58 pastries and 60 eggs for lunch, 20 black noodles for dinner [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.11.24]

(The members are exercising hard in the morning) (As soon as Boss Yang arrives to work) (Tap) (Stops moving) – As expected, he turned it off. / – He did. He’s starting his day. (He stands on the empty treadmill) (The monitor hunter) He needs to turn them off. (He’s busy saving electricity costs) (Jeongtae arrives late) Hello, instructor. (He’s been working with Boss Yang for about 1 year) – Yes. / – You’re here. Why aren’t you turning the TVs off? I’ll turn them off. – Turn those off as well. / – Alright. Turn the ones off in the front. It’s cold, I don’t think you need to turn the fans on. Are you the son of a rich family? No, I’m not. There’s no need to waste money on all these useless things. – Right? / – Yes. Look. Yes. Is the sun up or not? It’s up. So why did you turn the lights on? Turn them all off. – But still… / – Still… These are lights for the outside. – It’s a place of business. / – Yes. Right? If the lights are turned off like that… – It looks like a failed business. / – It looks like a ruin. No, if you look from out there, the inside is bright. I thought he was my mom for a second. If you live like that, you’ll live like that forever. You should spend money when you need to. – Right. / – That’s why you earn money. (The two people start warming up) I’m planning on competing during the first half of the year. I’m competing mostly as a sports model or a fitness model. When I first saw Jeongtae, he spoke with an accent and said to me, “I came here to learn from you.” That’s what he said. He was tiny. He trained for three months and won awards in competitions. Within 3 months? He’s like a mackerel pike now. Next year, he’ll turn into a tuna from a mackerel pike. Instructor Yang is amazing. In 2018, he came to get a job from Changwon. He trained him for three months… – And he placed within the top 6 rookies. / – Yes. – Six people. / – Yes. A lot of people competed at that time and the competition was strong but he managed to win an award. (Respect) (How is Boss Yang’s training style?) Like this nickname, Tiger Boss. When you’re exercising, you can’t do anything else. It’s very hard. It’s very hard but the results are guaranteed. (Boss Yang and Jeongtae prepare to compete) Put it in. Good. Dip means to dip your body. Dip your body more. (A focused attack on his lower chest muscle) Come down quicker. (His true nature is quickly revealed) Go down more. That’s amazing. More. Again, more. Go up higher. Don’t straighten your arms, just come down more. Start. Let’s go. He wasn’t done? (You can’t escape Boss Yang) Oh, my. I’m sorry. Don’t worry about me. That’s intense. (He’s not the grim reaper of muscle for nothing) – His whole body must ache. / – Oh, no. Lift it higher. Lower it again. (Working out his middle chest) Lift. Lift more. Are you at a mountain? – I can’t lift it anymore. / – Lift. What do you mean you can’t lift it? Lift. I’m going to let go. Hurry up and lift it. 1, 2, let’s go. (He barely manages to gather enough strength) You can’t be done yet, stand up. 1, 2. (He continues without a moment of rest) He has no time to rest. He’s going continuously. You still need to clench this more. Clench more. – Clench what? / – Again. Oh, your hand? – Yes, with his chest. / – Oh, with his chest? Go down. Again. Good. Oh, no. He might get injured. Jeongtae, what are you doing? Come back up. Look at his eyes. He’s the devil. (The grim reaper of muscle is here) I think I’m going to die. Oh, my. (He’s got a long way to go until he becomes a tuna) Whenever I work out by myself, I can’t feel my limit. That’s why I need his help. In terms of things like that, I was very satisfied. (After the horror training) How is it? (Time to fill up with nutrition) – Isn’t it nice? / – The roof that they want to decorate. The weather makes it feel like we’re on a picnic. (Oh, this person is?) (Kim Dongeun, fitness athlete and Pilates instructor) (The champion of the Australia’s bikini contest) (She’s very modest during her main job) (But she has a beastly appetite in front of food) What is that? – She looks so different. / – Eat slowly. (A carton of eggs is easy for her to finish) She can eat a carton of 30 eggs. – Instructor. / – What? Should I wear this or this? Just wear anything. Anything. – Seriously… / – Am I your stylist? No… (An employee like this exists?) You worked hard today. Yes. Eat up. Thank you for the food, instructor. This smells so good. It does. Right? I want to hurry up and eat. Have a cup of coffee as well. How many servings is that? Is that 3 servings? There are 8 cream buns. (There are only bread and eggs) How many eggs is that? 60. You should just go to a poultry farm. Why spend that money at a market? How many pieces of bread is that? 58 pieces? When you exercise, you need to fill your body with carbohydrates, sodium, and protein so that you can work out hard. Yes. Is sodium necessary as well? Eat. It’s not necessary but it’s good for pumping. They eat very salty. Kimchi. Dongeun and Jeongtae need to bulk up a bit. They need to eat a lot at times like that. They need to eat an insane amount of carbohydrates, sodium, and protein. – Are we eating all of this? / – Of course. – You worked out so you need to eat. / – Yes. – Thank you for the food. / – Alright. Thank you for the food. (Gloves are a must) I need gloves to peel eggs. Do you have that by any chance? – What? / – Disposable gloves. (If she’s together with gloves) (She can eat as much as she wants) (They begin eating lunch) She’s only eating the whites. With kimchi. She takes out the yolk. She doesn’t eat the yolk to be healthy but she puts a lot of kimchi in the place where the yolk used to be. Oh, my. (Their goal is just to eat a lot) What’s that? That’s… (Is he eating or exercising?) Are they competing right now? What is that? Fresh cream? (She dips the bread in fresh cream) – Are you trying to bulk them up? / – Yes. They need to make their bodies bigger. I understand that they’re bulking up but why are you bulking up with them? I didn’t want to lose to them in terms of size. (Looks like you’ll only gain fat on your stomach) (On the other hand, Jeongtae…) (Is forcing himself to eat) You must need a good metabolism if you want to do that. It’s amazing that he’s doing that. Jeongtae, you must be struggling a lot. I’m alright. I’ve never eaten like this. Right? You’re not there yet. Your stomach needs to stick out more. (When do I have to eat until?) Do you know why we’re here? (Why are they at the roof today?) I don’t know. This is our hideout now. (They didn’t have a proper place to eat) We’ll eat here and have team dinners here. That’s why I’m going… – Team dinners? / – To decorate this place. – He keeps wanting to decorate. / – Our hideout. Who… Will do all this work? Who do you think? (Wary) Who eats here? – Do you mean food? / – Who eats here? – Right now, you’re… / – I do. Right. – He’s eating with them though. / – Oh, no. (I’m screwed) We need to be responsible for our things. (Our things must be made by our hands) Eat up. If you’re going to work later, you’ll need the strength. Are you making us do this to save money? Am I some cheapskate? (You are) Jeongtae, what’s your dream? My dream? I want to open up a nice gym like yours. Right, then you need to learn how to set it up. He can just learn when he opens his own gym. I’m sure he’ll be able to figure it out. When you become the owner of a gym later, then you can do that. Who cares about saving money? Anyone can see that you’re trying to save money. I’m trying to pave the road to your life. – He’s not just teaching you how to exercise. / – Yes. He’s teaching you how to survive in this world. (She gives Boss Yang a helping hand) She’s really innocent. They’re on the same team. (Is this place a pyramid scheme?) (As they continued to eat…) (They ended up finishing everything) They finished everything. Did they finish everything? (The food disappeared in an instant) Thank you for the food. I’m not done eating this yet. Eat and go. – Clean up before you go. / – Alright. (Today’s lunch) Did they eat all of that? (Done) (Jeongtae cleans up by himself) (They start remodeling the roof) Why didn’t you come quicker? Is that what you were working on in the past? It’s that thing, right? (They came without even knowing the reason) (Jeon Miru, employee, 27 years old, Seoul) (Kim Seongsu, employee, 28 years old, Geojaedo) (They’re the same people) Today was my first day of work but he said he’s suddenly going to make me work. I didn’t really understand what he meant. (They were mobilized to do hard labor) Come inside. You can see the mess here, right? Clean all of this up and then paint this. You understand, right? There’s nothing difficult about it. – Alright. / – Alright. (Boss Yang leisurely takes his leave) – What? / – Isn’t he doing it with them? I had a lot of work to do. (Truthfully, these people…) (Are trainers with great bodies…) He’s using those people. (But they’re doing this) (Did I grow my muscles to do this?) There seems to be no end to the sweeping. There is nothing I haven’t tried while working here. Nothing. If you do this, he’ll probably buy us meat to take the dust out of our throats. Did he say that he’d buy us meat? No. I’m going to tell him to buy us some. You’re the only one. Yes. Only you can tell him. Let’s finish this quickly and eat something delicious. Good. (He’s focused on his main job) (No ordinary thigh muscles) Slowly. (The silver medalist in the Asian Grand Prix) His body… (Boss Yang is the silver medalist’s trainer) Okay, good. (The paint job is being completed) (She even gets paint on herself as she works) (Boss Yang comes with both hands full) Did you paint a lot? Yes. What is this? Isn’t this food? Is there food? Isn’t this food? Is it meat? (Is that meat?) What is this? What is this? Those are waterproof mats. Oh, the mats that are used in playrooms. Yes. If those get hit by the rain though… It’ll be better to paint the floor. They’re very easy to lay out and it’s very soft when you step on it. Also, it’s very pretty. I wanted to give off the feeling of being in a forest or a lawn. – It’s cheap, right? / – It was cheap? (Tell us your true intentions) They were cheap. They’re very cheap. What should you eat on days like this when you’re doing construction and moving? – Meat. / – Oily things. What kind of oily things would you eat? Meat? Pork belly? Oily. – Black bean noodles. / – Beef. You should eat black bean noodles. – He really likes noodles. / – Black bean noodles? He’ll buy us meat. I’ll tell him to buy us meat. Let’s finish this quickly and eat something delicious. I didn’t think that we’d eat on the roof. – I thought we’d eat out. / – That’s right. If we’re not eating inside a building, we’re eating out. There isn’t much to eating out. If you don’t eat in your area, then you’re eating out. (The buttons light up) I feel the need to press it this time as well. Why are you being like that? If they worked that hard, you should at least buy them meat. (Their first meal on the roof) (The employees are gathered on the roof) It’s already cold. (One by one) I heard that we’re eating black bean noodles. Aren’t we going to order delivery? Weren’t we going to order delivery? (She debuted in “My Wife is a Gangster”) (But shockingly turned into a muscle queen) She’s living a completely different life. Yes. She has an amazing award career. Choi Eunju used to be an actress but now, she’s a fitness model and is acting on the side. She’s making a comeback as an actress next year. (Manager Choi Jaeho is also here) I’ll set everything up so just wait. (These are instant black bean noodles?) – What? / – He’s not even ordering delivery? Aren’t all bosses so similar? What’s going on? Are black bean noodles product placement? (No, they aren’t. Goodness) You didn’t think to get food delivered? There isn’t a lot of protein in the delivery food and there’s a lot of oil. Then what about the instant noodles? That’s homemade. – The black bean noodles… / – Homemade? You’re going to use your hands to make it? If you use your hands, it’s homemade. – I touched it with my hands, right? / – Yes. Then lawfully, it’s considered homemade. Then, we add a lot of protein and eat it. I never thought we’d be eating black bean noodles but on top of that, I never imagined that we’d be cooking that on that cold roof. How many are you going to cook? 2, 4, 6, 7… 20? (I don’t think that’ll be enough…) What is this? Meat! I’ve never seen anyone buy meat like that. We need to cut that. Are you going to add that in? Put it aside carefully. (Happy) She’s quite the character. (He starts cooking the black bean noodles) (Oh, his knife work isn’t bad) – I think he cooks well. / – He does. (How are Boss Yang’s cooking skills?) I’m not bragging, but I’m not bad. I make good stir-fried tripe and bouillabaisse. I’ve operated a business with those foods. (Today, I’ll turn these black bean noodles…) (Into a masterpiece!) It won’t be easy to cook so many at once. Right, the water… (Boss Yang’s black bean noodles) (Chop onions and pork to an edible size) The pork… Did you butcher it? It looks like it’ll taste alright. It does taste alright. (Fry the onions and the pork in a frying pan) You’re going to fry this, fry this and boil this. When are we going to eat? Stop talking to me. We’ll eat quickly. Just go wash your face. I can’t wash this off. Why not? I think it’ll be faster to just order delivery in the time that it takes to make this. You’re making it and not ordering delivery so that you can save money, right? How can I save money with this? Do you know how much this is? ($100 for 20 bowls of black bean noodles) (20 packs of instant noodles, $15.40) (2kgs of pork, $45) Oh, the meat. He bought it for cheap. (Cucumber, $2) The cucumber was cheap. ($100 vs. $67.40) ($32.60 cheaper) If it’s the same money, it’s better to eat quickly, finish quickly and go home quickly. We could’ve gone somewhere and eaten in this time. She’s starting to talk a lot. (That girl…) She says everything that she wants to. I’m scared of Dongeun the most, honestly. (She’s scary on an empty stomach) (Boil the instant noodles) I don’t think they can cook 20 at once. – Right. / – How many did they put in? – Did they put all of them in? / – 20. I like to eat them a bit bloated. He does everything he can to gain weight. (Goodness) Is that possible? (Add the flakes, fried onions, and fried pork) – What? / – I should try that. – Fried onions. / – What is that? Pork. (Finally, mix it up) It turned into rice cakes. Is that black bean rice cake? It turned into rice cakes. If you leave it a little longer, it’ll turn into jelly. Black bean jelly. Can we eat now? Eunju, bring that and give me that. (The cost is cheap but the portions are huge) Here. (Salivating) (Eating to their fill) (That looks good) It looks amazing. Is it done? (The owner of the biggest portion…) (Is Director Dongeun, as expected) Thank you. Thank you for the food. (It’s not meat but it’s a delicacy) – I didn’t know that trainers… / – Do we have kimchi? Ate this much instant noodles. She’s looking for kimchi again. (Eat some cucumbers instead) They need to add the garnish. I feel like we’re on a picnic. (Takes a bite) This is quite the case study. (He eats a cucumber slice) How does it taste? It tastes good. Dongeun has a mountain of food. (A mountain of black bean noodles) I think that she eats more than the other employees. – She eats at least twice as much. / – How? They’re all eating deliciously though. Dongeun’s weight has been revealed. – She gave us permission to reveal it. / – Yes. She weighs 52kgs. She eats more than a male employee though. Where does all that food go? She should get an X-ray of her intestines. (Their scoops are on a different level) They’re all standing right now, right? – Yes. / – So they can digest while eating. It looks like a punishment since they’re all standing. They’re bumping shoulders. The more significant meaning is that we’re all eating together for the first time. We’ll work little by little and eat more delicious food. We’ll achieve things one by one. (One person remains quiet as he talks) (She’s quietly strong) (She quickly finishes one bowl) Do you want more? Dongeun needs to eat more. (A heaping portion of protein) She needs to eat more. (She rolls a big serving with her chopsticks) (And digs in) She’s really amazing. (Give me all the cucumbers) (Goodness) (I respect you, director) Do you want more? (Nods) We don’t have anymore. You should’ve made more. (20 wasn’t enough) Can I say this? What? She’s the female Hyun Jooyup. Yes, she’s on his level. She’s no joke. She’s amazing. Hasn’t it been such a long time since you guys ate together with the instructor? Yes, it has. That’s why I made this. We’ll become closer together as we eat together like this. We made a space for us to eat now. I can talk more with the employees and eat with them. An area for communication. That’s what it feels like. I like it a lot. Thank you for the food. I think he’s the only one who likes it. Let’s meet often and eat together.

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    Pilates instructor's insta for everyone: @pilates_space

  97. Ganga Rai says:

    These people make me forget Korean standard for body especially women.

  98. wen li ritchie lee says:

    Thats devided by 7 people…

  99. downundabrotha says:

    So does she have a Mukbang channel I wanna watch her eat 😂😂😂

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