principle
that there must be more zucchini than dough as we’d rather have
more vegetables, not carbs. If you want other pancake recipes,
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we’ll definitely reply to it. And we’re heating up the pan. We put the dough on heated oil and fry it on both sides until it browns. If you have no time to cook
or don’t want to do it, visit the Atelier Smaku bistro&deli. And if you’re far from Gdynia,
you can visit our online shop. And at ateliersmaku.pl you’ll find detailed recipes and information
about cooking workshop dates. Before the children come
to celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day, we’ll recommend a playlist with recipes
which are perfect for St. Nicholas’ Day. – It’s over Jola’s head.
– I can hear our guests. So enjoy it, it’s good for you. Technology partner: Swiss coffee machines: Produced by: Music: In collaboration with: Production: More at:

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  1. Aneta K says:

    Robiłam wczoraj z maka kokosowa i smietanka

  2. Danuta Pytlarz says:

    Bardzo dziękuję za przepis,pozdrawiam

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    Staram się jeść zdrowo, a wasz kanał został moją inspiracją 😋😁

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    Prostota ,to jest to😉
    Dzieki i pozdrawiam😉

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