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Hi. I’m Matt Granite… the YouTube Deal
Guy. First of all, if you’re a subscriber, I
kind of love you. Thank you so much. That means you now get
access to my huge deals before anyone who watches me on local television or USA Today. Every time I find a deal, the link is always
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and today I am cutting your costs. DIY on a dime! Frugal fix-its! Before I get to what
could be one of the best tool deals I have ever seen, for those of you who just think
I am a tool, I want to provide a little bit of context. And credibility… hopefully. Take a look At my favorite free d-i-y app
that helps you handle the basics. Quick fixits … T
From the changing of an air filter… to getting a wedding ring out of your drain. And I’m pairing this app today with the
top tool deal of the season… A way to get a retrieval kit to get that jewelry out of
the drain with a folding saw… and other essential tool sets including a 23 piece screw
driver set… all for 20 dollars. Just one of those items like the screw driver
set I found is selling for $25 bucks on Amazon! I found all four of the kits for 20 dollars…
80 percent savings with free shipping. I’ll just take you through each item quickly.
So, the hex set which also comes in metric has a nice rubberized grip. I’m a big fan
of that. The folding saw… which I can’t take out
of the package because I have to send this back….which is what happens when none of
these are paid products. I have to buy my own items, test them and return them. This I had someone test a comparable retrieval
set and this one which we have not opened is actually very well reviewed too. And then the screw driver set which I showed
you Amazon was selling for $24.98 on its own. I found all of these under $24 made by Vermont
American. If you’re not yet subscribed, please feel
free to do so. That’s how I have a job. If you’d like the videos as well, I’d
like that too. Alright. Thanks for watching! And if you want first access to my exclusive
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Thank you so much for watching.

4 comments on “4 Essential Tool Sets For $20 Total – Deal Guy”

  1. Lisa Arndt says:

    Just ordered a set and shipping is FREE!! Thanks, Matt! 

  2. Clare says:

    Matt, I just ordered one of the tool sets and when I was directed to check my order I somehow was ordering another set. I have tried to notify the company but their site for problems seems to be having trouble. I have tried three times. Purchasers should be careful when they are asked to check their order.

  3. katuroo says:

    the wall in the back makes me want to play Hot Wheels on it.

  4. sixfteightinguy says:

    placed my order yesterday.  thanks for finding these bargains, saving a lot of money base on amazon prices.

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