4 Keto Crockpot Freezer Meals!

– Hey guys, today on
Low Carb With Jennifer, I’m going to show you how to
make four recipes from my blog into crock pot freezer meals, all of these meals can be put
in the crock pot on a busy day and then you have dinner
ready to go in a pinch. You can find all of these
recipes in the description below or you can go to JenniferBanz.com and search for each individual recipe. (cheerful melodic music) – Okay, our first crock pot, freezer, keto-friendly freezer meal
is going to be my keto chili, it’s a recipe on my blog and
I thought it would be perfect for this crock pot
freezer meal compilation that I’m doing here. So I’ve already got a pound
of ground beef in this bag, that I crumbled a little bit and so this recipe uses
ground beef and stew meat, instead of a lot of chili recipes, ah, uses beans, so why not for a keto chili, we’ll just use more meat. Meat overboard. Oh, more there. Okay, we also have a 28-ounce
can of crushed tomatoes and I’m just going to
pour it right in here and this is the coolest thing,
that I got off of Amazon, I’ll link them in the description below, but they’re so cool to hold the bags open. So we’ve got some chili powder, no, that’s smoked paprika,
(laughing) this is chili powder and some cumin, some onion powder and with the recipe on my
blog, this is garlic powder, I recommend for the stove top version to cook, you know, brown the meat first, but if you’re pressed for time, these crock pot freezer meals are such a convenient thing
to have in the freezer and sometimes you just have to sacrifice some steps that might add flavor, a little bit of flavor for convenience and that’s what we do with
these crock pot freezer meals. So this is frozen, diced onion of course, you know I love my frozen vegetables and this is a red pepper. So I’m going to add some salt, I’m going to add a teaspoon of salt and that is a done deal. That is a done recipe, so now we can freeze it just like this, you get most of the air out, you freeze it flat just like this and then whenever you’re ready
to cook it in your crock pot, you just pull it out of the
freezer the night before, thaw it and then dump it in
the crock pot in the morning, cook it for eight hours on low, season to taste with salt
and pepper and it is done and that is the first crock
pot freezer meal all done. Okay, next up for our crock pot meals is a white chicken chili. So I want to show you really quickly how I put this zip lock bag, the gallon, this is a gallon, right,
gallon, gallon freezer bag, so it’s got these little handle things and you just slip the sides of the bag into these little clips just like so, isn’t that cool? Okay, so for this white chicken chili, we’ve got some boneless,
skinless chicken thighs, that we’re going to add to the bag first and if you don’t like to
use zip lock freezer bags, you could use a freezer
safe bag, I mean, not bag, a freezer safe plastic bag, oh, why do I keep saying bag? Bowl, container. Okay, that was our chicken and I washed my hands, so
don’t worry about that. So I’ve got some green chilies here and this is four cloves of minced garlic and some black pepper, some cumin, some dried oregano and instead of beans, we’re going to add some cauliflower rice, I’ll use my hands for this, some already frozen riced cauliflower and I just made a humongous mess, course that’s what I always do. Made a mess. And we’ve got our frozen onion here and last is going to be
two cups of chicken broth, we’re just going to pour that right in and I’m not going to salt
this, season this with salt, because chicken broth is salty, if you don’t get the
one that’s low sodium. So that is all for that and I just love these crock pot meals, they’re so convenient and that one is ready to
go, that took, you know, of course I already had
the ingredients measured, but it would take no time at all. So we get most of the air out
and then just push it down into an even layer and
that’s all there is to that and if you want, you could make, with this grouping of freezer meals, you could make eight freezer meals, I would double all of these and make eight and then you’ve got eight freezer meals ready to go in your freezer whenever you need something
quick and easy to cook. Okay, our third recipe that we’re going to be making a crock pot freezer meal out of is teriyaki chicken. So I’ve got six boneless,
skinless chicken thighs, that I have diced, put these in the bag and wash my hands. So I’ve got some already
grated ginger paste, I get this in the produce
section and I use it quite a bit, that’s going in there along
with some minced garlic and of course my favorite
ingredient, xanthan gum and now we’ve got a Lakanto
Brown Sugar Substitute and our soy sauce right in there and our last ingredient
is a half cup of water, right in there it goes and that is ready, ready for the freezer, I’m going to get the air out, let’s seal it up and there you have it, another
freezer meal all ready to go. How easy is that? Okay, the next recipe we’re going to make for our crock pot freezer meals is going to be a chicken cacciatore stew. So I know with regular chicken cacciatore, it’s got whole pieces of chicken that you cook in the
skillet, but this one, I’ve got these boneless,
skinless chicken thighs, that I diced up, I’m
going to wash my hands and now I’m going to add in
the rest of the ingredients. This is capers, I love the capers in this recipe, there’s some pepper and some chopped up basil and
this was freeze dried basil, the grocery store didn’t
have any fresh basil, but this one, this works just as good and there’s some dried oregano and some minced garlic, some frozen, diced onions of course, some diced red pepper and a can, 28-ounce
can of crushed tomatoes and now I’m going to
add a little bit of salt and then after you cook
this in the crock pot, you’re going to want to season it to taste after it’s finished and
that one is ready to go, isn’t that just so awesome? Look at that, one more dinner ready to go and all of these can be
made eight hours on low, four hours on high after
you thaw them overnight in the fridge and that is it, that’s it. Alright, that is it, we have made four crock pot freezer meals that are keto friendly,
this is my keto chili, my keto white chicken chili, my teriyaki chicken and
my chicken cacciatore stew and we did this in about half an hour and now we have four
meals that are ready to go in our freezer any time we’re in a pinch and we want a hot, comforting
meal that’s keto-friendly and double this and then you’ll have eight or triple it and then you’ll have 12. Well, thank you so much
for watching this video, I’ll link to all of the recipes down below and I will see you guys later, bye. (cheerful melodic music)

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  1. Yara Serrano says:

    I can’t hardly hear at the beginning

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    Love these ideas, i will definitely do some freezer meal prep from now. Thanks

  3. Law Blue says:

    Thanks for these recipes ! I’m
    def going to try Easy Chicken Cacciatore Stew, and the chicken teriyaki.. Also, you didn’t put the link for the sandwich bag holder . : )

  4. sdmcdiva69 says:

    What an awesome idea. Thank you so much. I’ll have to try these when I have freezer space. I suspect I could cook these Sous Vide right in the bag. Even easier. Can’t wait to try them.

  5. Roxanne Munoz says:

    ThankYou for sharing my favorite is the teriyaki love Chinese food 🙂 Just started on keto.

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    Nice ideas. What was the brown sugar substitute?

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    These are such great ideas and look yummy, one thing I do recommend is getting a microphone. 🙂

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    I really love this video but i would love it even more if you would mentioned how much of every ingredient you used.

  9. li says:

    I would love to see people promoting a healthy lifestyle, No plastic in any way!! it is soo important to stop the use of plastic.. I want to ask you how many carbs more orless do your recipies have? are you on a keto lifestyle? thanks for the recipies

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