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Look at how soft that is! 4-ingredient ribs!
Epic. We need another batch. Might need to re-shoot. This could not be any easier. The one little tip that I would give you guys though when you’re doing ribs in the whole rack here, is to make sure that you do the take time to take the membrane off on the back. That’s going to make sure everything really is soft, and melts in your mouth without too much resistance. If you have a look here, I just want to run my knife just under that first layer there. Just to get it started. You’ll need to grab a hold of it with your fingers and really work that membrane off. Takes a little bit of time and little bit of patience, but it’s worth it in the end. Now we want to season these guys with some salt. Rub that in a little, both sides. Should never skimp on the seasoning, the salt. Especially when it comes to big chunky bits of meat like this. Our sauce is a combination of all things spicy and super flavourful. We’re going to start off with some Korean Chilli paste. This is a fermented chilli paste called ‘Gochujang’. it has a terrific kind of smoky chilli flavour. It’s available in a lot of supermarkets these days, just in your Asian aisle. And some tomato ketchup as well. I like to kick up the spice level a little bit with an Asian chilli sauce. So I’m using my Coconut Sriracha, this one is hot guys, I’m not going to lie! But it is good hot. You could use any type of hot chilli sauce or hot sauce that you have at home. Regular sriracha is good. I do like the little extra kick of coconut in this one. And just mix all of that together! I’m going use this sauce twice. Once, straight on the ribs. And then a little
bit later, I want to use it as a basting sauce. So I’m going to save some of that sauce for basting a little later. Now we’re at the cooking part. We are going to give these ribs a lot of love. Not a lot of work, but a lot of love. We’re going to cook them twice. First of all, I want them really low and slow in a very tight foil parcel. That is what’s going to give them that super soft texture, and break down all of that lovely juicy meat. I start off by just placing my ribs to a very large sheet of foil. You want to go at these ribs with some of that yummy spicy sauce. Spread that all over, top and bottom. We want a really tight seal here. I’m going to put another piece of foil on top. Fold in the sides. Put those onto a tray, and then into the oven for 2 hours. Let’s have a look and see how our
pork is going. Smelling amazing. This is hot, so be careful. Have a look at that. We’re not quite ready for the party just yet. But see how tender this pork is? Bone is almost just falling out. That’s so exciting. What you want to do here is carefully, because this really is very soft right now. Transfer that to another tray that’s lined with foil. All this foil is great because it means that we’re not going to have any of that messy washing up to do. Any of those jammy juices that you can see on the bottom of that tray, I don’t want to waste those. So scoop that up. Just dollop that down onto your ribs. Just brush that over. Take some of that leftover sauce from earlier and just brush that over the top. Little extra a lick of spice. I’ve turned the oven up high. I’m going to put these back in for about 10 or 15 minutes. You’ve got to watch them because I want to get some really beautiful charriness on the outside but I don’t want them to burn. Hole moly, these are looking amazing! Look at that bubbling. Smell so gorgeous. I want to get these out onto just a serving board. You really don’t need much with this. Just want to get it out, so everyone can help themselves. The one accompaniment you will need is
some napkins! Things are about to get messy. Now the moment of truth. Should be able to slide about a knife right through there. So soft and tender. Of course, I’m going to try one. Just to make sure you guys are getting a good recipe. Speechless. I cannot even begin to tell
you how amazing these are guys. Mmm! Look at how soft that is! 4-ingredient ribs! Epic. Clean as a whistle. Sign of a good rib.
That’s the true test. Yum!

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