316499900 – How To Work Your Range Griddle – AP4322427, PS1991776

Hi, my name is Bill and today I’m going to be demonstrating a range griddle The range griddle is an accessory that you can order for certain model stoves That goes into the middle burner, which you can use to cook your food So this is the stove that we’re going to be using for our demonstration It’s a Frigidaire And keep in mind that ours might be a little bit different than what you’ve got at home But the same technique should still apply So this is the range griddle that we’re gonna be using If you don’t have one already you can find them on our online store Now for this range griddle It’ll only fit on the middle burner So if you try to put it on your side burners I can show you it just won’t fit It is specifically made To go where the middle grate is So you can see right there, it doesn’t fit there However I take this off Set that off to the side And set it down here Now you can set it either way This way Or this way It doesn’t matter But you can see right here underneath This middle burner is perfect For the griddle it will get you a nice even heat across the entire thing And now we’ll cook some eggs on it and show you exactly how it works So obviously our first step is gonna be to light the burner You’re just gonna do it any like you would any other time? Loop it on till the burner lights And there we go And now you can use this griddle like you would any other pot or pan You’ve got your flat surface to cook on just like that So Put some eggs on there Scrambled Of course And you can see That little lip right there Caught some of the eggs So it doesn’t overflow Which is a nice thing So we’re getting a good heat And you can see We’re starting to get the eggs To solidify a little bit, especially up here in the middle spots Now, this isn’t just for cooking eggs obviously you can cook anything on here Eggs is just what we had available at this time Been nice to have cooked some steak on it though But it is breakfast time And now here we go Breakfast is served Now you can see here, we do have a bit of a mess on our griddle So i want to show you how it looks after we clean it off Keep in mind you don’t want to touch this It’s very hot right now We’re going to wait for it to cool down Wash it off, and we’ll show you We’re get it as clean as it was when it came out of the box So here’s our griddle again nice and clean now So as you can see here Put it down into This middle spot again Just to show you It’s perfectly flush with the other burners So now Instead of having to have a pot on the middle That’s going to be in the way of everything else you’re cooking You can cook on this nice flat griddle and still use all four burners To cook other stuff in If you need to replace any parts for your appliance, you can find an OEM replacement part on our website PCAppliancerepair.com Thanks for watching, and please don’t forget to like comment and share our video Also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel; your support helps us make more videos just like these for you to watch for free

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